Ole Dammegard: Brussels “another false flag”; Israel Shamir on the blessed bigotry of Mr. Trump_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Ole Dammegard: Brussels “another false flag”; Israel Shamir on the blessed bigotry of Mr. Trump

Does this explain the heart smeared in blood at the Bataclan?

First half hour: Ole Dammegard says today’s violence in Brussels, Belgium looks like yet another false flag. He points out that Brussels Airport security is controlled by the Israeli firm ICTS – just like the 9/11 airports, the Amsterdam airport where the underwear bomber was walked through security without a passport, and so many other false flag terror sites. Ole also notes that the Brussels Airport logo is very similar to the satanic heart shape smeared on the floor of the Bataclan theater.

For more information on the suspected Brussels false flag, read my gone-viral article:

3/22 false flag! Gladio strikes Brussels on satanic holiday

Second half hour: Israel Shamir discusses his recent article “The Blessed Bigotry of Mr. Trump” in which he writes:

“I spoke well of Trump. My Radical Muslim American friend screamed on a list serve: ‘And what about his racist remarks about Muslims that are akin to those made about Jews not all that long ago? Shall we accept him on that basis as well as his sick stand on overweight women? Do we overlook all that???????????????????!!!!!’ He referred to Trump’s idea to ban Muslims from migrating to the US. Indeed this sounds awful, and the comparison with Jews has been made often. However, I’ll tell you: if Trump would promise to ban the Russians (instead of Muslims) from migrating to the US, these sensible people would applaud him vigorously instead of calling him a bigot. If he were to send back home all the Russians who migrated since 1990, they would name streets after him.”

Why? Listen and find out.

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This show was broadcast on March 23, 2016.

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Operation Terror, the 9/11 Hollywood Thriller banned from Theaters.


7 Responses to “Ole Dammegard: Brussels “another false flag”; Israel Shamir on the blessed bigotry of Mr. Trump_ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio”

  1. Inshort

    Here’s a clip from a French/Belgian? actor who is speaking directly to the banking interests aka Illuminati behind the world-wide terror program, and specifically with respect to the most recent incident in Brussels.


  2. I am far from being a scholar, but I have trained myself to be very VERY careful in the use of words!
    I am disappointed when even authors I trust use that damn Western fabricated term of ISLAMISM! The “Islamism” of Muslims? Do we say the DOCTORISM of doctors?

    Hey Israel Shahak, where did you get this TAKFIRISM garbage?

    Who are they?
    Where are they located?
    How many are they?

    Are you not talking of CIA-SAUDIS and their mercenaries? What have they to do with Islam? It is true that there are millions of Muslim FANATICS and EXTREMISTS in matters of RELIGION and DOGMA, but not in politics!

    I would not bother about those “BIGOTS” at all because as soon as Muslims are FREE (which they never will be!) they will vanish just like that!

    One thing I know is that they are NOT Muslims! To say they are Muslim EXTREMISTS is just another fabrication! I would like Kevin to enlighten us about those BAAAAAD Muslims!

    Regarding Algerian “Muslims”, I disagree with Shahak! What is this nonsense about the “IMMIGRATION” of Muslims to the Western world?

    Dear GHOSTLY “Readers”, tell me one thing:
    how many Afghani or Kashmiri or Checheni or Iraqi or Libyan or Palestinian or Bosnian or Indonesian or Algerian have been granted REFUGEE STATUS in the BLOODY RACIST West?

    If you cannot, then, just shut up!

  3. Inshort

    Isn’t this Gladio extended to a world-wide operation? Here’s a link that was posted this morning on Truthdig:

    https://kpfa.org/player/?audio=226152 Christopher Bollyn talking about the United States of Israel.

    That’s what we’ve become; these intelligence agencies, ours and theirs, have united to terrorize the world. The ultimate goal is the NWO. If we want to target the people who are doing this, look for the people behind the NWO. Seeing/hearing Hillary reporting to AIPAC this past week felt like witnessing a field agent reporting to her superiors. Hillary as President will be the ultimate horror. But this is how these Satanists are working us and the world… They use the FED and Rothschild central banks to finance their criminal activities. As for the upcoming elections, you can be sure they will make certain that their candidate wins. They cannot afford any other alternative.

    THANKS KEVIN AND OLE! Excellent stuff here.

  4. A TRUE flag, not a false one as they always sign their crime!

  5. Georgia Janisch

    Where can I purchase a dvd of “Operation Terror”?



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