US Goverment actively suppresses info on Aliens and Alien technology– Bob Dean_on PSI Saturday

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Coming up Saturday: Bob Dean
— US Goverment actively suppresses info on Aliens and Alien technology.

Dean is of the belief that the United States government is actively suppressing information about its interaction with alien civilizations, including its possession of alien technology and lifeforms, through disinformation campaigns and secrecy. He has lobbied the US Congress to relax secrecy oath laws of top security and military officials, so that more will be able to comment on UFO-related matters with impunity.

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Robert Orel Dean (born 1929), also known as Bob Dean, is a retired Command Sergeant Major in the US Army, who became notable in UFOlogy circles after he claimed to have viewed “Cosmic Top Secret” documents detailing alien activity on Earth. He now lectures in ufology around the world and has been described as ‘an elder statesman of the UFO community. This is a presentation that Bob Dean gave at the Project Camelot conference in LA in September 2009.

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