2016 Left Forum – 6 “Deep State” panels Live Streamed from NYC Sat-Sun May 21-22 — Now Archived Below

This year’s annual Left Forum conference included 6 panels with 15+ speakers — all categorized under a “Deep State” theme. The conference was held the weekend of May 20-22 at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, 11th Avenue & 58th Street, New York City.

WATCH THE ARCHIVE OF THE LIVE STREAMS BELOW, courtesy of False Flag Weekly News (No Lies Radio).

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Saturday, May 21st, 7:00-8:50 am PST * 10:00-11:50 am EST * 14:00-15:50 GMT

The Fabricated Global War on Terrorism

Speakers: Jim Fetzer, Michael Springmann, Gearóid Ó Colmáin

Michael Springmann – 6:35 – 26:25
Jim Fetzer – 26:45 – 53:20
Gearoid O Colmain – 53:38 – 1:25:23
Q&A follows

Following 9/11, right-wing neo-cons had carte blanche to wage a planned, calculated war on “terrorists” under the guise of protecting Americans from Islamic jihadis. This manufactured worldwide assault helped ensure perpetual war and a heightened security state in the US. When al Queda was no longer threatening enough, out of thin air comes ISIS, a newly-branded, revamped incarnation.

The yellow-journalism press rarely reports that ISIS was 100% planned, created and controlled by US/NATO/Israel/Turkey/Saudi forces. Publicly this newest bogeyman is reviled and used to whip up fear and bellicosity. Behind the scenes, ISIS is our shock troops, the go-to mercenaries to effect regime change in places like Libya and Syria, and ensure wavering countries like France tow the line.

The panel will challenge commonly-held beliefs perpetuated by corporate media and the government about who’s really behind these “terrorist” groups, and generate ways the Left can expose the truth. Gearoid O Colmain deconstructs “weaponized migration” as a tool to force Europe into submission. Jim Fetzer explains how we know that ISIS was “Made in the USA”. Whistleblower Michael Springmann provides an inside account of how the CIA clandestinely handed out visas at the consulate in Jedda in order to produce trained-in-the-USA terrorists for 9/11 and beyond.

Saturday, May 21st, 9:00-10:50 am PST * 12:00-01:50 pm EST * 16:00-17:50 GMT

9/11 — An Ecumenical Approach

Speakers: Barbara Honegger, Kevin Barrett

Barbara Honnegger – 7:45 – 56:23
Kevin Barrett – 58:55 – 1:45:37
Q&A follows

A good number of the challengers of the official 9/11 story are Leftists who focus on the forensic and political facts–not ideological positions. Much of the Left, however, shun discussion or investigation of the many omissions, misstatements, and deceptions of what is essentially a Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld version of 9/11. Left leadership has called 9/11 inquiry a distraction from “the real work.” Given that “everything changed after 9/11,” 9/11 activists feel “the real work” is to expose the unprecedented power transferred to the corporate/government/military/intelligence state by the acceptance of a deceitful official 9/11 narrative.

A growing number of Leftists say exposing 9/11 truth is a prerequisite to end wars on terrorism, reduce Islamophobia, restore civil liberties, and slash the bloated Pentagon budget. By means of scientific facts, panelists will suggest how the Left could lead the way in exposing the fraudulence of the official 9/11 story. This can be a powerful form of rebellion against the lies used to undermine our freedoms. Active Q&A with the audience aims to further a Leftist understanding of 9/11, as well as invoke a transpartisan willingness to include 9/11 activism in the Left agenda.

Saturday, May 21st, 12:30-02:15 pm PST * 03:30-05:15 pm EST * 19:30-21:15 GMT

COINTELPRO Post-9/11 — First They Came for the Muslims

Speakers: Lynne Jackson. Mauri Saalakhan, Taalib-Din Shakir

Lynne Jackson – 10:50- 31:10
Mauri Saalakhan – 37:45 – 1:04:47
Taalib-Din Shakir – 1:06:35 – 1:26 – 41
Q&A follows

The FBI’s Counter Intelligence Program is alive and well today targeting a wide variety of activists. Many are ordinary Muslims the FBI entraps on bogus “terrorist” charges. They often serve long prison sentences, many confined in special Communication Management Units — prisons within prisons also known as Little Guantanamo. Informants are key to these entrapments. The FBI has over 10,000 compromised individuals they leverage to infiltrate groups or befriend easy targets such as people with visa issues, money problems or mentally disabilities.

With seemingly limitless resources and a public whipped up by post-9/11 Islamophobia, Arabs are in the crosshairs as a first line of attack on our constitutional rights. The panel will expose the FBI’s sting operations and discuss ways the Left can mobilize in support of the Muslim community.

Mauri Saalakhan is a leading international activist on Muslim issues with global insights to share. Lynne Jackson, a Muslim-support activist, gives an inside legal view of three brothers serving life sentences for allegedly planning to kill soldiers at an Army base. Taalib-din Shakir, a young African-American convert to Islam, tells a sordid story of arrest at the hands of New Jersey police.

Saturday, May 21st, 02:20-04:10 pm PST * 05:20-07:10 pm EST * 21:20-23:10 GMT

Assassinations and Their Cover-Ups

Speakers: Andrew Krieg, Russ Baker, William Pepper

William Pepper – 1:01 – 40:05
Russ Baker – 40:17 – 1:00:17
Andrew Krieg – 1:00:27 – 1:31:29
Q&A follows

Were John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy victims of lone-nut killers as the Deep State contends? Or was that a cover for assassinations a shadow government orchestrated? If so, were the perpetrators emboldened to commit more murders and crimes? What would our lives be like if these three powerful politicians were still alive? Who benefitted from their violent deaths? Who thwarted meaningful investigations of these game-changing assassinations?

Who continues to cover them up, and why? Could the development of a Left consensus on these deaths promote unity and perhaps even help safeguard other Left-leaning leaders? The government was forced by law to release thousands of documents on the JFK assassination, yet many remain inexplicably classified. Who knows what discoveries await if funding were available for thorough investigations? Remarkably, after 50+ years, there still are many leads in what is the most famous cold case in US history.

Russ Baker is currently researching a book about the Kennedy assassination and has much new information to share. Andrew Krieg, in addition to JFK assassination research, has also written on the murder of RFK. William Pepper, a distinguished human rights lawyer, represented James Earl Ray and Sirhan Sirhan, and has written several books about the murder of Dr. King.

Sunday, May 22nd, 07:00-08:50 am PST * 10:00-11:50 am EST * 14:00-15:50 GMT

False Flags — Defeating a “Global Gladio” Agenda

Speakers: Kevin Barrett, Richard Dolan, Chris Emery

Richard Dolan – 2:00 – 27:47
Kevin Barrett – 29:05 – 57:15
Chris Emery – 58:05 – 1:24:11
Q&A follows

The CIA/NATO created Operation Gladio after WWII in Europe to prevent communism. Stay-behind Cold War special forces unleashed terrorist bombings and murders and blamed leftists. These black ops continue today as a global Gladio–attacks that are staged and, post-9/11, usually blamed on Muslims. Also known as false flags–covert attacks created by one group then attributed to patsies–this terrorism achieves many shadow-government goals. Besides fomenting Islamophobia, false flags cow an unwitting public into supporting a militaristic, fascist agenda. Fueled by a neo-McCarthy, anti-truth climate, false flags intimidate activists from critical inquiry beyond levels of “acceptable dissent.”

Kevin Barrett is at the forefront of challenging the false flag phenomena, from 9/11 to Mumbai to Paris, San Bernardino and beyond, he analyzes the similarities of the growing false flag industry. Ongoing attacks–both low-level and audacious spectacles–are required elements in maintaining a permanent security state. Richard Dolan tells the history of false flags since the 1930s, likening them to massive mind control ops. Chris Emery shares the case study of Oklahoma City.

Sunday, May 22nd, 09:00-10:50 am PST * 12:00-01:50 pm EST * 16:00-17:50 GMT

Islamophobia — Fallout for Failure to Challenge the Proxy Role of Muslims in 9/11

Speakers: Zarinah Shakir, Stephen Downs, Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett – 12:07 – 34:22
Steve Downs – 35:04 – 1:00:32
Q&A follows

The official 9/11 story is preposterous: that 19 Arabs with box cutters commandeered by a guy in a cave in Afghanistan got past the most powerful military the world has ever known. Yet, the Left has unerringly gone along with this neoconservative Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld version of events. The result has been an open season on Muslims who are regularly depicted as terrorists. The Left–traditional foes of racism–are cowed into silence by a neo-McCarthy climate from challenging the numerous holes in the official 9/11 story and its resultant Islamophobia.

In spite of the risks, many activists are speaking out against a 9/11 Muslim terrorist narrative. The panel will discuss the staggering consequences of Islamophobia, from violations of civil liberties, false accusations and imprisonment, to the death and destruction of many innocent people in the global war on terror. Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Muslim convert, is one of the leading voices exposing the fraudulence of the official 9/11 story and its concomitant lie of Muslim criminality. Attorney Steve Downs focuses on preemptive prosecution, profiling and prisoner abuse. African-American Zarinah Shakir provides an overview from a Muslim perspective.

The views and opinions expressed in these presentations are those of the speakers and do not necessarily coincide with those of No Lies Radio/No Lies Foundation.


8 Responses to “2016 Left Forum – 6 “Deep State” panels Live Streamed from NYC Sat-Sun May 21-22 — Now Archived Below”

  1. kathy benn

    What a lasting, significant exposure of truth, especially since free speech now is criminalized. I’ve watched these segments over and over since online and told multitude of others.
    Astoundingly eye-opening:
    1.Global Gladio
    2.Global War on Terrorism
    3.Challenge Muslims Proxy Role
    4.Ecunmenical Approach
    I am grateful to you all.

  2. Fred arcuri

    At 1:37.13 mark the moderator during the false flag forum guestions and answer segment intervenes to correct the man asking the question that he should not comment that ” nobody died at sandy hook” because She lives in Conneticut and claims she knows parents that have LOST their children or that at least THEY BELIEVE they have lost their children.So what is It? Wouldn’t these parents know for sure ? Too bad Professer Fetzer wasn’t in the room to address that. Who is this women and what did she bring to this forum? It seems to be there’s always someone who’s running interference to the truth.”They believe they have lost their children” sounds like a false flag in itself as she WARNS the questioner to be careful what he said.

  3. Bill

    Left Forum is so exciting, I can hardly audio record these videos fast enough, wonderful. I mailed out 50 of the ‘Defeating Gladio’ links last night to political people, with personal messages attached.

  4. This was so stupid, I alone could have had a bus load of veterans that would have loved to show up and listen in person and the forum went on ‘LIVE’. I do feel that you made a big mistake. Church bodies, college groups and just plain old American Veterans would have loved to see it go down live. I’m angry you had no outreach, stupid move – CARL

  5. NATO Backstory

    Where is the panel on The Lobby- Bnai Brith etc, AIPAC & Co? THEY are the deepest rulers of the Deep State ??
    Not a word. More diversion, sidestepping the REAL CORE. Why didnt they invite Mearsheimer & Walt? Ryan Dawson and others who study this facet?

    We all know why. Look who runs the peace movement and media- same sect. Until the Zio Masons are openly examined and confronted? Its just more superficial grasping at straws.

  6. Robert McILvaine

    Great presentation by Barbara and Kevin. Knowledge is power.

  7. Breakthrough! The global false flag paradigm shift arrives at the Left Forum this year, as the Forum welcomes leading investigators into the Deep State and false flags including yours truly click on the panel titles to see who s presenting.

  8. elana levy

    dear allen, thank you for live streaming these workshops.
    great breakthrough, however it happened.
    hoping boston marathon will be included soon. elana (SJC at bfuu)



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