Brendon O’Connell on Israeli Talpiot program and 9/11 – and much more __on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Brendon O’Connell on Israeli Talpiot program and 9/11 – and much more

Australian activist Brendon O’Connell was arrested and jailed in 2009, and imprisoned until 2014 for supposedly making “anti-Semitic” statements in a public confrontation with a Zionist. Physically abused in prison – at one point his arm was broken – Brendon has not curtailed his hard-hitting commentary and is currently living in Malaysia.

In this two-hour interview we begin with Operation Talpiot, “The IDF’s Most Elite Unit,” which Wikipedia describes as “an elite Israel Defense Forces (IDF) training program, for recruits who have demonstrated outstanding academic ability in the sciences and leadership potential. Graduates of the Talpiot program pursue double higher education while serving in the army, and then utilize their expertise to further IDF research and development in technological leadership positions.”

Brendon argues that Talpiot was a key agency, if not THE key agency, behind 9/11. He writes:

This whole Talpiot thing goes so deep. When I first raised it with authorities in 2009 they tore down every single news story I put in a hearing document for the court – all of them. Now they have them all back up and books have been written like it’s all just “normal”. I expect documentaries and movies will talk about it in the story line. “Nothing to hide here”. Like they did with HAARP – where is was “Deadly Force In Use” – then when the public started filming, they began tours.

We also discuss a wide range of issues including freemasonry and occultism, religion and spirituality, and much more.

This show was broadcast on June 18, 2017.

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3 Responses to “Brendon O’Connell on Israeli Talpiot program and 9/11 – and much more __on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Ron Chandler

    As a Perth boy from Western Australia, who only saw Brendan briefly on TV, portrayed as a dangerous hooligan, this was a real eye-opener, Kevin. Brendan’s race-horse delivery is hard to keep up with — not to mention his mental pace — but there’s much in what he says. My Dad was a Freemason, who’d be horrified to hear what the dark forces have made of it (though it does seem that the higher orders of the Scottish Rite are where the real evil lies).
    Keep up the powerful shows Doctor … and don’t swallow Qatar as a bad boy-turned-good! Turkey neither (unless Sultan ErdoGollum can be ditched)

  2. Maisoon

    It would be really nice to be able to read comments made by listeners to all these shows here on the respective pages of each guest you have

  3. Many thanks Kevin.

    The Talpiot program continues to be the central force behind the massive Israeli infiltration of the US high technology industry running private companies sub contracting to the NSA, CIA, DIA, American M.I – – – critical infrastructure security the world over – – – government VOIP security and encryption, banking databases, medical databases,policing data bases.

    The ability to track, target, bribe and blackmail the world over.

    Hence why so much is exposed the world over and nothing seems to change – on the surface at least.

    People in the right places cannot act if the relevant section chief is compromised, recruited and being run by American and Israeli Zionists.





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