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Martin Hill on Trump’s Zionist son-in-law; Rafiq on 9/11, spirituality and creativity

The protester – in Grand Rapids, MI – was Martin Hill

First half hour: Martin Hill of discusses his terrific new article exposing Trump’s ne’er-do-well Zionist son-in-law, Jared Kushner:

Donald Trump’s Son-In-Law Publishes Newspaper Story About 9/11 Truthers: “toxic silliness, bizarre Internet theorizing by fools & charlatans about how the Twin Towers were “really” destroyed by Jews, Illuminati, or space aliens”

Second half hour: Rafiq, author of Days of Shock, Days of Wonder: The 9/11 Age, the Ways of the Mystics, and One Man’s Escape from Babylon in the Belly of a Whale, discusses the cultural impact of 9/11 in relation to spirituality and creativity. We also discuss false flags, my book ANOTHER French False Flag, and the distinction between terrorism and fascist violence. Rafiq writes:

“I am particularly struck by the distinction between terrorist violence and fascist violence. Whereas terrorists attack political targets to change the status quo, fascists attack innocent civilians to maintain the status quo. We are clearly living with the latter.”

This show was broadcast on April 27, 2016.

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Operation Terror, the 9/11 Hollywood Thriller banned from Theaters.


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