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ECOSHOCK — The Deep State & Destabilized Climate

the mainstream realizes what we’ve known for years. As the Trump saga unfolds, the mainstream media finally mentions “the deep state”. From his home in Bangladesh, we talk with long-time underground researcher and host of alternative radio’s “Unwelcome Guests”, Robin Upton. Then Dr. David Carlson, the Director of the World Climate Research Programme will tell us how unpredictable our future has become.

Robin Upton took over the radio show “Unwelcome Guests” from long-time host Lynn Gary. Robin kept it going another 10 years – from his adopted country of Bangladesh!

He tells us about the Deep State, but also an alternative economy, based not on greed, but on alturism. We also talk about misconceptions about life in Bangladesh (no – he’s not hungry or flooded out).

Dr. David Carlson has organized huge scientific research efforts like the International Polar Year. Now he heads the World Climate Research Program, which co-ordinates climate science and scientists around the world.

Carlson says that even as we find out more about climate and the bio-physical world – things are not all turning out as expected. In one big example, scientists used to be able to study and predict the El Nino/La Nina cycle. Now that has been destabilized, along with many other aspects of both climate and weather prediction.
Featured speakers: Robin Upton, Dr. David Carlson. Interviews by Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock.

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This show was broadcast on April 21, 2017.

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