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It REALLY IS a Hemp Planet!


Yes Virginia there really is a viable alternative to nearly every planet destroying, harmful resource obtainment practice in use today, it’s as old as the wind and as productive as a beehive, matter of fact it could probably bring the bees back! It’s called HEMP and boy is it a wopper of a plant, does just about everything….maybe that’s why its ILLEGAL! Hemp can build a home, fuel a car, provide biodegradable plastic for MILLIONS, is a perennial weed that, well….grows like weed! It makes paper, medicine, actually the list is endless…and leave us not forget it can REPLACE fossil fuels, logging, petroleum products….get the picture? That’s right, hemp is the new Tesla, a plethora of innovations which could bring the power structure to it’s knees, and therein lies the rub — or the “law”!

Ford and His Cannabis Cras Fueled With Hemp Fuel!
Miracle Drug! WATCH as Man With Severe Parkinson’s is Treated With Cannabis!
This episode of Quantum Matrix Radio is hosted by cross country trekker for truth, author & filmmaker Pamela Senzee
Quantum Matrix Radio is a show which addresses world challenges while focusing on viable means of genuine transformation for the better. QMR contends quantum physics itself reveals that consciousness creates reality and therefore changing ourselves changes the world. Our shows may represent a broad array of subjects and exposes, from grave issues to spiritual enlightenment, but we always set our sights on solving problems rather than merely focusing on them, and on higher awareness rather than a dark forecast — we are convinced mankind can and will find the ultimate solutions to today’s challenges and that each individual is fully “equipped” to discover and bring to fruition the true meaning or calling of his or her own life.
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This show was broadcast on May 22, 2017.

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