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4 interviews as we skate over the edge — World’s greatest authority on coral, Charlie Veron reports from dying Great Barrier Reef. Good news: Martin Stute on CO2 successfully stored as stone in Iceland. Kasia Tokarska on what happens if we burn all fossil fuels. Plus climate scientist Stefan Rahmstorf.

4 interviews packed with latest news on the extreme climate we are creating with fossil-powered civilization.

John “Charlie” Veron is the Australian scientist who named about 20% of all world coral. He’s just returned from a tour of the Great Barrier Reef. It’s “horrible” and “heart-breaking” says Veron.

During the interview, Veron explains that past records of mass extinctions show they begin with the death of coral. Not a good sign for all of us.

From Columbia University, German-trained scientist Martin Stute gives us some of the only good news on the climate front. He’s part of a team that grabbed carbon dioxide from a thermal plant in Iceland, pumped it down into basalt rock, and discovered the CO2 turned into stone in less than 2 years. That could be the start of carbon capture and storage that actually works! Very insightful interview on a new tech we all need.

From the University of Victoria, in Canada, Kasia Tokarska is the lead author of a new paper which investigates what happens if humans burn all the fossil fuels we have. As you can imagine, none of us would survive the long-term climate changes. But that is the direction we are headed now. Despite the Paris agreement, fossil fuel emissions went up again last year to new records.

Stefan Rahmstorf is one of the world’s leading climate scientists. He’s mostly at the Potsdam Institute in Germany, but this year he’s also a visiting scholar at an Australian University. That’s where Aussie radio producer Phil Stubbs caught up with Stefan for this 6 minute interview. Phil hosts the show at

Speakers: Charlie Veron, Martin Stute, Kasia Tokaska, Stefan Rahmstorf. Veron, Stute & Tokarska interviews by Alex Smith for Radio Ecoshock. Stefan Rahmstorf interviewed by Phil Stubbs for

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This show was broadcast on June 24, 2016.

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