Gary Kohls, MD on “The Elephant in the Sky: Chemtrails, Contrails and Climate Engineering” __on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Gary Kohls, MD on “The Elephant in the Sky: Chemtrails, Contrails and Climate Engineering”

Gary Kohls, MD writes for the Duluth Reader, one of the last genuinely free media outlets in America. (His columns are archived HERE.)

In this interview we discuss his latest column “The Elephant in the Sky: Chemtrails, Contrails and Climate Engineering.” It begins:

One of the most concise summaries concerning the secretive, experimental operations that are being conducted in the earth’s atmosphere (in order to modify the weather) by America’s military-industrial complex and our nation’s allies around the world, can be found at It is a 15 minute youtube video produced by Dane Wigington of GeoEngineeringWatch. Our duty as citizens is to be well-informed about serious threats to our nation and the planet, even if the powers-that-be wish us not to be. There are many emperors without clothes out there – especially in arenas of power and wealth – that need their comeuppance. Wigington has been courageously trying to expose the evils of the secret, unacknowledged operation that is spraying aerosolized substances from military jets for decades now. (The spray contains mostly nanoparticulate metals, including the known neurotoxins aluminum, barium and strontium.) Wigington also offers one of the best weekly commentaries on the survivability of the planet and its creatures.

Along with the chemtrails/geoengineering issue, we also discuss vaccines, one of Dr. Kohls’ areas of expertise (and the subject of his last several columns). Listen to this show before you allow Big Pharma to poison your children for profit!

This show was broadcast on July 3, 2017.

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One Response to “Gary Kohls, MD on “The Elephant in the Sky: Chemtrails, Contrails and Climate Engineering” __on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. hatch

    Thank you Kevin Barrett and guest Gary Kohls. Interesting to hear the suggestions for the various purposes of chemtrails. A couple of those suggestions made me wonder if chemtrails could also be linked to project bluebeam. I just looked it up and there does seem to be a link -the heavy metals used in chemtrails are also used in holographic technology?

    (I guess in the near future false flag weekly news will be reporting on false flags in the sky?!)
    Depressing vaccine discussion. You don’t often hear about the scan also. The sufi sheikh sheikh Nazim always spoke against the scan, saying the ultrasonic beams can damage the baby. (Instead of vaccines he suggested sadaqa/charity apparently). There is some literature on the dangers and ineffectiveness of scans too -at best they seem to be mainly for abortion purposes? Also, an even earlier attack is on the eggs from wifi and other things? :(



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