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ECOSHOCK — The Trouble With Billionaires

Why wealth inequality is bad for everyone …Billionaires have taken over the financial system, social discourse, and now the political system. It’s an unannounced coup. Co-authors Neil Brooks and Linda McQuaig on their new book, and what we can do.

Although some of these speeches are about Canada, most examples of billionaires, and studies of what people really want, are American. You’ll hear plenty about Wall Street, the greedy Hedge Funders, and why Bill Gates doesn’t deserve his exaggerated fortune.

As Alex goes down with the flu, this show seems very current. In-coming President Trump has appointed more billionaires to his cabinet than ever seen before.

Our financial system has distorted a former Democracy into a Plutocracy. And the economy does WORSE when all the money goes to the top. Examples of better times, and better places, with ideas of what we can do.

Professor Neil Brooks has taught tax law at the University of Toronto, Osgoode Hall, for 35 years.

Linda McQuaig is a well-known business writer, and author of best-selling books.

Speakers: Prof. Neil Brooks, journalist Linda McQuaig. Recorded by Alex Smith for Radio Ecoshock at the Vancouver Public Library, November 3, 2010. Edited for radio. Presented by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives at

Show blog published Wednesday at with all the links. Visit Radio Ecoshock here.

This show was broadcast on January 13, 2017.

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