Gordon Duff on Trump’s election theft, Nick Baam on his 9/11 truth novel “Malvern” _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Gordon Duff on Trump’s election theft, Nick Baam on his 9/11 truth novel “Malvern”

First hour: Was 11/9 – the election-theft operation that handed America over to Trump for controlled demolition – even bigger than 9/11? Let’s ask Veterans Today Editor Gordon Duff, who has been ahead of the curve on this monumental story. Check out his article: Breaking/Exclusive: The New 9/11, Information In, Israel Rigs an Election (updating). Also check out Mark Crispin Miller’s Exit polls suggest that Trump’s big “victory” was stolen (just like Hillary’s nomination); and Fitrakis & Wasserman’s Why can’t the nation and the left deal with election theft? Also check out Kevin Barrett and Tony Hall discussing this topic on this week’s historic episode of False Flag Weekly News.

Second hour: Journalist Nick Baam discusses his 9/11 truth “e-epistolary” novel Malvern. We also discuss other topical issues including the recent presidential election. Nick doesn’t buy Gordon Duff’s election theft argument presented in the first hour…which is to be expected, since he hadn’t heard it prior to this interview.

This show was broadcast on November 13, 2016.

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3 Responses to “Gordon Duff on Trump’s election theft, Nick Baam on his 9/11 truth novel “Malvern” _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Brendan

    11.26.16-I enjoy Duff but I don’t believe much that he says. He really disliked Romney and now Trump. A few years ago I remember wishing I had from when I first heard an interview with Gordon Duff made a file to record all the multifarious jobs he mentions having had. Even if he always had a couple of jobs at a time, my impression repeatedly is that he would need a few lifetimes to have held all the positions he
    mentions in a=passing. Perhaps he is drawing upon past lives without
    indicating it. Trump is critical of Muslims and I do not blame Kevin for not having warm feelings for Trump. We shall have to wait and see. It does seem strange that someone who overtly claims he will put American interests first could even be in the race for President or any other high office; and to adopt a posture critical of immigration,
    although the one million yearly non-White, dispossession level, Legal immigration for the last 30 years should be of grave concern to all White Americans, at least; and add at least that number of Illegal immigrants and but for the controlled mass media Americans would be
    up in arms, especially as in that same period most of the US factories have had their machinery ripped off and shipped off-shore, primarily to Communist China. Organized jewry comes down hard on anyone with a voice who criticizes immigration as it is a key agenda of organized jewry to make the White European generated Christian American population into a minority in America, which officially according to the US Census Bureau announcement in 2008 will happen no later than 2043 based on the non-White vs. White birth rate trend.
    But if the vast legal and illegal yearly non-White immigration [at least 2 million yearly] was not used in that calculation of date of White minoritization, then it is likely to be significantly sooner.
    Is this dispossession of White people in America through control of the US Immigration Law and Policy really a direct result of Organized Jewry’s POWER? YES! We are fortunate in this matter to have the hidden hand exposed; a rare historical accomplishment. Professor Kevin MacDonald, Evolutionary Psychologist and researcher, researched
    US immigration history and wrote an article that if freely available from his website as a PDF file downloadable at the following link, which links to the article directly. The article documents the struggle of organized jewry from 1881 to 1865 to gain control over the US immigration Law and Policy. They succeeded in 1965 and had Congress pass a new Immigration Law written by an ethnocentric-jewish organization and they have retained control of immigration policy ere since. They have, in my opinion, used that control to deploy a BABEL Story war Template extracted from the Hebrew Bible, which involved the destruction of a massive High Tower, or two while implementing a policy of vast non-White non English speaking multifarious ethnic/racial and cultural groups who were told to keep their own language and culture in America as it is Racist to expect them to adopt an alien European language and culture just because they moved to America. Media targeting the White population who were 90% of the American population in 1965, were continually propagandized with the early 20th century also jewish created meme of America being a melting pot where all varied people become just Americans; although in the early 20th century and until the jewish utopian anti-racist 1965 immigration law, most immigrants were from Europe and their languages and culture were European. I am amazed that organized jewry pulled this off without White people really knowing what was going on. They may have heard it mentioned that White folk are destined to be a minority but it would be without context of how that has come to be; as if somehow it is an act of g-d. This has been and is a War on White people and in recent years it has been escalated by cultivating a POC coalition where the POC youth are brain colonized with memes of their victim hood at the hands of White people and given modalities of micro aggression to harass and bedevil other young, but White, people with false historical narratives of White aggression and White privilege which jewry says must end. Is this technically ‘genocide of White Americans’ by organized jewry, per the UN tract outlining the definition of genocide? Here is the precious immigration article:


  2. maisoon

    Oh come on Duff, do NOT FOOL people about George Soros who has no good bones in his miserable body who has caused trouble in many countries, destroying them politically and economically.
    To claim Soros is a goody two shoes is just disingenuous Claptrap

  3. maisoon

    I don’t know how Gordon Duff can sit there and arrogantly talk about his connection to Government which more often than not involved subterfuge and deception. He always BRAGS about his intelligence connections such as with Mossad etc-
    What is so wonderful about his connections to these Nasty Agents?
    I don’t even know how John Perkins can live with his conscience considering his equally deceptive tactics, involving political coups and financial terrorism.
    These 2 men are nothing to be proud of.



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