Ex-freemason Dr. Omar Zaid on the NWO and trinity conspiracies; Elizabeth Woodworth on her book with David Ray Griffin, “Unprecedented Climate Mobilization” _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Ex-freemason Dr. Omar Zaid on the NWO and trinity conspiracies; Elizabeth Woodworth on her book with David Ray Griffin, “Unprecedented Climate Mobilization”

Omar Zaid (right) with Shaykh Imran Hosein

First hour: Dr. Omar Zaid, MD is an expert on Occult Symbolism, having been a member of the Freemasonic movement himself for many years. He has since reverted to Islam and authored several books, including The Time of Turning; Cain’s Creed: The Cult(s) of Rome; Forgotten Saints: The Gospel of Barabas; The Hand of Iblis, an Anatomy of Evil; and Trinity, the Metamorphosis of a Myth. He teaches at UNITAR International University in Malaysia.

Elizabeth Woodworth has traveled widely to promote Unprecedented

Second hour: Elizabeth Woodworth is co-founder and coordinator at Consensus 9/11: The 9/11 Best Evidence Panel which uses a rigorous scientific consensus model derived from medical research to discover and highlight the strongest evidence about what really happened on September 11th, 2001. In this interview we discuss David Ray Griffin’s book Unprecedented and the follow-up co-authored by Woodworth and Griffin, Unprecedented Climate Mobilization, which Elizabeth recently discussed at the UN COP22 Climate Summit in Marrakesh, Morocco.

This show was broadcast on December 18, 2016.

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6 Responses to “Ex-freemason Dr. Omar Zaid on the NWO and trinity conspiracies; Elizabeth Woodworth on her book with David Ray Griffin, “Unprecedented Climate Mobilization” _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Douglas Zork

    Kevin, I thought you did a good job of playing devils’ advocate in the fait-accompli canonization of the hypothesis of CO2-driven AGW. You made an effort to fairly represent the analysis and conclusions of the majority, not just of your listeners, but of people with significant aptitude and interest in science, and who have “taken the red pill.”

    Institutionalized science promoted since the 1990s by globalists through the UN (IPCC), the World Bank, and approved by prominent members of the Rothschild money management cartel, and guaranteeing research funding, peer-reviewed publication, and safe university tenure, must be examined critically for political bias.

    You mentioned you have invested time and effort in doing considerable science homework on the pros and cons of the hypothesis of CO2-driven AGW. So have I.

    I closely followed the claims of the science allegedly supporting the hypothesis from the beginning when James Hansen of NASA testified before the US Congressional committee, and Al Gore published and promoted “An Inconvenient Truth”.

    I found it at least plausible at first, but what really convinced me was that international petroleum and gas companies, and coal producers seemed to be downplaying and raising doubts about the reality or at least the urgency of stopping run-away positive feedback of AGW.

    I accepted the claim that the small alleged heating effect of additional CO2 is amplified by increased water vapor entering the atmosphere, leading eventually to a catastrophic release of methane from the permafrost zones of the arctic shores.

    In July 2010 I belatedly woke up to the institutional travesty of science supporting the alchemical psychological working of 9/11/2001.

    I had been completely suckered in by the feigned discomfiture of Dr. Condoleezza Rice, when she was compelled to admit under questioning before a Congressional committee, her knowledge of a briefing paper from Clinton-appointee Richard Clarke entitled “Bin Laden Determined to Attack within the United States.” Blowback, and for the truly “enlightened” and bold leftist thinkers “LIHOP”…

    Kevin, may I suggest that this issue is worthy of some additional challenging science homework:

    “Refutation of the ‘Greenhouse Effect’ Theory on a Thermodynamic and Hydrostatic Basis”, by Alberto Miatello (Italy) August 6, 2012.

    There are at least a dozen credentialed physicists who independently conclude that (1) atmospheres can only moderate high and low surface temperatures of planets that have them, (2) surface temperature is proportional to the total mass of the atmosphere through the gravitationally driven adiabatic temperature gradient, (3) radiant gasses such as water vapor, CO2, and methane can only refrigerate the surface temperature of atmospheres that contain them.

    Earth’s thermostat is water: the heat sink (and CO2 sink and source, lagging temperature changes) of the oceans, the refrigerating effect of water vapor as a radiant gas(not “greenhouse”, not “blanket” gas), the blanketing and heat-pump effect of water vapor condensation and clouds, and the reflective albedo effect of clouds, snow and ice.

    Here’s how the globalists have fooled smart people of good will, like you Kevin, and Elizabeth Woodworth, and Dr. David Ray Griffin:

    (1) they have exploited your residual deference to “consensus academic science”, and the majority of those with PhDs in science;

    (2) they have allowed the oil, gas, and coal industries to cry “please don’t throw me into the briar patch” of taxing CO2, while ostentatiously funding fake anti-AGW science (equivalent to “Bin Laden Determined to Attack”, “Blowback”, and LIHOP); fake anti-AGW science and propaganda TAKES FOR GRANTED THE ALLEGED “GREENHOUSE GAS EFFECT, and merely hems and haws about the urgency of taking action to restrict CO2 emissions from burning oil, gas and coal;

    (3) Exon Mobile (owned or at least significantly influenced by the Rothschild banking cartel, whose family members publically support the need for action to prevent “run-away anthropogenic global warming driven by CO2 released by burning hydrocarbon fuels) now is “revealed” to have known all along that CO2-driven AGW is a real threat, and now they are belatedly “repenting” and getting on the AGW bandwagon.

    Wake up, please. The hoax of CO2-driven AGW is not a trivial issue. It’s a major psychological, economic, and political play for globalization.

    Thanks Kevin! Keep up the good work, as you always encourage your guests…

  2. Tom O

    I don’t buy what Woodworth is selling.
    Glad you jumped in regarding her artificial link to people wanting World War 1, I would go as far as to say the same applies to WW2, and for that matter, most if not all wars.
    This “package” stinks of elitist control and manipulation. A reality of the real motives behind this dog and pony show is the carbon tax. How can charging a tax on carbon emissions, paid into the coffers of corrupt governments make any difference to actual carbon emissions. Purely this is an example of framing an issue into a “problem” (either real or imagined) selling it to the ignorant masses (not really, because most really don’t buy the nonsense but are just unwilling or unable to do anything about it) and then selling the solution. Carbon tax is just a step in the solution. Don’t tell me that the elitists spewing yarn and collecting the rewards of their “solution” has any effect on their use of fossil fuels. I am sure Mr. Gates doesn’t think twice about using fossil fuels to fly around the world preaching his prophecy’s to the masses. I KNOW for a fact one of these preachers in Canada has been exposed for just that. Mr. Suzuki is our contribution to the globalist masquerade.
    Thanks for the fine work you do, Kevin.

  3. Norman Butler

    Hi Kevin,
    Issue is not whether or not Climate Change is occurring but what is causing it and (therefore)the motives of those involved in the debate.
    See Corbett Report on YouTube: “Why would people lie about Climate Change? Questions for Corbett”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQV3i95qzCM
    Best wishes.

  4. Maisoon

    a wonderful talk with Omar Zaid- intellectually challenging based on someone who bothered to do his own research for the many answers he sought to his niggling questions and queries. this is what free thinking people should always do rather than depend blindly on what we are all indoctrinated with and programmed to accept as truth or factual but which is indeed distorted and re written history going back to ancient times. I hope Kevin you will invite Brother Omar back on your show and give him more than half an hour to talk about his personal fascinating journey which is true academic research.
    Brother Omar, you are a great asset not only to Islam – welcome to our deen, but also to Humanity

  5. Terrance Ferebee

    I have some issues with Woolworth and her tunnel vision. What about all the fraudulent scientific studies? All roads lead to Rome – man made climate change was put out by the Jesuit Order controlled Club of Rome as a mean of explaining weather change that is being caused by the return of Wormwood. Just another damn satanic control system. Comparing her plan to WW 2 is a give away for the fraud involved by the Club of Rome. Zionism is an invention of the Jesuit Order. Level the 7 hills to save the planet!

  6. Arden

    Great show, Kevin. I should listen again before I comment, but I cannot wait. Dr. Zaid’s work is fascinating, to explain how we ALL got to this point in time, not just Freemasons and Christians. The Trinity, which I say is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Mother; t is not hard to understand if we all are born wanting beneficial, grateful (us) good to come, as Martin said. And to end the hatred we have toward our fellow human beings, as you said, which distracts us from what we came to do. First, to end war, but now to save our planet.

    What is no one talking about, except truly independent thinkers and astronomers, not that Nasa doesn’t know about it; they just don’t want to alarm people, maybe? I went to an astronomy website doing my own research on the “two suns”, which have been photographed a lot. I don’t believe the photos are just fake. The website I keep going back to is in French, because they played beautiful music along with the videos. Start here If you watch for long enough, as I have, it will lead to news that the pole shift is happening much faster than anyone expected.

    Was the Gatlinburg fire perhaps really started by asteroids or meteors breaking up in the atmosphere or meteors hitting the earth, not teenagers? Is our orbit changing? Is the equator where it once was? I have so many questions and not answers but can speculate and conjecture, not only about astronomical things. But 9/11 things. I know everything I hear is not true, but much is. There is not a whole lot that I can actually PROVE about anything.

    Elizabeth is right about climate mobilization, IF we have all the facts, the TRUE facts that is. Isn’t it odd that we have to assume some FACTS are false, and speak of true facts. The CO2, if every person on earth had a car, probably would destroy us, and we’re definitely heading in that direction if something doesn’t change. I don’t have all those facts. But Tesla had the answer for zero point energy, and JP Morgan stopped him, apparently, because the PTB, or were, couldn’t meter the Sun. Funny, but I sort of see Snowden as a reincarnation of Tesla.



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