LIVE! Dean Hartwell, “Was 9/11 a Movie?” and Saint John Hunt: “CIA/Nixon killed my mother to cover up JFK assassination” _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

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Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad Radio

LIVE! Dean Hartwell, “Was 9/11 a Movie?” and Saint John Hunt: “CIA/Nixon killed my mother to cover up JFK assassination”

This show broadcasts on November 29, 2015.

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9/11 was a scripted Hollywood event designed to
terrorize and infantilize the American people

First hour: Researcher-author Dean Hartwell on his book Was 9/11 a Movie? Hartwell believes 9/11 was essentially a scripted, fictitious event designed to manipulate public emotions in the same way that movies and TV advertising do. He points to alleged cell phone calls (years later the official story later changed most of them to air phone calls since cell phone calls were impossible) that sound more like scripted “terror drill” exercises than actual emergency calls.

Second hour: Saint John Hunt on Dorothy: “An Amoral and Dangerous Woman”: The Murder of E. Howard Hunt’s Wife – Watergate’s Darkest Secret.

Saint John Hunt is the custodian of his father E. Howard Hunt’s confession to helping the CIA (working with Vice President Johnson) kill President John F. Kennedy. In his new book, he offers a tribute to his mother – a CIA agent who was not entirely without conscience – and offers evidence that she and 44 other people were killed when the CIA, possibly working with Nixon and members of his administration, sabotaged United Airlines Flight 553. The Deep State’s murder of Dorothy Hunt, who with her husband was blackmailing Nixon for millions of dollars, was designed to prevent Dorothy from spilling the beans on a number of national security secrets, beginning with the CIA’s murder of JFK. Had the plane landed safely in Chicago, Dorothy and CBS News Correspondent Michele Clark (who also died on the plane) would have carried out their plan to host a news conference at the airport revealing “sensitive” information.

The killing also sent a very strong message to E. Howard Hunt and anyone else who might consider blackmailing the President or spilling secrets like the truth about the JFK coup. The message was: “We are utterly ruthless and will stop you by any means necessary, including killing more than 40 randomly selected Americans.” This is the same message the same kind of people recently sent with the “ISIS” shootdown of the Russian airliner in Egypt: “We will kill however many innocent people we need to, because we are utterly ruthless amoral psychopaths, so don’t mess with us.”

The unintended message, of course, is: “We are so evil that we need to be stopped by any means necessary, at any price.” I hope Putin is listening.

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Operation Terror, the 9/11 Hollywood Thriller banned from Theaters.


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