Greg Felton argues with Kevin Barrett about religion _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Greg Felton argues with Kevin Barrett about religion

Greg Felton

Greg Felton is a former mainstream journalist who made the (career) mistake of looking too closely at “third rail” topics like Zionism and 9/11. He is the author of The Host and the Parasite: How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America.

I agree with Greg on most political topics; but since he is an atheist, and I am Muslim, we obviously disagree about religion. Do we ever! Listen and see if you don’t agree.

Bonus: This interview features some hardcore rants against the technological matrix that imprisons us. Let’s hope NSA/CIA/DHS doesn’t turned over its “kill list” authority to an AI program, since any decent AI kill-list program that “listens” to this show will quickly send in the death drones.

This show was broadcast on September 28, 2016.

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4 Responses to “Greg Felton argues with Kevin Barrett about religion _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. fz

    thus, to argue for God.
    1- must differentiate between religion and God.
    2- then proceed from proof of omnipresence of the God that comes from understanding of infinity and existence.
    3- then if person gets through this hurdle, one can discuss the omniscience of the God. there is much science to prove it, if not the mere fact that logic and rationality is out there and not just in our head.
    4- then if person has gotten through this hurdle, one can discuss the omnipotence of the God. and, here one can point out that the most minute particles of atom (quarks), i.e. the indivisible parts of matter have been proven to be born rather than break up. which is proof that God creates.

    materialist philosophy of Greeks was based on the void. idealists philosophers came along to correct that irrationality of materialism, and hence notions of soul and the God were realized to be. thus, foundation of materialism is irrational and remains so.

    if one believes in reason one has no option but to join the idealist camp and start thinking into the infinite and stop thinking its going to find a final answer to the God that is.

  2. fz

    the first question is does infinity exist or not.
    to say no, is to deny the finite exist then.
    and, the person who says no is free to live in such ridiculous irrational mindset. Thus, this is proof the God is rational and real.

    This is not religion, this is philosophy. religion is secondary, or comes last.

    At this stage one must keep out the idea of God’s omniscience and omnipotence out of the discussion, not to mention religion.

    then, science, as you are aware, judging from your arguments proves the omniscience of God.

    i think religion comes in for omnipotence of the God. But, one must first differentiate philosophically God as being (that is paganism) and God as existence. God does NOT exist. God is.

    and, false notions of the God have led to much irrationality. but, positivist science is also far from having made us rational. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were rational; they proved the soul and God in each its own turn; later to be further expounded by Islamic philosophers (mainly emanating from Iran) and continuing to today.

    and, as for Mr. Felton’s fear of being eaten up by silicon based life forms. it is our unity with or consciousness of the God that is our salvation. God is and can be empirical; that is what thence religions are here for. one day we may not need religions. but, that will be the day that God consciousness has become our second nature.

    silicon based stuff can not have the spark of God. Unless by God. And, we are not God; but beings of God. God is. One has to be able to face this complexity of existence, reality, and being – this is the foundation of reason.

    in the end, it is not understanding of God that is irrational, but not understanding it.

  3. fz

    Kevin, I do not think you argued correctly. One can not argue with an atheist from a religious point of view. But, one can from a philosophical point of view. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle proved God, each in their own way and they did not need religion. They actually, negated the religion and myths of their times.

    The starting point is that it is wrong to speak of God as a being. Once argument is like that, then Felton is correct, it is irrational. But, then it becomes the counter opposition of the finite and infinite and the infinite is. God is not a being but existence is.

    So, there is a proof that God exists, for existence itself is. That is the starting point. Then the question of consciousness and power comes later.

    So, I think you need to brush up on philosophy. Otherwise, Greg Felton has a lot of correct points criticizing religions, etc. Question of God and religion is not synonymous.

    Differentiation can lead to better argumentation.

    In short to deny the infinite is to deny that the finite beings exists. Thus, leading to denial of reality. This is a philosophic question.

  4. All what is being said about artificial ‘intelligence’ is true, BUT, this does not diminish the part most of us has played in letting this happen the way it has, always to our detriment.
    What is the purpose of reproducing one’s kind when we can spawn only degenerates either through indoctrination, with monsters as parents and teachers, and zombies as a people, and SATAN as Supreme God?



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