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Mind Control, Whistle Blowers, and SOLUTIONS

Attorney/Host David Meiswinkle joins QMR producer Pamela Senzee to explore what the whistle blowers are saying about drugs, pedophile sex rings, big pharma, big government, the deep state, and how all of this manifests as concerted mind control operations. The show includes clips of numerous heroic figures who’ve risked much to speak the truth about these very real and important issues — Rosanne Barr, KPFK’s Christine Blosdale, Dr. Colin Ross, Mark Phillips, and internationally renown mind control whistle blower Cathy O’Brien are included in the clip library for this show, as well as clips from the courageous truth teller Mark Taylor, a survivor of the Columbine school shooting, who took to the courts in order to reveal the common thread of school shootings — SSRI prescription “anti-depressants”. After initiating his lawsuit, Mark was detained in a mental “health” facility against his will and forced to take the very prescription drugs he fought against, he is battling to this day for his freedom from mind control.
Christine Blosdale (KPFK) Introduces incest survivor Rosanne Barr, program includes trauma expert and mind control whistle blower Dr. Colin Ross, founder of Children of the Night Dr. Lois Lee, whistle bower Mark Phillips, and whistle blower Cathy O’Brien
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Cathy O’Brien Blows the Whistle on Hillary
Cathy O’Brien — There IS Hope!
The Colin A. Ross Institute
Children of the Night
Release Mark Taylor
The Mark Taylor Story
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Quantum Matrix Radio is hosted by criminal defense attorney David R. Meiswinkle,JD and is produced by author Pamela Senzee, Please SUPPORT Truth Walk: The Movie!
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This show was broadcast on November 21, 2016.

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