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Ken O’Keefe, Eric Walberg, Cynthia McKinney live on Truth Jihad Radio!

First hour: Geopolitics expert Eric Walberg emailed me wondering about “predictive programming” during the run-up to 9/11. He’s not impressed by the famous Simpsons 9/11 image, but the Lone Gunman episode about remote-hijacked jetliners crashing into the Trade Towers got his attention. He is coming around on 9/11 truth, at least to the point of admitting that WTC-7 is indeed a “smoking gun.”

Since Eric was late for the show, I spent the first half hour with legendary activist Ken O’Keefe, who has been dealing with criticism from an ex-member of his team at World Citizen Solutions. My own view is that while Ken may have made some dubious decisions, compounded by stresses from his personal life, he is obviously a dedicated, sincere activist with tremendous talent and potential. Having seen how witch hunts work, I sympathize with him, and hope and expect that he will get his life and activist projects straightened out, and make bigger-than-ever contributions to changing the world for the better.

Second hour: Six-term congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, a 9/11 skeptic from the get-go, may be America’s most courageous and honest political voice. We discuss whether the truth movement should unite behind the Green Party ticket of Jill Stein and frequent Truth Jihad Radio guest Ajamu Baraka; and Cynthia suggests an even larger vision: “Vote ABC” (anybody but Clinton) and “ABD” (Anybody But a Democrat) since the Democrats are now the main voice of the banksters’ war party.

Note: My conversation with Cynthia McKinney was plagued by bizarre “technical difficulties” – it seems that someone was inserting obnoxious noises into the background in an effort to disrupt the show. Are Barrett-McKinney conversations really THAT dangerous?

Second segment: Lenn Johnston brings his iconic presence, biting wit, and devastating social criticism to Truth Jihad Radio’s commemoration of the 15th anniversary of 9/11…and the many other “red pill” issues associated with the mother of all false flag operations.

This show was broadcast on September 18, 2016.

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Tony Rooke —- Producer of the film “Incontrovertible,” which documents his refusal in the British courts to pay fees that support “terrorism.”
John Meaders — Highly honored CHP police officer calling for a real investigation into 9/11.
Charles Ewing Smith — Producer of the documentary “The Demolition of Truth: Psychologists Examine 9/11,” which examines the psychological impact of 9/11, individually and collectively, and the healing process.

9/11: Decade of Deception
Demolition of Truth: Psychologists Examine 9/11

Mistress of Ceremonies: Bonnie Faulkner
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Operation Terror, the 9/11 Hollywood Thriller banned from Theaters.


2 Responses to “Ken O’Keefe, Eric Walberg, Cynthia McKinney live on Truth Jihad Radio! _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Richard Raymond

    Thanks Kevin, Ken and Cynthia, stay skeptical forego cynicism!

  2. What a disappointing interview. Kevin has no interest in the lack of Ken’s goals, where the money has gone, why refunds are not going to be given and what the purpose of raising money was for. All he is doing is supporting a friend and if that’s his job that’s so removed from the truth he ought to distance himself from that word in future.

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