Joel Simpson on deep state issues, Barrie Zwicker on false flags, “immigrant invasions,” and MSM censorship __on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Joel Simpson on deep state issues, Barrie Zwicker on false flags, “immigrant invasions,” and MSM censorship

Joel Simpson

First hour: Joel Simpson has “had careers in college teaching, jazz piano and music software” but is happiest now as a professional photographer. He also has a good eye for truth (as opposed to “public myth.”) Tonight we will discuss election integrity, deep state issues, 9/11 and false flag “terrorist” operations.
Joel wrote a terrific report on the Left Forum (and its “banned” co-event, the Left Out Forum). In it, he writes: “Growing up, as I did, in the traumatic shadow of the Holocaust, I embraced Zionism as a young person—it was the dominant ideology of my Jewish education—insensitive to its implicit racism, and only came to realize its truly oppressive dimensions in the early 1980s.” Since then he seems to have fully recovered, as evidenced by these excerpts from an emailed defense of the Left Out Forum:

“I have learned a lot observing this mostly covert conflict (over holocaust revisionism). On one hand, there are legitimate historical researchers who are questioning some of the long-accepted beliefs about the Holocaust, which is perfectly legitimate. Historians change perspective on major events from generation to generation. It’s happened to slavery and the Civil War, the two World Wars, the British Empire, and many other historical subjects, whose massive existence was never denied. However, the Holocaust has become sacrosanct as part of the justification for Israeli ethnic cleansing and subsequent oppression, hence Norman Finkelstein’s book The Holocaust Industry, which sounded pretty outrageous when it came out, I admit. The almost inconceivable horror of the Holocaust was being treated as a commercial product—and I was brought up immersed in Holocaust history—and yet, this is what the Israelis seemed prepared to do and have done. Because of the Holocaust’s special status, anyone whose research conflicts with any part of the official story is branded as a H. denier! This is simply ridiculous, as any serious student of history knows…
“So ‘Holocaust denier’ has become like ‘conspiracy theorist’: a term that stifles debate and automatically discredits anyone who questions official policies in a particular domain. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t real nuts who try to deny the historicity of the Holocaust, but these are fringe elements, not respectable and credentialed academics who are honestly questioning Israel’s neo-colonialist oppression, or taking a second look at the horrors of the Holocaust. History, as you of all people know, is immensely complex and can never be exhaustively accounted for. We can only take pieces of it and try to make sense of it, and so it is rewritten every generation or so.
“As for ‘conspiracy theorist,’ you probably know that the CIA invented this term around 1967 to silence critics of the JFK Assassination investigation, which was a sham, as is well known today. I avoid the term because of this origin, and as Lance deHaven Smith points out in his brilliant book Conspiracy Theory in America, the term is used to discredit people who simply connect the dots and come to conclusions other than those of the power structure—as was done in the Declaration of Independence itself.
“Having said that, I refuse to condemn by association, especially when I have direct experience of a person. I have read a lot of what Kevin Barrett has written, and there isn’t a shred of anti-Semitism or Holocaust denial in it. In fact, he’s quite ecumenical. Same for Prof. Anthony Hall, who was crassly smeared on his Facebook page, then suspended without pay, but ultimately exonerated.

Second hour: Leading Canadian media critic Barrie Zwicker, author of Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11, recently submitted an op-ed to the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest circulation newspaper. It begins:

“The June 5 headline in The Star reads: ‘Public safety minister reassures Canadians ahead of Canada Day celebrations.’ The story quotes Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale as saying the RCMP and other security agencies are taking ‘necessary and appropriate steps’ to protect people at Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations this summer. This Canadian would be more reassured if the minister declared there will be no more unnecessary and inappropriate police-manufactured fake ‘terror plots’—such as the one on Canada Day 2013 in Victoria, B.C. perpetrated by the RCMP.”

Barrie has not heard back from the Star, so he suspects they have deemed his article unprintable…like other articles he has submitted touching on false flag terror, 9/11 truth, and related subjects. So much for media criticism in Canada!

We will also discuss:

*Weaponized migration (the topic of Mike Springmann’s book, reviewed by Barry here.)

*The Sanders/Corbyn phenomenon. Barrie opines: “Certainly the left ain’t dead, especially among younger voters.”

*Sy Hersh’s fascinating article about how Trump’s decision to launch cruise missiles against the Syrian air base was arrived at.

This show was broadcast on July 2, 2017.

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4 Responses to “Joel Simpson on deep state issues, Barrie Zwicker on false flags, “immigrant invasions,” and MSM censorship __on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. maisoon

    Mr Simpson would do well to read this and then DENY JEWISH POWER and Control

  2. Ron Chandler

    As one exiled from ZioBook for 3 days for my scathing criticism of a [Canadian] National Post hack who urged the overthrow/killing of the legitimately-elected and falsely-demonised president of the Syrian Arab Republic, which this media whore wrote in service to his Jew media boss Izzy Somebody — I second everything Maisoon writes.

  3. maisoon

    One more thing, Bernie Sanders is another Fraud, as is the Green Party Jill Stein. Have you read Sanders latest comments about Christians who he stated are not fit enough to rule!! No doubt the Jew Sanders, ahs his own Corruption hiding his skeletons in his closet which they all have.
    Be assured, that if Sanders was ‘installed’, not elected, but installed, he would be following the political and economic policies of the Jews and Israel. He too, would have proven to be a part of the Establishment, the Deep Swamp, just as Trump always was. Trump and Sanders all making phony gestures and rhetoric to garner the votes of ordinary Americans who sadly have yet to wake up and are still under the Throes of the powerful Jews controlling their country within Government, Judiciary, Lobby Groups and Media etc..
    Sanders was and is a typical Jewish Leftie Phony, just like Noam Chomsky has proven to be., all part of Jewish Family with its family squabbles from time to time surfacing to dupe us all into thinking we all have a Choice. America IS the United State of USRAEL. Your Policies, your Politicians have PROVEN that to be a FACT, not conspiracy theory but FACT. Wars for Israel, Terrorism by and on behalf of Israel, American Taxpayers Money for Israel at the expense of struggling ordinary Gentile Americans.

    And a final comment to Barrie Swicker, indeed we may say there is no evidence that God exists, but we can also Say that there is NO TANGIBLE EVIDNECE HE DOES NOT EXIST. There are so many things in Spirituality that we cannot comprehend or have answers to. Just because we cannot physically see GOD, does not mean, HE does not exist. In fact in the Quran God has revealed many things which for us Muslims, proves HE DOES exist- His explanation of how the world was created, how Human beings are created, about the Time cycles, and other ‘Scientific’ paragraphs . He even tells us how HE has left proof of certain events that occurred.
    Our world has been tampered with, altered by an Evil force that wishes to transform it into the Evil Entity that it has been unleashing upon Humanity, causing an imbalance.
    But GOOD will prevail, GOD will PREVAIL and intercede to save HIS Creation as we all face what seems to be HIs insurmountable Challenges which we Mortals strive and struggle through which is after all what JIHAD really means- our war within ourselves, within our own mortality, our own moral fibre and Conscience, trying to prove our worth not only to others nut to ourselves and ultimately to Our Creator to whom we will all return and be answerable to for our Deeds.

  4. maisoon

    Mr Simpson, I will NEVER stop talking about Jewish control of the Media, of our Governments, Banks, Corporations, Entertainment industry etc. They themselves have arrogantly admitted their control in certain fields and they do this with brazen arrogance.
    If you continue to stop people discovering just WHO is behind most of the oppression, wars,Corporate and Banking Criminality and World Terrorism that includes 9/11 and all the other false flags they have inflicted upon countries, then frankly you do not and should not speak on behalf of the real Truth Movement which sadly has ben infiltrated by these very same Jews/Lefties/Communists,. Even the NEOCONS are affiliates of the Communist Jabotinsky considering Communism, like Zionism was created by the Jews
    I KNOW who my enemy is, the Enemy of the Muslims, of the Arab world and indeed of the World and so I find it contemptible that I must not ‘fall into the temptation of talking about Jewish Control’ which is exactly what it is and not just ‘domination’.
    99% of your Government officials in important posts are Jewish; Media IS Jewish owned, Hollywood Jewish, Banksters and Corporation Heads = Jewish. In your face Jews everywhich way you look- THEY MORE than DOMINATE Kevin and Awakened people know that- I will not be silenced in order to make the Jews comfortable.
    Those who do not Talk about this REDLINE TABOO are frankly cowards, allowing themselves to be muzzled.
    JEWS do CONTROL and occupy the USA,UK and most Western countries
    Jews do CONTROL and rule most of the Arab Countries, from occupied Arabia, Morocco, Egypt through to the Gulf States and occupied Palestine. Jews KNOW they control most nations with their disproportionate presence to manipulate our lives, our Thoughts, our religion, our customs and traditions through their propaganda, deceit, control and infiltration with their Noahide Laws/Talmud dominating our Laws, getting compliant Gentiles to pass Bills to protect and cover up their insidious control
    SO PLEASE don’t advise me, or your other listeners NOT to speak a BRAZEN in your face TRUTH. They don’t want us to research independently , to think for ourselves, for fear of finding out The TRUTH about them and how they have re written history and write their Foreign Policies, instigate their Terrorism and Incitement to Hatred/Racism against real Muslims [behind Islamophobia] and also real Christians. They too are predominantly behind most of the world’s criminality- Paedophilia, Secret Society Rituals/Rites, Drug Trafficking, Human Organ and Human [especially women and children], Money Laundering, Banking and Corporate Fraud/Embezzlement and of course the greatest whammies- Terrorism and Wars on behalf of World Jewry and Israel which THEY declare as a JEWISH State, not Zionist but Jewish.
    Millions of Muslims and Arabs have been Holocausted and also made stateless, Refugees in their own carved up homeland AND ENGINEERED ‘ASYLUM SEEKERS’. THIS IS a REAL HOLOCAUST, widespread throughout the Arab Nations and beyond, where Jews stir up trouble in Africa, Asia and Latin America. So please don’t advise me not talk about their evil control.
    SO NO, I WILL NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT THEIR OBSCENE CONTROL. They are today’s Gogue and Magog- all part of the synagogue of Satan with sadly very few of them not supporting their evil Tribe.
    Israel, Netanyahu rules America as does his handler Rothschilds.
    cannot and must not suppress TRUTH. TRUTH never fears any questions.

    I don’t give a damn about sparing their precious Self chosen Sensitivities and their phony Ruse of Anti Semiticism, especially when they have such arrogant racist contempt for all Gentiles, for Muslims especially, the Arab Semites, who are their modern day Amaleks.
    I will NOT stay silent just to please, placate Jewish Control



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