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Mark Gaffney on his New Book NEVER SUMMER!
Also, Breaking News! David’s Right to Know Request for Shanksville Evidence DENIED with Bizarre Official Response!


Mark Gaffney’s prolific creativity is at it’s humorous best with his latest book Never Summer, available at TrineDay!

“Although a work of fiction, Never Summer is based on real events. The novel breathes life into one of the most colorful episodes in Colorado history, the epic battle over Bowen Gulch.

In this action-packed tale, a handful of gutsy activists take on the state’s powerful logging industry to save one of the last great places. The young hero, Tom Lacey, just out of college, finds himself torn between the work he has grown to love and a dawning awareness of issues bigger than himself. The delicate intersection of real history and the imagination makes for a powerful coming-of-age story, embellished with an exquisite love affair and some hilarious hi-jinks. The events are set in the late 1980s, before cell phones and the consolidation of the US media, giving the story a nostalgic appeal. The novel spares no effort to accurately portray the state’s ecology and the logging culture of the day, down to the smallest details, against a breathtaking natural backdrop.”

Mark Gaffney is the author of five books and many articles posted in journals, newspapers, magazines, and online. Mark is a peace activist, environmentalist, gardener, hiker, and writer, not necessarily in this order. Mark holds a BS degree in physical science from Colorado State University.

Also. breaking news — host David Meiswinkle, JD has submitted a Right to Know request to the Somerset County, PA office for a simple list of evidences held by the county for the crash of Flight 93 on September 11th, 2001. David will read, on today’s show, the bizarre answer he received for his request!

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This show was broadcast on April 24, 2017.

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