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ECOSHOCK — The Winter of Climate Change

Why is it so nasty if the world is warming?? …Unconventional climate science predicted harsh winters in N. Hemisphere. Expert Judah Cohen explains how this happens in a warming world. Then: the super warming gas methane only lasts 10 years. But it drives centuries of sea level rise, says Dr. Kristen Zickfelt. Harsh news in new science.

There will be no moaning about American politics in this program. The word smumpff will not be heard. But wait, don’t go away. We will find out why this winter in the Northern Hemisphere has been so cold in so many places, despite the world warming. If you have been shivering, you’ll want to hear this. We have a top expert who predicts the secrets of winters for governments, corporations and the military. Dr. Judah Cohen works for the private risk forecasting firm Atmospheric and Environmental Research.

Then we get more new science: the stunning news that greenhouse gases like methane can keep the sea rising for centuries, even though the gas itself disappears from the atmosphere in ten or twelve years.

Trained at the Potsdam Institute, and now at Simon Fraser University, Kirsten Zickfelt published this new paper in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences at the end of December 2016. Her co-author Susan Solomon of MIT is a world-famous atmospheric chemist.

This paper makes the case that the world needs to control methane emissions as much as carbon dioxide. That’s not what the frackers and pipeline operators want to hear.

Speakers: Judah Cohen, Kirsten Zickfeld. Interviews by Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock.

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This show was broadcast on January 27, 2017.

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