Dr. Ron Cutburth: the Science of Explosive Pulverization of Hundreds of Thousands of Tons of Concrete on 9/11– Nano-RDX the Proof May Be in the Dust!_on Quantum Matrix Radio

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Dr. Ron Cutburth: the Science of Explosive Pulverization of Hundreds of Thousands of Tons of Concrete on 9/11– Nano-RDX the Proof May Be in the Dust!


Ronald Cutburth, PhD is a former scientist-contractor for Lawrence Livermore Laboratories. Dr. Cutburth dismisses, as fraudulent, the official government story that air plane impact and office fires were responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers. He asserts a reasonable degree of scientific certainty that high tech explosives in the form of nano-RDX coupled with nano-thermite collapsed the World Trade Center Towers and pulverized hundreds of thousands of tons of concrete into a fine dust within seconds. He asserts that the red/gray chips discovered by Dr.s Jones and Harrit, in the dust of 9/11, are in fact a signature of nano-RDX used with nanothermite.

Dr. Cutburth holds a Ph.D. in Management of Engineering Science Operations. His Ph.D. dissertation includes an evaluation of over 200 engineering science research operations at Lawrence Livermore National Lab. He is an Engineering Scientist holding advanced level lower degree credits in 5 Categories of Engineering Sciences and advanced theoretical math, mechanical, electrical, electronic, manufacturing, and controls engineering. He also holds 9 issued patents for Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LLNL), in development of laser optic mount and apparatus hardware. Dr. Cutburth has a publishing company where he has published many of his PhD papers including his PhD dissertation www.lovefromthesea.com and a consulting business at www.ampspower.com Cutburth has more than 30 years of experience in engineering departments all over the USA in military and commercial products, and more than 9 years experience making engineering evaluations of engineering designs in the USA.

You can contact Dr. Cutburth through www.ampspower.com

?Dr. Ronald Cutburth

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