A second (and third) opinion on Harvey Weinstein and the Jewish-Christian “culture wars” __on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: A second (and third) opinion on Harvey Weinstein and the Jewish-Christian “culture wars”

Joel Simpson

First hour: Were Peter Myers and I “pursuing racism” in last week’s show Harvey Weinstein’s disgrace: A major event in the culture war? If so, I didn’t mean to be. But that was Joel Simpson’s first reaction. He wrote to a listener who had plugged the show:

“There are Jews in organized crime, Jews who abuse their families, Jewish murderers, just as there are violators in every other ethnicity. But if you think you’re ‘onto’ something, I must warn you that this is a form of racism you and Kevin are pursuing and is very odious to us Jews. Again I’ll say: any moral judgment of an ethnic group—a group people belong to be birth and not choice—is a form of racism. I have no objection to making moral judgments of Zionists or any other ideological group. But trying to derive some sort of insight here about the turpitude of Jews is as wrongheaded as trying to do it with Italians or Irish or any other ethnic group. Every group has its stereotypes, and if we’re evolved thinkers we eschew them. We realize that we don’t know anything about the moral character of a person simply by knowing that person’s ethnicity. I’ve learned this over and over in my life, since I was not free of prejudices either.”

I thought we were doing ideological/cultural/religious critique. Just as it’s fine to discuss the way Muslims in Saudi Arabia or Iran or Egypt (or Christians in Russia) view issues of “gay rights” and sexual morality in general through the prism of their religious/ideological worldview, it is perfectly legitimate to do the same kind of analysis on Jewish-dominated Hollywood. Isn’t it? Tune in, listen to what Joel has to say, and decide for yourself.

Joel Simpson has “had careers in college teaching, jazz piano and music software” but is happiest now as a professional photographer. He also has a good eye for truth (as opposed to “public myth.”) Check out my earlier interview with him, on deep state issues, HERE.

Second hour: Henry Herskovitz of Deir Yassin Remembered offers a third opinion on the controversy. Henry hails from a Jewish background, but no longer considers himself a member of the tribe. Henry is well know in Ann Arbor, Michigan for picketing his local synagogue every Saturday in protest against the Palestinian genocide. Recently a local attorney, Jessica Lieberman, was convicted and sentenced for stealing one of Henry’s group’s protest signs.

That’s Henry on the left

This show was broadcast on October 29, 2017.

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2 Responses to “A second (and third) opinion on Harvey Weinstein and the Jewish-Christian “culture wars” __on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Steve

    Lest we forget other Hollywood Power Players (and tribe members) who are being or have been revealed of late: Dustin Hoffman, Brett Ratner, James Toback and (Harvey’s brother) Bob Weinstein.

    Should be interesting to see how far and deep this goes.

  2. maisoon

    I listened to both Simpson and Herskovitz
    The first I did not agree with on a number of issues as I found him to be just another Apologist for his Tribe
    Herskovitz on the other hand says is as it is and he knows what his Tribe are really like.
    Of course there are good and bad in every nationality, Community etc but it is not a coincidence that there such sexual deviancy/perversion and criminality is very high among this Minority group of people and we should not be silenced or made afraid to point out such issues just as Herskovitz himself said when you were discussing the question of having a ‘balanced debate’ which in most cases in the USA is not so as it always leans towards Jewish bias, Jewish interests, Jewish sensitivities which they do not extend to non Jews and are more than willing to insult and demonise Christians and Muslims but wont allow us to criticise them.
    Hollywood IS a den hole of inequity- it is an inherent structure of the make up of the Hollywood Cult, the Celebrities and their Secret Society membership and initiations etc which have satanic and sexual Rites that would be an anathema to the majority of humanity.
    It is not our fault that this Minority group chooses this path which sadly is our Problem as many of their abused Victims are Gentiles [as well as those of their own ilk] Incest and sexual abuse is RIFE within Jewish Families etc and it is disingenuous to deny this. Feminism too which Simpson kept talking about is a Jewish construct, as is the lGBT movement which threatens The Traditional structure of Family
    Herskovitz is far more in tune with the realities of his Tribe than Simpson who sadly lives in denial despite his ‘criticism about Israel etc.. Simpson’s attack on the concept of Christian Values which E Michael Jones wishes to protect and preserve [as we Muslims also wish to do] shows how he has been so indoctrinated by what his Tribe are taught.
    As for Bernie Sanders – he is just another LEFTIE FRAUD that too many people were taken in by, just as too many were taken in by Zionist warmongering Trump who is threatening peace in this world on behalf of the Jews in Israel and within the USA who own and control him. Trump is a figurehead President who reads his lines given to him by the acting president on behalf of Tel Aviv, Kushner who is under Netanyahu’s control.

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