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ECOSHOCK — The Climate Shift

during election mania, the climate slipped away…– From the deep past, a shocking discovery that plants can shift the climate. Oh oh. From UC Davis, Isabel Montaez amazing science. Then veteran diplomat David Brown on the climate-driven demise of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam – the first mass casualty.

America decided whether to elect a President who would go back to coal and rip up the Paris Climate agreement. Meanwhile the news from reality is not good. The United Nations Environment Program just released a report showing that even if all the promises made by almost 200 countries in the Paris deal are kept – the Earth still goes way past the 2 degree C safety limit, soaring up to three degrees in the lifetimes of our younger listeners.

That report, and all the Intergovernmental Panel reports before it, do not include large-scale climate drivers coming out of new science. In my show October 12th, Dr. James Curran from Scotland explained why plants are starting to capture and store less carbon dioxide. In this program, you’ll hear startling new science showing that changes in the plant world alone can drive us into a new greenhouse world. That’s a place where the animals we know, the bugs we know, and the crops we depend on may become extinct. Eventually, if we can’t reverse the climate shift, humans may also disappear, as the dinosaurs once did.

In the second half hour we’ll go to the place which is likely the first highly populated river delta to fall victim to rising seas. At least three to five million people will be driven out of one of the world’s biggest food sources. No, it’s not Bangladesh.

Speakers: Dr. Isabel Montaez, David Brown. Interviews and music by Alex Smith for Radio Ecoshock.

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This show was broadcast on November 18, 2016.

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