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Jonathan Revusky on Anti-Religious Religious Fanatics (ARRFs)

Read Revusky’s brilliant article, prefaced and afterworded by yours truly

Mainstream media, academia – the whole dominant discourse, really – tell us that secularists are the reasonable people, whereas religious folk tend to be fundamentalist, irrational, potentially extremist crazies. But is that really the case? Or is the dominant Western secularist worldview itself permeated with intolerance, fanaticism and irrationality?

In his new article (introduced and prefaced by yours truly) Jonathan Revusky submits that the real dominant Western religion is AARF: Anti-Religion Religious Fanaticism. Its main tenets are as follows:

DM. The Democracy Myth. This is surely the central ARRF sacred narrative, this notion that government in the U.S.A. and other Western countries emerges from the will of the ordinary people — you know, via the fact that, every four years or so, you get to go into a polling booth and vote for one grinning idiot or another one. There is really no more reason to believe in this than in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny.

PC. Alternatively: the Social Justice Narrative -— feminism, multiculturalism, gay rights and all that jazz…

CT. The weaponized Conspiracy Theory construct. I have written extensively about this over the last year. One could alternatively call it the New York Times Cult. A traditional religious person believes something because it is in the Bible. The HIQI, a.k.a. the true believer in ARRF, believes something because it is in the New York Times. Or possibly the Guardian or the BBC — whatever mainstream media venue. In practice, the term “conspiracy theory”, like “democracy”, is close to meaningless. Basically, it’s just a new way of saying “heresy”.

GW. The Good War synthetic narrative. Alternatively, we could call this the RRN (Roger Rabbit Narrative) version of WW2. Essentially, the war is presented as a kind of supreme moral battle between the forces of good and the forces of pure evil. The biggest single subcomponent of this is the Auschwitz death cult, a.k.a. “Holocaustianity”.

(Note: If you enjoy this interview, you will also appreciate my earlier interview with Jonathan Revusky on Roger Rabbit narratives.) Today’s show is an encore edition from 01/02/2017.

This show was broadcast on January 30, 2017.

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2 Responses to “Jonathan Revusky on Anti-Religious Religious Fanatics (ARRFs)_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Mattthew Howard

    The first thing I heard that rang my bell was “Intellectual fraud!”
    I find these four horse-men to be in the same league as Deepak Chopra …
    They are just full of arguments that do not stand up to close scrutiny. And the fact that “Deepak Chopra” had to leave a sub continent of REAL mystics to sell books and tickets to seminars to dumb Americans! CASE CLOSED.

    Sam Harris, is the main one of these clowns that I find the least easy to take seriously. And that term “Intellectual fraud” keeps hitting me when I listen to his pod-casts (know thy enemy better that we know our self) …
    His main offence is to keep regurgitating this BS that 9/11 conspiracies do not stack up and that all the sites that host them were encoded by some 14 year old kid in his moms basement … which is ridiculous adhominem when you look at the facts.
    Both of what we know to be 9/11 LIES and also the contributors to the web-sites that host this narrative (destroying the 9/11 commision report) are predominantly experts in their respective fields.
    Notice how these a hit and runs statements and Harris, has NEVER debated any of the 9/11 experts.

    The next thing that he does which bugs the shit out of me is to keep quoting ‘Anne Franks diary’ when ever he gets to talk about the holocaust!
    ‘Anne Franks diary’ is about as legit as talking about the shrunken heads and human skin lampshade that the US army phys-op unit placed at Buchenwald … even Jewish holocaust historians now admit that all that was bunk / propaganda!
    So he is either ignorant or intellectually dishonest … I am comfortable with neither!

    I also agree with Kevin, when he says that France has become to epicentre for what we are now seeing. Who was the country to an the Burka? And who is arresting women on the beach for NOT showing enough skin?

    Out of interest Dan Brown, plagiarised the shit out of the research done by Laurence Gardner from ‘bloodline of the holy grail’ when he (Brown) wrote the The Da Vinci Code! Gardner, took him to court but Brown, had Hollyweird LAWYERS on hand due to the Tom Hanks, BLOCKBUSTER. The little guy gets fist-fucked in the arse again. Quelle surprise …

  2. Arden

    I had difficulty following it, though I still enjoyed it. Most of the names I had heard of, but cannot remember exactly what they said, or their positions, though I did have a lot of comments, or input (to the computer : > ) – but I based my comments on where one has grown up, basically. The differences between Southerners and Northerners, the climate differences, what we are taught, in schools and our religious institutions, the lack of critical thinking skills by many (most?) Americans. Also, I heard no mention of the difference in Religion and Spirituality, which I believe is critical to whatever it was you two were actually talking about! : > ) . After all, I did make my worst grades in college in Physics, and Literature. 2 Ds. I always thought that there was something else to Physics than what they knew, or to what we were being taught. My physics experiments in lab never worked, and I was in my Physics lab when it was announced that President Kennedy had died. Old fashioned watches always stopped on me. Quartz watches do ok. And here is something weird – a few years ago, it was announced in our local Greensboro paper that time was being changed by 18 minutes, locally. So we were supposed to change our clocks. I was amazed. I kept the article, but it later disappeared. At the time, the computer was turning on my stove, or was it vice-versa? Must have been. I tried to get the article from the newspaper’s library, but had no success at it.

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