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Majestic and Mysterious Mt. Shasta/The Lemurian Connection

Loree JohnsonPhotographyMount-Shasta

lemurianconnection.com – By Aurelia Louise Jones – Re-posted Friday Feb 02, 2018 Photo: Mt. Shasta – Loree-Johnson Photography. Mount Shasta is a most majestic mountain, part of the Cascade Mountain Range, located in Siskiyou County in Northern California about 45 miles from the Oregon border. Mount Shasta is the cone of an extinct volcano rising… »»»


Rafiq on “Hitler’s Blue Eyes and the End of Truth” _ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad Radio

Coming Up Monday, September 5th — Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday at 8am Pacific * 11am Eastern * 16:00 GMT EXCLUSIVE BROADCAST: Rafiq on “Hitler’s Blue Eyes and the End of Truth” Rafiq, who contributed to my new edited book Orlando False Flag: The Clash of Histories, just published a viral article entitled: “Hitler’s Blue Eyes… »»»


The new ‘X-Files’ will take on a notorious 9/11 conspiracy theory

new x-files fox mulder scully

Business Insider – By Jethro Nededog – Jan 14, 2016 Photo: The ‘new’ X-Files with Fox Mulder and Dana Scully Fox’s upcoming “X-Files” revival is taking on some heady issues, including government surveillance and national security, plus a conspiracy theory about 9/11. “We live in a ‘Citizenfour’ world,” “The X-Files” creator Chris Carter said, referring… »»»


‘The X-Files’: Why the Show Had to Come Back


Rolling Stone – By Rob Sheffield –  January 22, 2016 Photo: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny return as paranormal investigators Scully and Mulder in the six-episode return of ‘The X-Files.’ FOX The truth is out there once more — and like most X-philes, we want to believe in Mulder and Scully again The truth is… »»»


‘The X-Files’: Chris Carter on Bringing Back the Landmark Sci-Fi Show


Rolling Stone – By Neil Strauss – January 13, 2016 Photo: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson return as Mulder and Scully in a new six-episode reprise of ‘The X-Files.’ Ed Araquel/FOX “It’s got a whole new context, both politically and scientifically,” creator says of cult hit’s new run The first thing visitors notice upon entering… »»»


New X-Files mysteries for Mulder and Scully


The Guardian – By Gavin Haynes – Mar 25, 2015 Photo: David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson ponder the mystery of James Corden’s career . Photograph: Pictorial Press Ltd/Alamy It’s official – TV’s favourite paranormal investigations team will soon be back together again. It’s just been “a 13-year commercial break”, says X-Files creator Chris Carter, as… »»»


Black Holes and Time Machines _on Exploration


This show was broadcast on December 9, 2014. It is now archived here — Use Player Every Tuesday: 10am Pacific – 1pm Eastern – 18:00 GMT Exploration with Dr. Michio Kaku Black Holes and Time Machines Guest 1: Dr. Fulvia Melia, science of black holes Guest 2: Dr. Richard Gott, how to build a time… »»»


(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

Published on Apr 5, 2012  THRIVE Movement· * Join us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/ThriveMovement * Buy the DVD w/ 50+ minutes of bonus features:http://www.thrivemovement.com/store * Donate to support the THRIVE Movement:http://www.thrivemovement.com/donations If you value what is presented in this movie, please go tohttp://thrivemovement.com/ where you can support Thrive Movement by making a donation. You will also find more in-depth… »»»


STEVE BASSETT: Taking the ET Issue to the Congress and the UN

close encounters

2013-11-12 FF Steve Bassett from Sergio Lub on Vimeo. Presentation by the organizer of the Citizen Hearing at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, when 40 key witnesses and 6 senior Congressmen last May urged our government to lift the truth embargo on UFOs, their occupants and technologies. The Citizen Hearings produced 40 hours… »»»


Paranormal Radio Host Art Bell Mysteriously Disappears From SiriusXM

Huff Post Weird News – By Lee Speigel – 11/05/2013 Art Bell’s newest radio show on SiriusXM has suddenly come to an end. | AP The much ballyhooed return of paranormal radio host Art Bell ended in just six weeks. The master of UFOs, fringe science and conspiracy theory is apparently at odds with SiriusXM… »»»


We May Live In A Web of Alternate Timelines

io9 We Come From The Future – By George Dvorsky – July 24, 2013 The Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics has been around for nearly 60 years. It’s a highly controversial idea which suggests that our world — and everything in it — is constantly splitting into alternative timelines. If it’s correct, here’s what… »»»


Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Caught on Film?

yellowfeverbelfast | October 19, 2010 This short film is about a piece of footage I (George Clarke) found behind the scenes in Charlie Chaplins film ‘The Circus’. Attending the premiere at Manns Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA – the scene shows a large woman dressed in black with a hat hiding most of her face,… »»»

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