“The Light Emerging from Darkness” May 17th — Heart Awakenings: Channeling with Amrita

This show was broadcast on May 17, 2017.
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Heart Awakenings: Channeling with Amrita

This Week’s Theme: “The Light Emerging from Darkness”

Awakening Ones! Every Wednesday we will be channeling messages from high level guides that affect all of humanity, leading guided meditations for your spiritual growth and answering your personal questions on the air.
Tonight’s show is an encore edition from 12/23/2015.

This worldwide broadcast offers the Teachings and Guidance of the high level spirit guides Amaritha and Auralia and of the channel Amrita in your quest for Awakening.

Amrita is a conscious channel; she began channeling Amaritha, an extraterrestrial entity, in August of 1987 at the Harmonic Convergence. Much wisdom, humor, truth, love and joy has been offered to us from Amaritha since then. In August of 2007, 20 years later, Auralia, another extraterrestrial entity, joined them. Also at that time, the Mystery School of Extraterrestrial Shamanism was born. The Twelve Journeys of Extraterrestrial Shamanism, the Teachings of Amaritha, and the ancient practice of “Knowing Thyself” comprise the Mystery School.

You can find out more about Amrita and her channeling on her website and on Facebook. You can donate to help her mission here.

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