Kevin Barrett interviewed on Woodstock radio 104.1 FM with Steve Romine__on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Kevin Barrett interviewed on Woodstock radio 104.1 FM with Steve Romine

Woodstock, New York – famous for the 1969 rock festival – is also the home of Woodstock Truth Squad, hosted by Steve Romine, which broadcasts on Woodstock 104.1 Community Radio. In this interview Steve and Kevin discuss Kevin’s background and history in the 9/11 truth movement; the history of false flags; Left Forum censorship; the demolition of the World Trade Center; the banking scam that rules the world; the secret history of Saudi-Wahhabi terrorism in service to the British, American and Israeli empires; and more.

This show was broadcast on June 26, 2017.

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One Response to “Kevin Barrett interviewed on Woodstock radio 104.1 FM with Steve Romine__on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Maisoon

    I am still amazed at how so many Americans attack the Saudis for getting so many Arms form the USA and also linking them to 9/11 but very few attack the obscene amount of taxpayers funding given to the Israelis along with other Perks free gratis which are rarely discussed. Or the REAL CONNECTION of 9/11 to the Israelis who had the know how, expertise MOTIVE and the Connections within the US Government, Military Complex and Intelligence to execute the heinous terrorist attack which murdered nearly 3000 Americans, some of whom were Muslims [around 300 it is said]
    And yes I too heard tales about the sexual deviancy of the Saudi Royals from a cousin who used to live and work there- would horrify any righteous Muslim. I even heard that Muslim pilgrims are attacked by the Arabian Hajj Police for carrying Qurans. But the Saudis are more than happy to take the billions of Hajj Money they profit from whilst they also destroy Islamic history in Makkah and Medina, replacing Islamic historical places with Zionist owned Hotels and shopping malls and turning the grave of one of the Prophet’s relatives into toilets!! THAT is the extent of the religious values these PHONY Muslims of the Judaic House of Saud espouse, these Manmade British ‘Royalty’, with their UNIslamic obscene wealth, blaspheming AGAINST Islam, while they and their corrupt Clerics/Ullimah and Courts, execute real Muslims on behalf of their fellow Jews in Israel,and their British and American Colonialist Handlers who really rule occupied Hejaz/Najd- aka Arabia as they do Bahrain, Gulf States and Qatar where again these Colonialists have installed their non Islamic Puppet Shaikhdoms from the Nomadic Bedouin Tribesmen they could easily manipulate- same with the man made Hashemite ‘Royals in Jordan the Brits installed with a Half Jewish Zionist Arab at the helm
    That is the ‘quality’ of our Western Arab Rulers and their PHONY Islamic values who are helping the West to Murder millions of Muslims, most of whom are righteous Sunnis [and Shias] and Christians which pleases the State of Israel that wants to destroy Islam and Christianity within the Arab World.
    Saudi Arabia is NOT the number one Terrorist country, it is ISRAEL with financial assistance from their Ilk -the House of Saud



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