Binoy Kampmark, Mike Palecek, and Jim Fetzer discuss “conspiracy theories” __on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Binoy Kampmark, Mike Palecek, and Jim Fetzer discuss “conspiracy theories”

Binoy Kampmark

First hour: Binoy Kampmark, a lecturer at RMIT University in Melbourne, is a prolific commentator (almost 1,000 articles posted at Counterpunch). I find much to agree with in his articles. But his take on “conspiracy theories” looks – at least at first glance – a lot like Noam Chomsky’s. In his recent article “When Conspiracies Meet: Donald Trump and the JFK Files” Binoy writes:

“Trump has himself been, as he continues to be, an inspiration for the conspiracy aficionados. These tend to come in all political shades in a country where the paranoid strain, as Richard Hofstadter identified with forensic accuracy, nags and convinces.” Well, I agree that it convinces. But…Hofstadter?! Forensic accuracy?!!

In this interview, Binoy Kampmark clarifies his stance on “conspiracy” issues. As it turns out, he and I are not so far apart in our views. (For an introduction to my views, see my recent article “Weaponized Psychiatry: The War on Dissidents as ‘Conspiracy Theorists.'”)

Second hour: The first half hour features novelist Mike Palecek, who pretty much buys into all the “conspiracy theories” (not just the obviously true ones, which is most of them). Mike is the ultimate anti-Hofstadter and then some. His new magazine Penn honors Penn Jones, the small town newspaperman who took on the Deep State creeps who murdered JFK.

Then philosophy professor and conspiracy expert Jim Fetzer comes on for the final half hour to discuss the Trump-Russia investigation, the “terror” incidents in Las Vegas and New York City, and the newly-released JFK assassination documents.

The first issue of Penn Magazine features Jim Fetzer on the cover

This show was broadcast on November 5, 2017.

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