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Finding Our Way Out of the New Feudalism

If a historical marker is needed, we can go back to the Magna Carta to identify the beginning of a populist demand for fairness from oligarchic powers. In the recently completed public bank symposia on West and East Coasts, that call was renewed by participants who met with community leaders and elected officials to explore what needs to happen next to establish local and regional public banks. Co-host Walt McRee talks with author, lawyer, playwright, radio commentator and international negotiator Craig Barnes about his views of where things stand now in the struggles for economic fairness and later with PA Project Founder Mike Krauss about the themes and conversations that took place at the “Public Banks for Public Works” symposium in Philadelphia on October 18th. From 2014 but still relevant today.

Co-hosted by noted public banking author Ellen Brown and PBI’s chair and media guru Walt McRee, each episode of “It’s Our Money” offers new perspectives, deeper information, and articulate interviews with thought leaders and activists fighting for a democratic and just economy. Join Walt and Ellen, with reports by economic justice advocate Matt Stannard, and guests who connect the dots on public banking, the restoration of the commons, global finance, and more. A Public Banking Institute Presentation.

This show was broadcast on July 19, 2017.

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