Debating “free speech persecutee” Alfred Schaefer on Judaism vs. Zionism, white nationalism__on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Debating “free speech persecutee” Alfred Schaefer on Judaism vs. Zionism, white nationalism

Alfred Schaefer and his violinist sister Monika, of “Sorry Mom I Was Wrong About the Holocaust” fame

Last fall, Alfred Schaefer – a Canadian living in Germany – was raided by German police because somebody in power doesn’t like his political ideas. They stole his computer and his papers, and haven’t yet returned them. Further legal proceedings and penalties, perhaps even prison, are a distinct possibility, given such precedents as the recent arrest of Horst Mahler.

I don’t like some of Alfred’s political ideas either. But rather than try to silence him, I prefer to argue with him.

Police crackdowns on free speech simply create a presumption that the victim must be saying something true and important, otherwise why bother muzzling him? And indeed, it may be that some of Alfred’s “dangerous” ideas are largely correct, others not so much. But how will we ever know unless we talk to him?

In this interview Alfred and I discuss and debate Judaism vs. Zionism, white nationalism, holocaust revisionism, and other hyper-sensitive issues. CAUTION: THIS RADIO BROADCAST MAY BE ILLEGAL IN SEVERAL EUROPEAN COUNTRIES.

This show was broadcast on June 7, 2017.

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