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“Americanism Not Globalism Will Be Our Credo!”


Host David Meiswinkle brings on producer Pamela Senzee to discuss? the victory of Donald Trump to the Office of Presidency the United States. Is Trump’s win an indication of an end to globalism? An end to the new world order? We know Hillary is a key globalist NWO player — is Trump the hope of the world? This may be our only window to move forward with revelations of the truth about 9/11 being mainstreamed. It may be our only window to end TPP, to push back Big Pharma, to end Agenda 21, to audit the Feds, to restore Constitutional liberties which have been lost, to end the diabolical globalist new world order agenda which has generated the numerous false flags we have seen in the past two decades and the global war on terror which is actually a war of terror. Will Trump be the beginning of the end to the new world order? His landslide victory indicate that the American people recognize the need to put America first and end the profiteering and brutal globalist agenda which the Bush/Obama/Clinton crime families have been key conspirators in. Perhaps this is a time to press for truth, for change, and to further awaken the people to the deep state covert issues which MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE SURFACE IN ORDER TO BE OVERCOME — with a Trump presidency we may truly have a chance to bring these issues to the fore and to press our elected officials to vote on behalf of the people and to press president Trump to stand by his words on ending the globalist agenda!Antiwar.com on Trump
Trump’s Argument For America


Quantum Matrix Radio is hosted by criminal defense attorney David R. Meiswinkle,JD and is produced by author Pamela Senzee, Please SUPPORT Truth Walk: The Movie!
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This show was broadcast on November 14, 2016.

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