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A Russian-Syrian TV Programme against terrorism

VOLTAIRE NETWORK | 9 MAY 2016 On the occasion of Victory Day, the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic organised a symphony concert in the ruins of the antique city of Palmyra on the 5th May 2016. Speaking in duplex, President Putin saluted the common victory of the Allies over Nazism at the end… »»»


Brent DeBoer of The Dandy Warhols Discusses Truth, Music and Art

corbettreport Published on May 1, 2016 SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=18567 Brent DeBoer of The Dandy Warhols and Immigrant Union joins us to discuss music, truth and art. DeBoer shares his experience waking up to the political charade and turning on to alternative media, and talks about the lack of big-name artists tackling politics and… »»»


On Backstage: Musical Artist Siobhan O’Brien is Interviewed in Ireland

This show was broadcast April 24, 2016. It is now archived here — Use Player Coming up On Backstage Saturday & Sunday at 3pm Pacific Time Teri Perticone interviews musical artist Siobhan O’Brien in Ireland Siobhan O’Brien has the hit songs now playing on No Lies Radio You Ain’t Going’ Nowhere, All My Trials, The… »»»


Prince (Musician) Dead at 57 – includes video, pictures & bio


Rolling Stone – By Kory Grow – April 21, 2016 Prince, the legendary and innovative music artist, has died at age 57. TMZ reported Thursday that the Carver County Sheriff’s department responded to an emergency call at the singer’s Paisley Park studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota at 9:43 that morning. They waited to reveal the identity… »»»


Three Days Of The Condor – Film, Literature & The New World Order

corbettreport Published on Apr 20, 2016 SHOW NOTES and MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=18439 On this edition of Film, Literature and the New World Order we talk to Sibel Edmonds of BoilingFrogsPost.com about the 1975 spy thriller, Three Days of the Condor. We explore the context of the film’s release, the possible CIA involvement with the production itself,… »»»


How America backed the ISIS Takeover and Destruction of Palmyra


By Prof. Tim Anderson Global Research, April 15, 2016 As explosions from detonated mines continued in the background a Syrian general confirmed in some detail an ugly truth: Washington and its close allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Israel backed the ISIS takeover and destruction of Palmyra. Most of the weapons ISIS used were from… »»»


Sold to Antique Dealers by the ISIS: Ancient Syrian Treasures Shipped to US $26 Million


By alaraby.co.uk Global Research, April 09, 2016 alaraby.co.uk 8 April 2016 Since the start of Syria’s war in 2011, $26 million worth of antiquities have been exported to the United States from the war-torn country, according to Live Science. The news website gathered its information from US Census Bureau documents, which listed many unidentified and undated items, marked only as ”over 100 years… »»»


Merle Haggard, Country Legend, Dead at 79


Rolling Stone – By Patrick Doyle – April 06, 2016 Photo: Merle Haggard Merle Haggard, who over six decades composed and performed one of the greatest repertoires in country music, capturing the American condition with his stories of the poor, the lost, the working class, heartbroken and hard-living, died at his home in the San… »»»


Higher Ground – Playing For Change


Playingforchange.com – Re-posted April 01, 2016 Uploaded on Sep 6, 2011 Playing For Change is a movement created to inspire and connect the world through music. Join the movement here: http://www.playingforchange.com/membe… and support Playing For Change by telling all your friends and family to do the same. This video is from our second album, “PFC2:… »»»


Sting stars at wedding that hits wrong note in poverty-stricken Russia


The Guardian – By Alec Luhn in Moscow – Wednesday 30 March 2016 Photo: Khadija Uzhakhova at her wedding to billionaire’s son Said Gutseriev. Photograph: @_wedding_world/Instagram World-famous musicians including ex-Police frontman, Sting and J-Lo entertain guests at oligarch’s son’s grandiose marriage. Russia’s economy is in recession as it languishes under western sanctions and low oil… »»»


Rolling Stones Thrill Huge Crowd at Historic Havana Show–includes video & pictures


Rolling Stone – By Richard L. Dewey – March 26, 2016 The Rolling Stones played to an estimated 500,000 fans in Havana on Friday, marking a new chapter for music in Cuba. Alexandre Meneghini/Reuters “This is a new time,” Mick Jagger tells audience during set packed with hits. Photo: Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones… »»»


Rolling Stones to rock Cuba in historic concert–free show!


Yahoo News – By Sebastian Smith – March 25, 2016 Photo: The Rolling Stones in Cuba (AFP Photo/Alain Bommenel, Iris Royer de Vericourt) Havana (AFP) – Hundreds of thousands of Cubans were expected Friday at the Rolling Stones’ first gig on the communist island, with fans once banned from listening to rock ‘n roll heralding… »»»


Anonymous: List of 10 of the best-ever hackers/Is this the most important suppressed news story of our time?


Veterans Today – GPD – March 12, 2016 Photo: Anonymous names British computer whiz Gary McKinnon the ‘most dangerous hacker of all time’ The IT genius, who has Asperger’s, broke into 97 Pentagon and NASA computers – stealing passwords, deleting files and shutting down networks Trial: Home Secretary Theresa May blocked McKinnon’s extradition under human… »»»


On BackStage: Teri Perticone of No Lies Radio interviews singer/songwriter Shana Morrison

This show was broadcast March 12, 2016. It is now archived here — Use Player Coming up Saturday & Sunday at 3pm Pacific – 6pm Eastern – 23:00 GMTWill be archived here after the broadcasts. On BackStage: Teri Perticone of No Lies Radio interviews singer/songwriter Shana Morrison Shana Morrison has the hit songs, Can’t Hold… »»»


DiCaprio Wins First Oscar and Calls for Action on Climate Change – Video


No Lies Radio News – YouTube – Feb 28, 2016 Published on Feb 29, 2016 Leonardo DiCaprio has won an Academy Award for best actor for his role as a betrayed 19th century frontiersman in The Revenant. The nomination was DiCaprio’s fifth in an acting capacity but it is the first time he has won… »»»


Syria: US and Israeli Weapons and Ammunition In Possession of Terrorists, Seized by Government Forces


By H. Said Global Research, February 15, 2016 SANA 14 February 2016 The authorities concerned in Sweida, in cooperation with the locals, seized on Sunday a vehicle loaded with large amounts of arms and ammunition in the western countryside of the southern province. A source at Sweida Governorate told SANA that the vehicle was heading… »»»


Mitch Master is interviewed on Backstage

This show was broadcast on February 13, 2016. It is now archived here — Use Player Coming up Saturday & Sunday at 3pm Pacific – 6pm Eastern – 23:00 GMTWill be archived here after the shows. On BackStage: Teri Perticone of No Lies Radio interviews musical artist Mitch Master in Thailand Mitch Master has the… »»»


Paul Liberatore’s Lib at Large: Remembering Dan Hicks–Marin’s most famous homebody


Marin IJ – Paul Liberatore – 02/11/16 Photo: The late musician Dan Hicks was a familiar figure along Throckmorton Avenue in Mill Valley, where he lived for many years. (IJ photo/Alan Dep) So far, 2016 has been a rough year for the rock ’n’ roll generation. And it’s only February. The incredible series of celebrity… »»»


Joe Montana details post-NFL injury woes: ‘I can’t really run or do much’


The Guardian – Guardian sport – Saturday 6 February 2016 Photo: Joe Montana, seen here in 1990 after Super Bowl XXIV, won four Super Bowl rings – but now is paying the physical price for a long career. Photograph: Lennox Mclendon/AP San Francisco 49ers quarterback, who is handling the coin toss on Super Bowl Sunday,… »»»


Earth, Wind & Fire Co-Founder Maurice White Dies at 74


Billboard – by Billboard Staff – 02/04/2016 Photo: Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire Maurice White, the co-founder of Earth, Wind & Fire, died Thursday morning (Feb. 4) at age 74, the band confirmed on Twitter. Our brother Maurice White passed peacefully in his sleep this morning. The light is he, shining on you… »»»


Musical Artist Lipbone Redding_on Backstage


This show was broadcast January 30, 2016. It is now archived here — Use Player Coming up Saturday & Sunday at 3pm Pacific – 6pm Eastern – 23:00 GMTWill be archived here after the broadcasts. on Back Stage: Teri Perticone of No Lies Radio interviews Musical Artist Lipbone Redding Lipbone Redding has the hit tunes… »»»


Jefferson Airplane’s Paul Kantner dies at 74 – RIP


SF Chronicle – By Aidin Vaziri – January 28, 2016 Photo: Paul Katner of The Jefferson Airplane Paul Kantner, one of the giants of the San Francisco music scene, died Thursday. Mr. Kantner, a founding member of the Jefferson Airplane, was 74 and had suffered a heart attack this week. His death was confirmed by… »»»


Slayer rocker and Bay Area native Gary Holt to play guitar painted with his own blood


SFGate – By Alyssa Pereira – Jan 26, 2016 Photo: Gary Holt of Slayer performing at Stadium Live on December 9, 2015 in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by Dmitri Abaza/Kommersant Photo via Getty Images) In what is probably the most metal thing to happen so far this year (this decade?), Slayer rocker Gary Holt, who hails… »»»


The new ‘X-Files’ will take on a notorious 9/11 conspiracy theory

new x-files fox mulder scully

Business Insider – By Jethro Nededog – Jan 14, 2016 Photo: The ‘new’ X-Files with Fox Mulder and Dana Scully Fox’s upcoming “X-Files” revival is taking on some heady issues, including government surveillance and national security, plus a conspiracy theory about 9/11. “We live in a ‘Citizenfour’ world,” “The X-Files” creator Chris Carter said, referring… »»»


On BackStage: Teri Perticone of No Lies Radio interviews singer/songwriter Reverend Poor Child

This show was broadcast January 23, 2016. It is now archived here — Use Player Coming up Saturday & Sunday at 3pm Pacific – 6pm Eastern – 22:00 GMTWill be archived here after the broadcasts. On BackStage: Teri Perticone of No Lies Radio interviews singer/songwriter Reverend Poor Child Richard Olson AKA Reverend Poor Child has… »»»


Davos Degenerates Reveal Robot Replacements – #NewWorldNextWeek

corbettreport Published on Jan 21, 2016 Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode: Story #1: Saudi Arabia, China Sign MoU to Build Nuclear Reactor http://bit.ly/1PjAAtw China Offers Support for… »»»


Van Morrison Brings Out Tom Jones, Daughter Shana & Does Movie Star Impressions at LA Show: Live Review


Billboard – By Steve Baltin – Jan 17, 2016 Photo: Van Morrison Van Morrison’s amazing list of musical accomplishments — songs like “Brown-Eyed Girl,” “St. Dominic’s Preview,” “Gloria” and “Tupelo Honey,” as well as the albums Moondance and Astral Weeks — have earned the Belfast, Ireland, native a deserved place in both Rock And Roll… »»»


Thanks, ‘Starman’: Why David Bowie Was the Greatest Rock Star Ever


Rolling Stone – By Rob Sheffield – January 11, 2016 Photo: Mercurial rock icon David Bowie. Zuma A tribute to the late master of rock & roll reinvention Planet Earth is a lot bluer today without David Bowie, the greatest rock star who ever fell to this or any other world. He was the hottest… »»»


Remembering Elvis ‘The King’ On His Birthday w/Video & Pics


No Lies Radio News – By Teri Perticone – Jan 08, 2016 Elvis Presley From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia “Elvis” redirects here. For other uses, see Elvis (disambiguation). Elvis Aaron Presley[a] (January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977) was an American singer and actor. Regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the… »»»


George Carlin’s Straight Talk on American War Culture and The Sham of Democracy


21st Century Wire – 21 Wire – Dec 22, 2015 Photo: Comedian and Political Analyst George Carlin One of the greatest political pundits in American history was not a politician, he was a comedian. Back in the day, people used to laugh at George Carlin’s diatribes and treatise on the fraud of the US political… »»»


Winners and Losers in Our New Media Moment


Truthdig – By Tom Engelhardt / TomDispatch – Dec 16, 2015 This piece first appeared at TomDispatch. Sometimes what matters most takes up every inch of space in the room and somehow we still don’t see it. That’s how I feel about our present media moment. Let me put it this way: I’m a creature… »»»


New Study: Presidents Really Do Age Faster, Die Younger

corbettreport Published on Dec 15, 2015 SHOW NOTES: https://www.corbettreport.com/new-stu… Well, it’s official: presidents and prime ministers really do age more quickly and die younger than their peers. But is it the stress of “leading the country” or the stress of being a disposable puppet for the oligarchy that does them in?… »»»


This brown-eyed girl has a tune all her own


Los Angeles Times – By Kathleen Luppi – November 06, 2015 Photo: Singer/Songwriter Shana Morrison Shana Morrison has dark eyes. But she’s not the inspiration for “Brown Eyed Girl,” the song made famous by her father, Van Morrison. It’s unclear who inspired it, though the sentiment seems to suggest an ex-lover. The lyrics — including… »»»


13 of the Most Annoying Things People Say on HGTV’s House Hunters


BrainJet – Staff – Oct 15, 2015 If you’re a “House Hunters” addict like we are, you’re well aware that the show’s guests are, shall we say… a little demanding? Outsized expectations, budgets that don’t measure up, and a refusal to compromise are some of the hallmarks of the program’s intrepid shoppers. The guests on… »»»


How Rod Stewart Thrilled Vegas, Reunited Faces and Found Happiness at 70


The Rolling Stone – By Andy Greene – September 29, 2015 Pictured: Rod Stewart-His new album, the stellar ‘Another Country,’ finds the singer-songwriter focusing on his core gifts. Photograph By Peggy Sirota Flying along with a legend as he navigates Las Vegas, eight kids and a few old wounds It’s 109 degrees in Las Vegas… »»»


A Syrian Band Forced To Leave Its Homeland Finds An Audience In Croatia


The Huffington Post/HuffPost Arabi – By Hadeel Arja – September 28, 2015 Photo: The members of Syrian rock band Khebez Dawle traveled across Europe looking for refuge and found an audience in Croatia. | HUFFPOST ARABI “In the dark, only victims and prisoners survive, and the free soul builds nations,” are lyrics that echoed across… »»»


Porkins Policy Radio episode 37 A Very Heavy Agenda with Robbie Martin

Porkins Policy Radio Published on Sep 27, 2015 On this episode we are joined by musician, radio host, and film maker Robbie Martin. The two us discuss Robbie’s soon to be released film, A Very Heavy Agenda: A Catalyzing Event. The first of a three part film series, A Very Heavy Agenda deals with the… »»»


Trippy and Surreal Photos From Burning Man 2015


The Rolling Stone – Staff – September 10, 2015 Fire, dust, metal and thousands of artists and radicals combine for a desert spectacle like no other. An estimated 70,000 people converged on the Nevada desert this past week for the annual Burning Man festival, a self-described “crucible of creativity” in which artists and radicals express… »»»


Van Morrison sings ‘Hyndford Street’ Live on Cyprus Avenue 08/31/2015 on his 70th birthday-Video


www.youtube.com – SiberiankissRecords – Sept 2, 2015   Photo: Van Morrison celebrates his 70th birthday 8/31/2015 on Cyprus Avenue, Belfast, Ireland   Van Morrison – ‘Hyndford Street’ – 8/31/2015 Posted by Teri Perticone… »»»


Van Morrison performs 70th birthday concerts in Belfast


Irish Times – Fionola Meredith in Belfast – Mon, Aug 31, 2015 Van Morrison performs live on Cyprus Avenue, Belfast, on his 70th birthday, August 31st, 2015. Photograph: Justin Kernoghan/PhotopressBelfast.co.uk Singer characteristically unfazed in dark hat, suit and sunglasses amid deluge of rain. Moments before Van Morrison came on stage at Cyprus Avenue, East Belfast,… »»»


Film-maker Marcus Robinson after documenting the re-building of the twin towers from the ashes of 9/11 returns to his east Belfast roots to celebrate the magic of Van Morrison


Belfast Telegraph – By Claire McNeilly – 29/08/15 Photo: Renowned photographer and film-maker Marcus Robinson in his native Belfast Van Morrison isn’t the only famous son of east Belfast returning to his spiritual roots on Monday. World renowned photographer and film-maker Marcus Robinson has agreed to a request from the Tourist Board to film Sir… »»»


Burning Man Staffer Dies on Site of Annual Festival – RIP Scott “Spoono” Stephenson


NBC News – By Elisha Fieldstadt – August 21, 2015 Photo: Scott “Spoono” Stephenson was a ten-year Burning Man Department of Public Works employeee. Photo by Marnee Benson A Nevada man helping to prepare for the temporary Burning Man metropolis died Wednesday on the site of the annual art and music festival, according to event… »»»


The Rolling Stone Magazine’s 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time


The Rolling Stone – By Staff – August 2015 1. Bob Dylan Dylan’s vision of American popular music was transformative. No one set the bar higher, or had greater impact. “You want to write songs that are bigger than life,” he wrote in his memoir, Chronicles. “You want to say something about strange things that… »»»


Russell Brand halts The Trews, takes Facebook and Twitter break/includes goodbye video


The Guardian – By Kemi Alemoru and Jasper Jackson – Thursday 20 August 2015 Photo: Russell Brand is taking a break from The Trews, Facebook and Twitter Comedian turned political activist says he has ‘gone as far as we can’ with his YouTube show and wants to spend some time ‘learning’. Russell Brand says he… »»»


MSNBC cancels 3 liberal shows amid transition

2012 Presidential Election Night - New York City Atmosphere

Politico – By Dylan Byers – Re-posted from July 30, 2015 August 17, 2015 MSNBC has formally decided to cancel three programs — “The Cycle,” “Now with Alex Wagner” and “The Ed Show” — as part of a larger effort to shift its daytime lineup away from opinion programming, network sources told the On Media… »»»


Imagine Dragons to Join Willie Nelson & Friends for 30th Farm Aid Concert in Chicago


Billboard – By Thom Duffy – Re-posted from July 28, 2015 on August 16, 2015 Photo: Willie Nelson and Friends: Neil Young, Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews The guiding foursome of Farm Aid — Willie Nelson, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Dave Matthews — will celebrate a milestone for the organization that supports… »»»


Tomb of Nefertiti, Egypt’s mysterious ancient queen, may have been found


The Guardian – By Staff – Wednesday 12 August 2015 Photo: A visitor takes pictures of the bust of Egyptian queen Nefertiti in Berlin. Photograph: Michael Kappeler/AFP/Getty Images The apparent discovery, based on scans of King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber, could yield treasure beyond what was found in his famous resting place Hidden doorways in the… »»»


Unseen Cuba: First aerial photographs reveal island’s spectacular beauty


International Business Times – By David Sim – Re-posted from May 18, 2015 on Aug 6, 2015 Towering mogotes, cone-shaped limestone mountains covered in vegetation, are the signature geological feature in Valle de Viñales.(Unseen Cuba / Marius Jovaisa) Here’s Cuba as you’ve never seen it before. Lithuanian aerial photographer and publisher Marius Jovaiša is the… »»»


30 Years Gone, and Oh, How We Still Love Orson Welles w/Pics & Discography


Truthdig – By John Patterson – July 30, 2015 Photo: Orson Welles. (Wikipedia) On the centenary of his birth and the 30th anniversary of his death at age 70 in 1985, interest in Orson Welles has been stirred by the discovery of a fragment of his memoir and the release of a new documentary by… »»»


Frog Power Animal Symbol Of Healing/Cleansing/Transformation/ Rebirth


Shamanic Journey – By Ina Woolcott – Re-posted from Feb 8, 2014 on July 7, 2015 Frog’s medicine includes – a reminder of common bonds with all life, singer of songs that celebrate the most ancient watery beginnings, transformation, cleansing, understanding emotions, rebirth, healing, water energy. Frogs are amphibians, spending their early life nurtured in… »»»


The Grateful Dead Close Out Their Final Concert With Music and the Words ‘Please, Be Kind’ w/pics through the years & video


New York Times – By Joe Coscarelli – July 6, 2015 Photo: Members and guests of the Grateful Dead, from left, on stage on Sunday at Soldier Field in Chicago: Bruce Hornsby, Jeff Chimenti, Mickey Hart, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann and Trey Anastasio.Credit Jay Blakesberg/Invision CHICAGO — There were tears among the tie-dyed… »»»


A New World Order Reading List

corbettreport Published on Jul 3, 2015 SHOW NOTES AND LINKS TO BOOKS: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=15486 People are always asking James what reading he recommends. It’s an overwhelming question with hundreds (or thousands) of must-read books that could be named, but here James offers a few suggestions to get you started. To continue exploring the question, please delve… »»»


Apple is finally going to pay artists 1st 3 months of streaming— thanks to Taylor Swift/Apple royalties U-turn: is Taylor Swift the most powerful woman in music?

Taylor Swift The 1989 World Tour Live In Amsterdam

New York Post – by Hardeep Phull – June 22, 2015 Taylor Swift Photo: Getty Images What did you do on Sunday? Mow the lawn? Hit the beach? Have a cookout? Well, Taylor Swift took on the world’s biggest company, and won. The 25-year-old star posted a blog on her Tumbler account on Sunday morning… »»»


Solutions: Laughing At Tyrants

corbettreport Published on Jun 21, 2015 SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=15248 You’ve heard that laughter is the best medicine, but did you also know that laughter is a tyrant slayer? Today on The Corbett Report we examine how laughter can change people’s perception and undermine even the most entrenched tyranny. James also launches a brand… »»»


10 Lessons to Learn from Mexican Painter and Diva Frida Kahlo


Elephant Journal – Via Elyane Youssef – Jun 16, 2015 Photo: Frida Kahlo Mexican Painter “Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly?” ~ Frida Kahlo Frida Kahlo is a Mexican painter, who is best known for her self-portraits. The ones who personally knew her, described her as “one of… »»»


On Backstage: Teri Perticone of No Lies Radio interviews independent musical artist Brad Parker in Los Angeles

This show was broadcast June 13, 2014. It is archived here — Use Player Coming up Saturday & Sunday at 3pm Pacific – 6pm Eastern – 23:00 GMTWill be archived here after the broadcasts. On BackStage: Teri Perticone of No Lies Radio interviews independent musical artist Brad Parker in Los Angeles Brad Parker is a… »»»


Van Morrison has been given a knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list–Sir George! w/pics & Vids

VanMPANews BT_3f934c69-2f52-47fb-8965-861425a8f105_I1

BBC News – Staff – June 12, 2015 Van Morrison described his knighthood as a “huge honour” The singer-songwriter is one of 85 people from Northern Ireland who have been recognised for their achievements. The Belfast-born musician, whose full name is George Ivan Morrison, will be known as Sir George. He described his new title… »»»


Inside the World’s Biggest ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Fantasy Card Game Tournament in Las Vegas


Rolling Stone – By David Greenwald – June 3, 2015 Photo: Welcome to Las Vegas, foolish mortals By Joey Pasco Battling it out in Las Vegas with Tarmogoyf, Vraska the Unseen and more than 11,000 card-carrying members of the Multiverse. It’s just before midnight in Las Vegas, and at the Downtown Cocktail Room, Jacob’s bachelor… »»»


Want To Feel Ecstatic? Dance Like No One’s Watching — Seriously


Reset.me – by Elizabeth Limbach – March 18, 2015 We all know what happens when a baby hears music. If you haven’t witnessed it firsthand, you’ve likely encountered a YouTube video (or, if you’re in the majority, many videos) that captures a child’s reflexive physical reaction to music. Viral videos show babies instinctively scrunching up… »»»


Grateful Dead Archivist Details Massive New 80-Disc Box Set-w/Morning Dew Video


Rolling Stone – By David Fricke – June 2, 2015 Photo: The Grateful Dead will release the massive 80-disc box set ‘Thirty Trips Around The Sun’ featuring 30 unreleased live shows. Larry Busacca/WireImage/Getty On October 27th, 1979, the Grateful Dead pulled up to the third stop on their fall tour that year — the Cape… »»»


10 Magical Effects Music Has On the Mind, Heart & Spirit


Wisdom Pills – By Dr Jeremy Dean – Re-posted from July 2014 on May 30, 2015 Music can improve verbal IQ, aid in heart disease treatment, evoke colours in the mind and even help you see happy faces all around. Every fan of music knows the tremendous power it can have over both thoughts and… »»»


Golden Gate Bridge celebrates 78th anniversary of its opening-w/pics


SF Gate – By Katie Dowd – May 26, 2015 Photo: Golden Gate Bridge  – By Bruce Getty – San Francisco Bay Area – Street Photography Wednesday marks 78 years since San Francisco’s most iconic landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge, opened to the public. And what an occasion it was. May 27, 1937: San Rafael… »»»


Fifty years on–Grateful Dead tour breaks box-office records–w/before & after pics


The Guardian – By Edward Helmore – May 16, 2015 Photo: Bill Kreutzmann, Bob Weir, Ron ‘Pigpen’ McKernan, Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh in Haight-Ashbury, circa 1965 by Getty Images Fans fork out $50m for farewell shows but some ‘Deadheads’ accuse the West Coast band of ‘selling out’ and betraying hippy ideals. It promises to… »»»


RIP B. B. King – The Thrill Is Gone – w/Video’s & Bio


No Lies Radio – By Teri Perticone – May 15, 2015 Uploaded on Jul 21, 2009 B.B. King is the greatest living exponent of the blues and considered by many to be the most influential guitarist of the latter part of the 20th century. His career dates back to the late forties and despite now… »»»


Bill To Rename Rainbow Tunnel After Robin Williams Passes California Assembly


KQED Arts – By Emmanuel Hapsis – Apr 24, 2015 Photo: Waldo tunnel or the rainbow tunnel, Marin County, California No matter how long you’ve lived in the Bay Area, heading over the Golden Gate Bridge still feels like a dream. As if the stunning views and iconic International Orange towers weren’t enough, one is… »»»


Chronology of San Francisco Rock 1965 – 1969 w/pics


The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco/No Lies Radio – Staff – April 2015 Photo: Summer of Love, 1967, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, California May 14, 1965 “Boss of the Bay,” KYA presents the Rolling Stones, the Byrds, Beau Brummels, Paul Revere and the Raiders, and the Vejtables, at Civic Auditorium. August… »»»


Reassessing Janis Ian: 1970s Folk Icon, Modern-Day Sci-Fi Queen


KQED – By Rachel Dovey – April 16, 2015 Those who grew up listening to Janis Ian’s folk songs might be surprised at her secondary career You probably know Janis Ian from her five-decade folk legacy — not from her short stories about spirit possession and intergalactic sex spies. But Ian, the singer and songwriter… »»»


Origin of ‘4/20’


No Lies Radio – By Teri Perticone – April 19, 2015 Photo: The Mile High City Celebrates Legal Marijuana: 4/20 Events in Denver on April 16, 2014. 1971 in San Rafael, California (Marin County) across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco is where the term 4:20 originated. 420 (cannabis culture) From Wikipedia, the free… »»»


Reworking the Catalogue: Van Morrison defies age formula


The Australian – By Clive Davis – April 11, 2015 Photo: Van Morrison. Illustration: Sturt Krygsman Skip to the end of his new album’s last track, a jaunty encounter with American blues and roots master Taj Mahal, and there it is, the unmistakable sound of Van Morrison laughing. Yes, laughing. There are so many stories… »»»


Van Morrison to celebrate his 70th with gig on Cyprus Avenue


News Letter – By Mark Rainey – Feb 06, 2015 Photo: Legendary musician and past pupil Van Morrison performs during a special performance as part of the Eastside Arts Festival for ex-staff and pupils at Orangefield High School in East Belfast with two more gigs to take place this weekend, before it closes its doors… »»»


Kapow! Attack of the feminist superheroes


The Guardian – By Dorian Lynskey – March 25, 2015 Marvel’s She-Hulk: ‘An extremely competent attorney and superhero who happens to be a beautiful, 7ft-tall green woman’ Photograph: Marvel From She-Hulk to Ms Marvel and the new female Thor, a new generation of hero is revolutionising the world of comics and consigning sexualised stereotypes to… »»»


Burned in their memory: Beautifully intricate 75ft temple by Burning Man artist is set to be torched in honour of Troubles victims in Londonderry, Ireland


Daily Mail – By Jack Crone – Mar 16, 2015 Photo: Years in the making: Renowned Californian artist David Best pictured at the opening of his 75ft wooden Temple in Londonderry, Ireland Stunning timber sculpture is the work of renowned American artist David Best, famed for his Burning Man creations Towering structure built by Catholics… »»»


Abby Martin Breaks the Set One Last Time

breakingtheset Published on Feb 27, 2015 On this final episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin, discusses the power of grassroots activism in getting the FCC to uphold net neutrality. Abby then speaks with Eugene Puryear, Organizer with the ANSWER Coalition, about effective activism as it relates to issues from combating police brutality to taking… »»»


Is “The Lord of the Rings” an Allegory? – Questions For Corbett #020

corbettreport Published on Feb 22, 2015 SHOW NOTES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=13704 In this edition of the “Questions For Corbett” series, James tackles your questions on constitutional challenges to the Federal Reserve, the 28 pages and 9/11, Steve Jobs and the New World Order, political interpretations of “The Lord of the Rings” and much more…. »»»


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Color That Almost Seem Too Ridiculous To Be True


Huffington Post – By Todd Van Luling – Jan 27, 2015 You likely take the various colors around you for granted, assuming there’s nothing special about the blue of your jeans or anything potentially disgusting about the browns of that painting you bought at an antique store. But many colors are derived from odd sources…. »»»


The Trews VS Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial: Russell Brand The Trews (E221)

Russell Brand Published on Dec 29, 2014 Russell Brand The Trews (E221). Our analysis of Christmas advertising continues with the Coca-Cola Christmas commercial. Subscribe Here Now: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg and send links to video news items of topical stories that you’d like me to analyse…. »»»


Tom Breidenbach on IX XI (poems on 9/11 ritual sacrifice) __ on Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio

Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad Radio

This show was broadcast on December 17, 2014. It is now archived here for everyone — Use Player Coming Up Wednesday, December 17th — Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 8am Pacific * 11am Eastern * 16:00 GMT Subscribers to TruthJihad.com get early access to all show archives here. Everyone else gets access to the… »»»


Beatniks & Hippies Still Influence San Francisco


Free Press – by Richard S. Ehrlich – Dec 4, 2014 Photo: Beatniks from the early 60’s. All the original “starving hysterical naked” beatniks, cool cats, flower children, hippies and freaks are now advancing into their senior years or dead. But their innocence and experience — and complex experiments with words and ideals, and celebration… »»»


I, pet goat II

I, pet goat II from Heliofant on Vimeo. I, pet goat II from Heliofant PLUS 2 years ago NOT YET RATED A story about the fire at the heart of suffering. Bringing together dancers, musicians, visual artists and 3d animators, the film takes a critical look at current events. A mysterious figure travels aboard his… »»»


Emcee Lynx of Beltaine’s Fire on Backstage

This show was broadcast on November 22, 2014. It is now archived here — Use Player Coming up Saturday & Sunday at 3pm Pacific – 6pm Eastern – 23:00 GMTWill be archived here after the broadcast.On BackStage: Teri Perticone of No Lies Radio interviews local musical artist Emcee Lynx of Beltaine’s Fire in Oakland, CaliforniaSteve… »»»


[482] Abandoning ALEC, Celebrity Rape Impunity & Cat Call Fail

breakingtheset Published on Nov 17, 2014 Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Subverting Democracy, Abandoning ALEC, Rights for Nature, Celebrity Rape Impunity, Stopping Street Harassment. LIKE Breaking the Set @ http://fb.me/JournalistAbbyMartin FOLLOW Abby Martin @ http://twitter.com/AbbyMartin EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks about the ongoing lawsuits against the GMO… »»»


Freemuse Award Winner 2014: Harstad in Norway The World’s First ‘Safe City for Musicians’


Freemuse – News Release – Nov 13, 2014 Photo: Marianne Bremnes Mayor of Harstad, Norway. The Freemuse Award 2014 is given to The City of Harstad, Norway, which last year declared itself as the world’s first ‘Safe city for musicians’. Harstad is a city of 23,000 citizens, situated 300 kilometres north of the polar circle…. »»»


NY Man Free After Arrest for Busking–w/Video of Arrest

Truthdig – by Alexander Reed Kelly – Oct 26, 2014 An NYPD officer forcefully arrested a man who was playing music in a subway station after reading aloud the law that appears to allow the musician to perform. Gothamist reported that the incident took place at the Lorimer Street/Metropolitan Avenue station of the southbound G… »»»


Gary Webb and Diaspro/Renga — on Flashpoints Best


This show was broadcast on October 7, 2014. It is now archived here — Use Player Coming up today and every Monday at 7:00 pm Pacific – 10:00 pm Eastern – 03:00 GMT FLASHPOINTS BEST Gary Webb and Diaspro/Renga With the upcoming biopic of the late great investigative reporter Gary Webb, set to be released… »»»


Procol Harum – ‘A Whiter Shade of Pale’ With the Danish Orchestra live in Denmark 2006

  Uploaded on Apr 20, 2011 Procol Harum performing A Whiter Shade of Pale with the Danish National Concert Orchestra and choir at Ledreborg Castle, Denmark in August 2006   Photo: Procol Harem circa late 1960’s Video source: www.youtube.com Posted by Teri Perticone… »»»


My first Burning Man: confessions of a conservative from Washington

The Guardian – By Grover Norquist in Reno – Tuesday 2 September 2014 Photo: ‘Some day, I want to live 52 weeks a year in a state or city that acts like this. I want to attend a national political convention that advocates the wisdom of Burning Man.’ Illustration: Bart van Leeuwen for Guardian US… »»»


‘Burning Man Explained’, ‘The Documentary’ and ‘In The Dust’–Video’s about Burning Man

Photo: Black Rock City on the Playa at Burning Man in the Nevada Desert 2014 Yahoo News – ‘Burning Man Explained’ – Katie Couric – August 27, 2014 Near the end of summer every year, about 100 miles north of Reno in the Nevada desert, tens of thousands of people gather for the Burning Man… »»»


Van ‘The Man’ Morrison goes back to Orangefield High School and gets top marks

Belfast Telegraph – By Andrew Johnston – 23 August 2014 Photo: Van Morrison Musician/ Singer/Songwriter performing at his old school, Orangefield High 22 Aug 2014 With bottles of water and fizzy pop the only refreshments on offer and a curfew of 9.30pm in place, last night at the EastSide Arts Festival was a decidedly un-rock… »»»


Censorship in Hollywood: Celebrities Being Blacklisted by Pro-Israeli Media?


By Timothy Alexander Guzman Global Research, August 13, 2014 Silent Crow News Spain’s most notable actors, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz may be soon unemployed, well at least in Hollywood. The Guardian reported that the “The couple were among 100 film professionals to sign the open Spanish letter calling on the European Union to end Israel’s military… »»»


[420] How to Get Money out of Politics, Street Art Activism & Sage Francis Breaks the Stage

breakingtheset Published on Jul 11, 2014 Abby Martin Breaks the Set on Getting Money out of Politics, Street Art Activism, NY Times Media Bias & Sage Francis Breaks the Stage. LIKE Breaking the Set @ http://fb.me/JournalistAbbyMartin FOLLOW Abby Martin @ http://twitter.com/AbbyMartin EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks about the… »»»


Review: Glastonbury Music Festival in the UK 2014 Part 1

Visions of Pat – By Patrick Corley – July 2, 2014 The big day had finally arrived. It was Wednesday 25th of June, the sun was shining and I was heading back to Worthy Farm 35 years after my first Glastonbury Festival. Jacquie picked me up and drove me to the station.I caught the 8.56… »»»


Soul Legend Bobby Womack Dead at 70 Bio w/Music Video’s

Rolling Stone – By Jason Newman – June 27, 2014 Photo: Bobby Womack Bobby Womack, the legendary soul singer whose career spanned seven decades, died Friday at age 70. A representative for Womack’s label XL Recordings confirmed the singer’s death to Rolling Stone, but said the cause of death was currently unknown. The son of… »»»


Interview with Grace Lee Boggs an American Visionary

Truthdig – By Emily Wilson – June 26, 2014 Photo: Grace Lee Boggs “Grace has made more contributions to the black struggle than most black people have.” —Angela Davis, icon of the black power movement, about Grace Lee Boggs On Friday, activist and author Grace Lee Boggs turns 99, three days before a new documentary,… »»»


Musical Artist Lizzie West _ on Backstage

Lizzzie & Baba

It is now archived here — Use… »»»


[402] Goldman Suchs, Power of NY Graffiti & Tesla’s Electric Car Patent Revolution

breakingtheset Published June 13, 2014… »»»


Pete Cummins – State of Grace

No Lies Radio – by Teri Perticone – June 10, 2014 Photo: Pete Cummins from Ireland one of our independent musical artists–tune in… Published on Jul 14, 2013 Video filmed on I Pad of the song State of Grace from the album The Brilliant Architect, with Ger Kiely guitar, Tommy Moore Bass, Trevor Knight keyboards,… »»»


Icelandic singer Björk’s environmental campaign goes on the timetable in Nordic schools


The Guardian – By Vanessa Thorpe arts and media correspondent – Saturday 7 June 2014 Björk wearing a red wig for the film version of her Biophilia album stage show. The rising profile of Icelandic singer Björk as an environmental guru of our times is about to be recognised in Europe’s schools. A “multimedia exploration… »»»


Hunger Games: Thai Edition – #NewWorldNextWeek

corbettreport Published on Jun 5, 2014 Welcome to http://NewWorldNextWeek.com — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week: Story #1: ‘Hunger Games’ Salute Used as Protest in Thailand http://ur1.ca/hgn3c Thailand Junta: Elections Could Take More Than One Year http://ur1.ca/hgn3q… »»»


[392] BP’s Bird Massacre, Snowden’s 9/11 Comment Ignored, W.H. Fallout

breakingtheset Published on May 30, 2014 Abby Martin Breaks the Set on White House Resignations, BP’s Mass Bird Die-Off, Misrepresenting Snowden, Lee Camp’s Redacted Tonight & Seeger Fest with the ‘Chapin Sisters’. LIKE Breaking the Set @ http://fb.me/BreakingTheSet FOLLOW Abby Martin @ http://twitter.com/AbbyMartin EPISODE BREAKDOWN: On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin remarks… »»»


Phenomenal Woman, Renowned Poet and Civil Rights Activist Maya Angelou Dies at 86

Truthdig – May 28, 2014 Photo: Dr. Maya Angelou. (AP/Mary Altaffer, File) “You may write me down in history/ With your bitter, twisted lies/ You may tread me in the very dirt/ But still, like dust, I’ll rise,” Maya Angelou wrote in one of her many forceful, unforgettable poems. The “lyrical witness of the Jim… »»»


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Truth Walk 9/11
9/11: Explosive Evidence Experts Speak OutWTC7
The 911 Blockbuster--A Must See Video!!

9/11: Explosive Evidence -- Experts Speak Out
by Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth

The 43 technical experts interviewed in Experts Speak Out lay out the case for controlled demolition from their individual areas of expertise in hi-rise architecture, structural engineering, metallurgy, chemistry, physics, and controlled demolition. The seeming implausibility of the implications of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers being demolished with explosives is also handled quite skillfully in the film, as eight experts in psychology discuss the difficulties many people have in confronting the myth-shattering reality. This is a newly released DVD.
Available as a Thank-you Gift with your Donation.

Eton Radio
The Must Have Emergency Tool!

Etón FR160B Microlink Self-Powered (Hand Crank Power) AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Flashlight, Solar Power and Cell Phone Charger (Black)
by Eton

AM (520-1710 KHz) & FM (87-108MHz) NOAA weatherband USB cell phone charger (USB cable not included) 3.5 mm headphone Accessories: owner"s manual, warranty card

Reviews: Excellent Item for Travel, Backpacking, Camping, Etc.

This radio is a great little investment. It does exactly everything it states it should. On a 60 second crank I got hours of play. I ran the radio completely dead by leaving the light on and the radio playing at half column. I let the radio play like this with the light on for at least an hour before it went dead. I then put it out in the sun and let it charge with the solar charger for about four hours and then turned the radio on and let it play for only about an hour and then just didn't want to complete the experiment. I am very pleased with this radio. 60 seconds of cranking for hours of play is very reasonable. Letting it charge out in the sun and getting hours of play is very reasonable. I have other brands like this in the past that you would crank for 5 to 10 and get maybe 10 minutes of play.

The USB charge does work, but know that it will not charge an iPhone 3Gs. This is more a problem/restriction of the iPhone 3Gs (a widely discussed complaint across the Internet for many-many generic charging devices) and is not because of the radio. Charging my old Samsung phone was not a problem.
Available as a Thank-you Gift with your Donation.

Donate Your Car To No Lies Radio
Capitalism: A Love StoryCapitalism: A Love Story. On the 20-year anniversary of his groundbreaking masterpiece "Roger & Me," Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story" comes home to the issue he's been examining throughout his career: the disastrous impact of corporate dominance on the everyday lives of Americans. But this time the culprit is much bigger than General Motors, and the crime scene is far wider than Flint, Michigan.
Available as a Thank-you Gift with your Donation.

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