Brandon Martinez and Wikispooks’ Peter Presland discuss “Israel did 9/11”; Ibrahim Soudy says world must defend itself against American idiocy_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Brandon Martinez and Wikispooks’ Peter Presland discuss “Israel did 9/11”; Ibrahim Soudy says world must defend itself against American idiocy

First half hour: Brandon Martinez argues that the 28 pages scandal is diverting attention from the real perpetrators of 9/11: Israel and its American assets. He says the “blame the Saudis” approach is absurd: Saudi Arabia is a pathetic oil colony of the bankster-driven USA, an oversize gas station in the desert that slavishly serves its colonial masters in Washington and Tel Aviv. For details, read his new article:
‘Saudis did 9/11? is a Zionist Ruse

Peter Presland, the man behind the legendary Wikispooks website (and its famous 9/11: Israel Did It section) agrees…and goes on to question the official version of the Nazi Holocaust.

Final hour (this was a 90 minute show): Ibrahim Soudy, one of the most highly qualified Ph.D. structural engineers in Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, cites a number of books that, taken together, paint a gloomy picture of the USA and its denizens:
Crazy Like Us: the Globalization of the American Psyche; The Closing of the American Mind; Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a virtue in the Land of the Free; Dumbing Us Down; The Dumbest Generation (on millenials); Why We Suck: A Feel-Good Guide to Staying Fat Loud Lazy and Stupid; The Age of American Unreason.

Ibrahim says the world needs to defend itself against the globalization of American culture…or should I say, American decadent barbarism. (The French have a saying: The USA is the first country that ever went from barbarism to decadence without passing through civilization.)

This show was broadcast on April 24, 2016.

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Operation Terror, the 9/11 Hollywood Thriller banned from Theaters.


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