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John Friend interviews Kevin Barrett for The Realist Report

John Friend

Today’s broadcast is my brand-new interview with John Friend of The Realist Report. John (who is also a colleague from American Free Press) writes:

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’re joined once again by Dr. Kevin Barrett. Dr. Barrett is a former professor who was shunned from academia as a result of his unwavering dedication to 9/11 Truth. He now hosts a regular radio program and writes for a number of alternative media outlets, including American Free Press – America’s last real newspaper (subscribe today!).
In this podcast, Dr. Barrett and I focus on the entirely bogus official conspiracy theory explaining the events of 9/11, the goals of the true perpetrators of 9/11 – the state of Israel and a wider international network of Jewish criminals – and the entirely manufactured “clash of civilizations” narrative that pits the West against the Islamic world. We move on to discuss false flag terrorism, media fakery, and the hysterical demonization of Islam and Muslims around the world.

This show was broadcast on July 19, 2017.

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4 Responses to “John Friend interviews Kevin Barrett for The Realist Report __on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. it is Not Me

    Labeling “racist” anyone who does not espouse your views, is very immature to say the least and it betrays your insecurity. Nowadays, one of the social control trick is to encourage everyone to be a Drama Queen, to distract from the real issues.

    And even if indeed he was a “racist”, it is his right to be so, as long as he does not harm anyone.

    As a side note, Instead of boycotting “hate laws”, stupid people (ie : the majority) are endorsing them and giving them legitimacy by suing one another.

  2. Hatch

    I wonder what the difference between this guy and the zionists is?
    After genociding the American Indians, he thinks (or certainly implies that) only white Christian Europeans should be allowed to live there?
    At least the zionists allow non-European and non-white Jews to move to their stolen land. I guess that makes him worse than a zionist?

  3. Hatch

    The interview was great until the interviewer showed himself to be an ugly racist -yet another one in the so called ‘truth movement’. However Kevin kept it interesting with many great points that John couldn’t respond to.

    John, why didn’t you respond to a single one of Kevin’s points instead of saying you’re just not going to respond? No doubt because you can’t that’s why. Perhaps you could appear on a Press TV debate with Kevin on these disagreements where they’ll let you call him names and attempt to ridicule him to hide the fact you can’t debate him on a single point?

  4. maisoon

    One thing I would like to correct you on Kevin
    The Wahabis have also targeted SUNNI Muslims especially in Syria. Majority of Syrian soldiers murdered brutally by DAESH/ISIS have were Sunnis
    There never will be BLOWBACK form Muslim in the West!! All the Terrorist attacks in the West, False flags are Israeli attacks posing as Muslim Blowback!! DAESH/ISIS are ISRAELI terrorist Operatives. Plus majority of them come form over 100 countries, mostly non Arab, non Muslim- Mercenaries trained and armed by Mossad and CIA/MI5, in camps in Zionist ruled countries like Turkey, Jordan, Emirates. The Jewish Wahabi Tribe have also funded the Israeli Terrorist movement.
    STOP Israeli Wars against Arabs/Muslims who are being ethnically cleansed from their own countries as are Africans too. Engineered Refugee crisis on behalf of the Jews who openly have said they want to destroy and dilute ‘White Europeans and who send their Agents provocateurs to stir up further hatred of Muslims.
    and John there was nothing special about your over inflated Founding Fathers who were ALL 33rd degree Freemasons.
    How come you never mention the RAEL indigenous Americans John- who were not White Christian Europeans but were INDIGENOUS NATIVES First Nation Americans. Also African Slaves assisted in building AMERICA.
    Arabs/Muslims in fact arrive din the Americas long before Columbus or the White Europeans. Evidence is there in artefacts found and the Arabic language in some of the indigenous Indian Tribes.

    There is nothing ‘SPECIAL’ about White Christian Europeans of America who after all are ALL SETTLER IMMIGRANTS who adopted a Middle Eastern religion, not a White European Pagan one but a Middle Eastern Religion of Christianity whose saviour was a Palestinian born into his new found monotheistic faith.
    Also many of these Settlers as in Australia were Criminals sent by their Governments to serve as White Slaves for the Governors of the New World
    Islam is not your enemy Christian White Europeans- it never was and one day Christians And Muslims will unite and rejoice in the return of Christ, pbuh who will right the wrongs and injustice done to Humanity by predominantly the Jews and their False prophets



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