United Nations IPCC Claims of Global Warming Exposed, as “Pseudo Science”, by Nobel Laureate, Einstein Contemporary, and Other Top Minds on the World Stage — So What’s Driving the Climate Change Narrative?_on Quantum Matrix Radio

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United Nations IPCC Claims of Global Warming Exposed, as “Pseudo Science”, by Nobel Laureate, Einstein Contemporary, and Other Top Minds on the World Stage — So What’s Driving the Climate Change Narrative? 

The United Nations IPCC’s claim to be a body of “4000 of the world’s top scientists” has been exposed as a fraudulent claim. Investigations have revealed that many of the “scientists” are actually graduate students in their twenties, and some are merely activists and not scientists at all! Conversely we also see that some of the world’s top minds such as Nobel Laureate Ivar Giaever and Princeton scientist Dr. Freeman Dyson (a contemporary of Albert Einstein’s who continued working in the same building as Einstein throughout his lengthy career), as well as numerous other top scientists are challenging the global warming narrative.

If these great minds and others challenge the validity of global warming/climate change science and if the IPCC has been exposed as fraudulent, then what is driving the global warming agenda? And why are the massive atmospheric aerosol spraying operations (known popularly as chemtrails), which are taking place globally, mysteriously absent from the claims of any advocate of global warming science? Why is the United Nation’s Agenda 21, now called AGENDA 2030, proposing and indeed now enforcing a plan for world governance involving everything from agriculture, education, land ownership (or the denial of this), global to local transportation, denial of access to the largess of natural lands, energy usage, forced “smart appliances” equipped with surveillance technology, and more…intrinsically tied to the global warming agenda, which can, or so these great minds assert, easily be proven false?

Why is Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 supported by Monsanto, Big Oil, and other major multi-nationals? In other words why would the global warming agenda be supported by the greatest global warming perps? What is the true, hidden driver of the assertions of global warming? Is this merely a highly finessed globalist agenda?

If so, can the weather be controlled? Is weaponized weather already a military technology and are chemtrails a component of such operations? Is “wacky weather” an engineered event at times? One which provides extreme plausible deniability?

We’ll explore the science, the claims and the evidence on today’s show, along with some serious alternatives to the current paradigm — such as hemp fuel, construction materials, and hemp plastics!

SHOW NOTE: We were unable to cover all of the proposed information we had hoped to and which we have linked to here — please explore this data and testimony:
Ivar Giaever – Nobel Laureate

Freeman Dyson – Renown Princeton professor (ret.) and contemporary of Albert Einstein

Dr. Judith Curry

The Great Global Warming Swindle – Full Movie

IPCC Exposed by James Corbett of the Corbett Report

Why Are People Lying About Global Warming — With James Corbett & Sibel Edmonds

Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather by 2025

Geoengineering Watch: Important Documents:

Dr. Roy Spencer of NASA testifies:

Dennis Kucinich Legislation on Chemtrails:

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