Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh on Trump scandals; Martin Hill on Alex Jones’ love for Bibi Netanyahu_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh on Trump scandals; Martin Hill on Alex Jones’ love for Bibi Netanyahu

First hour: Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff and columnist Ian Greenhalgh explore the latest Trump scandals. Is “the Don” a pawn of Russia – or the Russian Zionist mob? For background, check out these stories we covered today in False Flag Weekly News:

* Document on Trump-Russia scandals
* Times of Israel reported direct communication line between Trump and Zio-Russian oligarch Fridman
* Haaretz reports on Zionist mobsters Fridman/Alfa links to Trump and Putin http://www.haaretz.com/us-news/1.764452

Second hour: Martin Hill discusses Alex Jones’ bizarre love for Bibi Netanyahu, reported in Martin’s article:

Hysterical Alex Jones Weeps and Prays For Bibi: “Globalists Clearly Trying To Overthrow Israel” and Arrest Netanyahu. ‘All You That Hate Jews’ Get Ready for Islamic Rule in the U.S.

We wonder why Alex Jones Explodes in Blubbering Rage at the Mere Mention of My Name.
We also talk about Dan Rather’s appearance on David Letterman on 9/17/2001 during which Rather called the Dancing Israelis (who were pre-positioned to film and celebrate the demolition of the Twin Towers) “hateful, to-the-core evil people.”

This show was broadcast on January 15, 2016.

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4 Responses to “Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh on Trump scandals; Martin Hill on Alex Jones’ love for Bibi Netanyahu_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Masoon, thank you for your contributions to last Friday’s False Flag show.

  2. maisoon

    Alex Jones is half Jewish [on his father’s side]
    His wife staunch Zionist Jew and those that fund all his shows are also Zionist Jews
    Paul J Watson is also Jewish
    Jones continues to distract Truthers into believing that only the Saudis/Muslims were behind 9/11 and that Muslims are out to rule America and the West!
    Years ago I wrote to him asking him why he never mentions Israel’s role and he never responded and it was from then on that I got suspicious of him along with when he was outed for being a crypto Jewish Zionist, Pro Israeli. He is a misinformation agent- a ‘controlled’ Truther just like Amy Goodman and Democracy Now. None of these crypto Jews are on the same path to truth on 9/11 etc as you Kevin and Tony are.
    Jones was planted into our movement and made to sound credible and given enough info to make him sound plausible so that he could be accepted like that story of his exposing Bohemian Grove. That is how they infiltrate real movements, pretending to be one of us.
    Jones’ support for Israel is really quite sickening and OTT, sharing the same for Israel as Trump and his Judeo Zionist family!

  3. Arden

    What do you know about Thoth and the Emerald Tablets, and does Trump really not drink or smoke? I wish I could have heard all that Martin had to say, but not only was his connection breaking up so badly, he was talking way too fast and loud when he got so excited about what he had to say. Someone at a luncheon today said “they” think all Southerners are the enemy, but the truth is Southerners love Jesus and Jesus said “war no more”. We do not want war, and who does? Even the people who make money off of it may not really want war. The times are very confusing, but the video I watched yesterday said that it is because of where we are in the 26 thousand year cycle, which is exactly opposite where we were when Atlantis was sunk. I’m curious about so much. Thoth had 13 thousand years to bring Christ consciousness to the Earth to prevent the next possible disaster, and the magnetics (the Pole shift) are causing all the confusion we are all experiencing now. Supposedly the shift happened in 1989, and we all blacked out for 3 days, so we don’t remember it. ???? !!!! The NC troopers association just called me a few seconds ago, for a donation. Coincidence? Well………………..who knows. Not I, my friend.

  4. In, just shut up!
    Both US Jewry and Soviet (so-called Russia) are one and the same playing the same game and there was never any COLD WAR.
    I saw Garbatchyov selling the USSR to the JEWISH OLIGARCHS working hand in hand with the US!
    The Soviets were not kicked out of Afghanistan, but there was a deal between the US and the USSR to get rid of all Soviet’s colonies (satellites) and get on with the NEW ISRAEL WORLD ORDER!
    What is happening in the world today is the annihilation of all opposition (mainly Muslims), the bolshevisation, and centralisation of all power, finances,meant to make the world COMMUNIST under the guise of Human Rights, Democracy, Equality…and other similar crap!



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