Andre Vltchek on Brussels false flag; Eric Sayward vs. NWO_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Andre Vltchek on Brussels false flag; Eric Sayward vs. NWO

Has Andre Vltchek, a contributor to We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo, passed the point of no return and become…(gasp) … a truther?

First half hour: Andre Vltchek, who has worked extensively with Noam Chomsky, is joining the false flag paradigm shift. In his new article Events in Brussels Observed from a Spaceship, Andre takes a broad view of the historical context surrounding terror in Europe in general, and the suspicious events in Brussels in particular:

“Who could overlook the terror campaign unleashed by the NATO countries during the so-called ‘Operation Gladio’? Who can forget how governments were kidnapping and murdering people, how they were blowing up entire train stations and trains, in order to point fingers at the Communists, discrediting them, blaming them for the attacks?”

We also discuss the ongoing destabilization of Lebanon, which appears to be in the Empire’s cross-hairs…

Second half hour: We Are Change activist Eric Sayward, Vice-Presidential Candidate and webmaster of the under-attack, discusses the ongoing struggle against anti-truth-movement cyber-terrorism.

This show was broadcast on April 6, 2016.

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Operation Terror, the 9/11 Hollywood Thriller banned from Theaters.


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3 Responses to “Andre Vltchek on Brussels false flag; Eric Sayward vs. NWO_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. I am sure that, unlike me, Eric Sayward is better placed and privy to much inside as well as outside information, but I also see a number of flaws that spoil everything.
    The main flaw is the use of propaganda terms to analyse talk about these matters, like “ISIS, Caliphate, Al-Nusra…
    One mistake is to regard the Saudis as part of an independent State which they have never been since the demise of the decadent Ottomans.
    Another is to repeat the same propaganda terms as the warmongering, imperialist and racist West about how wealthy the Saudis are. I am not going to tell experts what to say or what to think but they all lied about Saudia and never spoke about OCCUPIED ARABIA where the people are poor, oppressed, persecuted, terrorised by the CIA-SAUDI or Judeo-Saudi regime.
    I never knew the Saudis to have any money other than what the West allowed them to have for exploiting the oil not for the Muslims or the Arabs but for the Western powers that have always dominated and owned Arabia.
    All my life I have known the Saudis to be very primitive in their behaviour, tyrannical, cruel, and not Muslims at all! Later, I would learn that they were Jews from Basra who were murdering Muslims in Arabia and joined the British against the Ottomans just like the Qadianis (Ahmadis) had joined the British (with Christians, Hindus, Parsis, and Sikhs) against the Muslims in Hindustan.
    So, Saudis are Crypto-Jews and in Islamic parlance they are Munaafikuun (Hypocrites!)
    I had the evidence that they had sold out Al-Quds to the Judaics after WWI. I pointed that to those calling themselves “Salafis” who are the real extremists in matters of religion and give the world a very bad opinion of Muslims in general although the non Muslim world did not need them to hate Arabs, Muslims and Islam.
    The Saudis are doing absolutely nothing on their own and all their orders come from the UK and the USA and even Israel! Their money are just WAGES paid to them from the oil business owned by the West. Where is all the oil money invested? With Jewish bankers and held in Western Banks! When the presstitute media tells us the Saudi finances this or finances that it is all lies. They finance nothing! They are just given instructions to spend so much money they are “holding in trust” in Jewish Banks for various operations planned by the US and the UK in collusion with Israel. The Arabs are not wealthy! This is grotesque, but the puppets working for the West are!
    There is no ISIS, no AL-NUSRA, no Al-Qaeda, no Boko-Haram, not Islamic State, no Jihadists, no Caliphate, but ONLY BLACKWATER-XE revamped under various Arabic appellations, all MERCENARIES and CUTTHROATS recruited among the de-Islamised population of Africa, Asia and East Europe, and among the non Muslims, including West Europeans.
    I would like Eric Sayward or anybody else to prove me wrong in anything I said here. Nobody has ever been able to challenge any of my findings for decades, which does not mean that I am right! They always run away! Why?
    As for the Saudis, I was never proven wrong and today’s situation (since Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria have been attacked!) has proven me right on all counts!
    As a Muslim, why would I have decided when I was still a teenager never to set foot in OCUPIED ARABIA, not even for the pilgrimage? Because, I saw little or NO ISLAM there! Of course, I may be wrong, but I would like to meet a single Muslim who went there and came back to tell us the truth about the Saudi forces of occupation! I am not talking about the spiritual Muslims. And, now I am 70. Not only I have never set foot in OCCUPIED ARABIA, but I do not even like the religion Muslims call Islam because I see them practising another religion and worshipping other Gods, almost all of them, or are just being fanatical about their FAITH!
    Monday 4th of April 2016

  2. Kevin, my Brother, you can grab Nahum Chomsky (Survivor of the Holocaust that never happened!)by the neck, but screaming at him will be useless because there seems to be something in or about him that is not human at all!

  3. “the under-attack”

    Sorry to hear that



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