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Audio Recap from 01/26/2018 _False Flag Weekly News

Friday, January 26th, 2018

Thursdays 8:00 am Pacific * 11:00 am Eastern * 15:00 GMTSaturdays at 10:00 am Pacific * 01:00 pm Eastern * 17:00 GMT False Flag Weekly News Audio Recap from 01/26/2018 This is the audio only version of the lastest False Flag Weekly News Show hosted by Kevin Barrett and Tony Hall. Click here for the… »»»


Posted in 9/11, Agenda 21, Anthrax Ebola, Anti-War, Bio-Chem/Warfare, Censorship-Propaganda, Concentration Camps, Cyber-Drone-Space Warfare, Death Squads, Disaster Capitalism, Econo, Education, False Flag Weekly News, False Flag/Fake Terror, Freedom, Genetic Engineering - GMOs, Geopolitics, Globalism, Human Rights, Immigration, Kevin Barrett, Martial Law, Mind Control, Neoliberalism, News, Nuke War - Nukes, Occupation, Pedophilia, Politics, Protest, Rendition, Social Engineering, Surveillance, Swine Flu, Torture, Vote Stealing, War Crimes, Weather-Earthquake Warfare | Comments Off on Audio Recap from 01/26/2018 _False Flag Weekly News

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