Declassify 9/11 NOW!” Dennis Speed on Trump’s War with U.S. Intelligence!_on Quantum Matrix Radio

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Declassify 9/11 NOW!” Dennis Speed on Trump’s War with U.S. Intelligence!


UPDATE! This show has been pre-recorded. Dennis Speed is a senior member of LarouchePac and they have released this statement about President Trump’s airstrikes in Syria which took place just after this recording. Read: Fraud Against the President, Fraud Against the Country!Veteran political leader and activist, Dennis Speed, states that Donald Trump is in a war with U.S. intelligence agencies and that it would be wise for him to declassify everything on 9/11 now! This declassification would serve to protect Trump and expose the intelligence community’s complicity in the 9/11 crimes. Mr. Speed asserts there is reason for long term peace in the world and global optimism if the Trump administration can work with Russia and China on joint projects, creating a win/win situation. Such projects could include restarting the space program. Speed also stresses the importance of implementing Glass Steagall as well as massive U.S. infrastructure programs which would open up 3 to 5 million jobs immediately!

Dennis Speed is a veteran political organizer and a senior member of the LaRouche Political Action Committee in New York and New Jersey, and is also North East Coordinator of the Schiller Institute. He has worked on the ground floor of the development of the Fusion Energy Foundation, an organization founded in 1974 for the purpose of educating the public about the remarkable benefits of fusion as opposed to fission energy. Dennis has written extensively for Executive Intelligence Review. He has an extensive background in a number of academic areas including history and he has been a political activist and organizer in excess of 45 years. and

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This show was broadcast on April 10, 2017.

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