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Avoiding Splintering

Craig McKee of Truth and Shadows returns to discuss his latest article, “9/11 truthers must focus on destroying the official story, not splintering over dozens of theories” in which he argues that all the evidence must be considered when it comes to the study of 9/11 by activists, and that infighting and aggressive pushes to reinforce aspects of the official story are harmful to the overall cause.

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This show was broadcast on May 10, 2017.

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One Response to “Avoiding Splintering_ on 9/11 Free Fall”

  1. Rocco

    Really? I couldn’t help noticing that Craig’s primary reason for dismissing their insights is that he doesn’t want to support any part of the official story. Well, that’s not science. It’s bias. He does not want to go where the evidence leads us, if it leads us any closer to the official story from where he is currently standing. So, to reinforce these biases, he goes after the researchers. Not just flash in the pan guys either. We are talking about David Chandler, Kevin Ryan, and Ken Jenkins, etc, who have been leaders in researching 9/11. I hope you have plans now to bring any of these guys on to your next show. I can guarantee that Craig has not questioned their insights in person. I have. I brought up every point mentioned here and more. Under my heavy cross-examination, they were able to show that the evidence leads to the conclusion that a large commercial size jet hit the Pentagon. It was in person, so they were able to show me their answers with the help of their 3D models, photos and comparisons, from their computers, as they answered. This was considerably more info than they had presented during their presentation that I had seen. Craig is doing more to splinter the movement here than he realizes.



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