*Rebroadcast* Architect Dan Barnum, FAIA, discusses the new WTC 7 Resolution _ on 9/11 Free Fall

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*Rebroadcast* Architect Dan Barnum, FAIA, discusses the new WTC 7 Resolution

Host Andy Steele and others at AE911Truth are on their way to Philadelphia to educate AIA members about WTC 7 and Resolution 16-3, which will be voted on at this year’s conference. The resolution invites convention delegates to support the call for a new investigation into WTC 7’s destruction on 9/11. In this week’s rebroadcast from last month, AE911Truth Board Secretary Dan Barnum, FAIA, explains why the American Institute of Architects should vote “yes” on the new-and-improved resolution that he and 96 other AIA members are sponsoring.

Next week 9/11 Free Fall returns with an all new episode featuring guest Ted Walter, to discuss the outcome of the resolution vote.

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911 Free Fall

This show was broadcast on May 19, 2016.

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