9/11: An Ecumenical Approach & Cognitive Dissonance and the Alleged Hijackers_ on 9/11 Wake Up Call

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911 Wake Up Call

9/11: An Ecumenical Approach

Barbara Honegger was part of a panel at the Left Forum in NYC on May 21 called “9/11: An Ecumenical Approach. She gave a very powerful speech on the the towers, Pentagon and Shanksville and left no doubt on where she stands on the 28 pages. The show is an edited version of her speech. To see the full video go to www.noliesradio.com. The panel she was on was one of 6 panels addressing the Deep State. You’ll hear more of these speeches on future broadcasts.

Cognitive Dissonance and the Alleged Hijackers

This show discusses the lies we’ve been told about the 19 alleged hijackers on 9/11, and that many of them have been reported to have been alive after 9/11. Includes audio clips from Loose Change and the Alex Jones show.

9/11 Wake-Up Call is a weekly program produced and hosted by Cheryl that challenges the official account of 9/11, which cannot possibly be true, through interviews with key members of the 9/11 Truth Movement, audio clips of revelant speeches, and through discussion of the latest 9/11 and related news

This show was broadcast on June 9, 2016.

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