Tom Mysiewicz: Israeli extremist rabbis hail Trump as Messiah!__on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Tom Mysiewicz: Israeli extremist rabbis hail Trump as Messiah!

Is Donald Trump the Messiah? It sounds like a bad joke. But some radical Zionists – both Christian and Jewish – are floating that idea. When Trump visited Israel last week, some of them were praying that The Don would magically annihilate the al-Aqsa Mosque and instantly “rebuild” the Blood Sacrifice Temple they yearn for. Will Mike Huckabee and Israel’s Apocalyptic Temple Movement Set the Stage for a Summer of Holy War?

In this interview, journalist Tom Mysiewicz takes a bemused view of such Zionist lunacy. Check out his new article “Trump Goes Full Zionist.”

He also touches on Zionism’s relation to freemasonry and its Hiram Key; the Sinclair “holy blood holy grail” cultists; the real history of the Jewish people (not the sanitized version); and speculates that the End Times may be actually upon us due to a coming miniature ice age driven by the solar minimum coinciding with diminishing Energy Return on Investment (EROI).

Tom Mysiewicz spent 13 years as editor of the weekly publication BioEngineering News. He has edited publications and directories covering plant biotechnology, enzyme technology, ffid biology patents and licensing.

This show was broadcast on May 31, 2017.

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2 Responses to “Tom Mysiewicz: Israeli extremist rabbis hail Trump as Messiah!__on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. haroon

    Hi Dr. Barrett, I was wondering if you’ve heard of someone called Mahmoud Shelton? He’s written a very interesting book that you might really like. It’s called Alchemy in Middle Earth and is a very deep book on Islam and hidden history and relates it to now so its also eschatological in that sense. One of the things he mentions is the ‘pseudo doctrine’ of the descendants of Jesus as as a parody of Muhammad sa having descendants and the implications/reasons behind the parody/pseudo doctrine. Could be interesting to get him on the show?!

  2. Vince Giesbrecht

    Pass the word along to Tom that one of the most powerful and effective herbal heart remedies is cayenne. A half teaspoon in a glass of water will do almost instant wonders for a heart attack. If you can stand it … this is the “cure”!~ You can also buy capsules of the stuff as well.



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