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Swine Flu

Thurs 04/17/2014 Dynamic Duo Weekly News with Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer

Dynamic Duo Weekly News

Web-streamed every Thurs 8am Pacific * 11am Eastern * 15:00 GMTAll shows are archived here right after the web-stream broadcast. Today’s Dynamic Duo Weekly News show is now archived in the window above. The Dynamic Duo Weekly News with Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer looks behind the headlines and main stream media stories to get… »»»


(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

Published on Apr 5, 2012  THRIVE Movement· * Join us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/ThriveMovement * Buy the DVD w/ 50+ minutes of bonus features:http://www.thrivemovement.com/store * Donate to support the THRIVE Movement:http://www.thrivemovement.com/donations If you value what is presented in this movie, please go tohttp://thrivemovement.com/ where you can support Thrive Movement by making a donation. You will also find more in-depth… »»»


Thurs 01/23/2014 Dynamic Duo Weekly News with Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer

Dynamic Duo Weekly News

Web-streamed every Thurs 8am Pacific * 11am Eastern * 15:00 GMTAll shows are archived here right after the web-stream broadcast. Today’s Dynamic Duo Weekly News show is shown in the window above. The Dynamic Duo Weekly News with Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer looks behind the headlines and main stream media stories to get at… »»»


Wed 10/30/2013 Dynamic Duo Weekly News with Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer

Dynamic Duo Weekly News

Web-streamed every Wed. 8am Pacific * 11am Eastern * 15:00 GMTAll shows are archived here right after the web-stream broadcast. This show was web-streamed on October 30, 2013 and is now archived in the window above. The Dynamic Duo Weekly News with Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer looks behind the headlines and main stream media… »»»


Obama left increasingly isolated as anger builds among key US allies

The Guardian.com – Dan Roberts and Paul Lewis in Washington – Thursday 24 October 2013 Photo: Obama met Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday to reassure him over anxieties around US drone attacks by Rex Features. International anger over US government surveillance has combined with a backlash against its current Middle East policy to leave… »»»


Wed 10/16/2013 Dynamic Duo Weekly News with Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer

Dynamic Duo Weekly News

Web-streamed every Wed. 8am Pacific * 11am Eastern * 15:00 GMTAll shows are archived here right after the web-stream broadcast. This show was web-streamed live on October 16, 2013. It is now archived in the window above. The Dynamic Duo Weekly News with Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer looks behind the headlines and main stream… »»»


Shackled and Chained: Mass Incarceration in Capitalist America_on Soapbox

Cindy Sheehan Soapbox

This show was broadcast October 12, 2013. It is now archived here — Use Player Coming up every Saturday at 1:00 pm Pacific – 04:00 pm Eastern – 21:00 GMT Shackled and Chained: Mass Incarceration in Capitalist America Shackled and Chained: Mass Incarceration in Capitalist America is a thorough examination of mass incarceration, its causes… »»»


Facebook Yields to Pressure: Reactivates Political Critics’ Accounts

Facebook and Muslim Outrage: Gleaning the Wrong Lesson, Again

Editor: See article we posted on 12-27-2012 when the facebook ban was still in effect. Facebook Censors Prominent Political Critics By Washington’s Blog Global Research, December 28, 2012 Washington’s Blog Outcry Leads Facebook to Back Off Away from Overt Censorship Prominent political critics confirmed to us that their accounts had been suspended or inactivated yesterday in a… »»»


Health Official: Swine Flu Vaccinations for Children Possibly a Mistake

Patient receiving an injection.

Uutiset published Sun 04:40 PM, updated yesterday 12:27 PM Image: YLE The Chief Medical Officer of Finland’s National Public Health Institute has conceded that it may have been unnecessary to vaccinate children and young people against swine flu. Dr Terhi Kilpi told the Väli-Suomi newspaper group’s Sunday newspaper supplement that perhaps the vaccine should not… »»»


Experts admit swine flu jab ‘may cause’ deadly nerve disease

Fears: GBS victim Hilary Wilkinson wants more research on the vaccine

Mail Online 16th October 2010 Health chiefs have for the first time acknowledged that the swine flu jab may be linked to an increased risk of developing a deadly nerve condition. Experts are examining a pos­sible association between the controversial jab and Guillain-Barre Syndrome, according to a report from official watchdog the Medicines and Healthcare… »»»


It’s A Swine Mess-Government Set To Force OAP’s To Have Pig Vaccine With Regular Flu Jab

News of the World

19/09/2010 MILLIONS of people will be given a secret swine flu jab by health bosses this winter. The H1N1 vaccine will be mixed into the regular flu jab for OAPs, pregnant women and others at high risk. While millions refused to take the jab during last winter’s pandemic, this time they will have no choice… »»»


New and Improved Flu Scam for 2010

The flu season for 2010 is coming up–a reminder from April 25, 2010 highercalling88 | April 25, 2010 http://www.highercalling88.com/ In a desperate attempt to force people to take the H1N1 shot, they’re now going to combine the regular flu shot with the H1N1 shot. After having to discard over 72 million doses of H1N1, they’ve… »»»


Finland Suspends Swine Flu Shots After Vaccine Linked With Neurological Disorder

Finland Suspends Swine Flu Shots After Vaccine Linked With Neurological Disorder 250810top2

Cases of narcolepsy in children jumped 300 per cent following H1N1 vaccination campaign Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com Wednesday, August 25, 2010 Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has suspended the use of the H1N1 vaccine over fears that the shot is linked with a 300 per cent increase in cases of the… »»»


Flu vaccine push already underway; first batch causes seizures in children

Originally published July 31 2010 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor (NaturalNews) As ridiculous as it seems, retailers across the U.S. are already stocking their stores with Christmas goods. It’s all about the big commercial push, of course, since retailers make about 50 percent of their profits during the Christmas season. Similarly, flu… »»»


Codex Alimentarius — NWO’s agenda — Eugenics And Depopulation — Don’t Drink Tap Water!

Explaining the NWO’s agenda for reducing the population by more than 90% — Fluoride, aspartame, vaccines -Eugenics And Depopulation Source www.youtube.com Video submitted by Teri Perticone… »»»


Video: Bill Gates talks about ‘vaccines to reduce population’

voltaire.net by F. William Engdahl* Microsoft founder and one of the world’s wealthiest men, Bill Gates, projects an image of a benign philanthropist using his billions via his (tax exempt) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to tackle diseases, solve food shortages in Africa and alleviate poverty. In a recent conference in California, Gates reveals a… »»»


Andrew Wakefield, Scientific Censorship, and Fourteen Monkeys; A statement by Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey

natural health

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor (NaturalNews) When it comes to vaccines, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey get it. They see how the pharma industry is engineering a campaign to silence Dr. Andrew Wakefield in order to suppress the publication of startling new evidence linking vaccines to severe neurological damage. At great risk… »»»


H1N1 Flu Is a False Pandemic, Health Expert Claims

Monday , January 11, 2010 foxnews.com A leading health expert said the swine flu scare was a “false pandemic” led by drug companies that stood to make billions from vaccines, The Sun reported Monday. Wolfgang Wodarg, head of health at the Council of Europe, claimed major firms organized a “campaign of panic” to put pressure… »»»


Scientist Repeats Swine Flu ‘Lab-Escape’ Claim in Published Study

Simeon Bennett bloomberg.com 11-24-2009 Nov. 24 (Bloomberg) — Adrian Gibbs, the virologist who said in May that swine flu may have escaped from a laboratory, published his findings today, renewing discussion about the origins of the pandemic virus. The new H1N1 strain, which was discovered in Mexico and the U.S. in April, may be the… »»»


Ukraine Black Lungs: Fears unknown flu-strain to spread

November 17, 2009 youtube.com RussiaToday There are fears that H1N1 has now mutated and resembles the Spanish flu virus that killed more than 50 million people at the beginning of the 20th century. Ukrainian doctors say the victims lungs are as black as charcoal. This prompts fresh concern that the swine flu virus has taken… »»»


“Ukraine swine flu ‘burns’ lungs”– source

19 November, 2009 russiatoday.com British scientists suspect that swine flu virus has mutated in Ukraine. Some doctors say that flu in the country has shown unprecedented symptoms, creating the effect of “burnt” lungs, the Daily Mail reports. Sources said that while British scientists are running their tests of the virus samples from Ukraine, some doctors… »»»


H1N1 “super flu” plague in Ukraine spark concern, conspiracy theories about origins

Monday, November 16, 2009 Mike Adams naturalnews.com (NaturalNews) Here’s what we know with some degree of certainty about the H1N1 virus in Ukraine right now: nearly 300 people have died from the viral strain, and over 65,000 people have been hospitalized (the actual numbers are increasing by the hour). The virus appears to be either… »»»


Ukraine; Virus Is Mixture Of H1N1 And Parainfluenza, Causes Cardiopulmonary Failure; Indicates BioWeapon

November 14, 2009 by Infowars Ireland info-wars.org Infowars Ireland Staff Writer Professor Victor Bachinsky, PhD., is a coroner in the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine. He provides evidence which indicates that parainfluenza mixed with the H1N1 virus, not pneumonic plague, has caused so much illness in Ukraine. Yet more strains of influenza which have combined, a… »»»


Report: US Operated Planes spraying biowarfare agents? Be on alert for Tail ID # UR-CAK

fto.co.za 11-8-2009 June 26 Suspicious aircrafts were forced to land. A US operated AN-124 changed its call sign from civillian to military which then triggered a response from the IAF upon entering Pakistani air space, the plane was forced to land in Mumbai while the second one was forced down by Nigerian figther jets that… »»»


Suspected Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Outbreak Hits Ukraine

sjlendman.blogspot.com 11-11-2009 Stephen Lendman Suspected Hemorrhagic Pneumonia Outbreak Hits Ukraine – by Stephen Lendman On October 29, the Ukraine web site zik.com.ua reported that: “Western Ukraine was hit by a severe epidemic of unidentified influenza, tentatively diagnosed by doctors as viral pneumonia. The number of dead has climbed dramatically. Doctors advise Western Ukrainians to stay… »»»


Ukraine Mutated Swine Flu is a Bioweapon

axis4peace youtube.com 11-12-2009 This is the upgrade – the weaponization – that we have long predicted would occur. This would explain why BO declared a “National Emergency” here in the states Oct 29 – likely the very day or day before the low-flying planes aerosol-sprayed the viral plague into the mountains around Kiev. THE STRANGE… »»»


WHO Silence on Ukraine Sequences Raises Pandemic Concerns

Recombinomics Commentary November 9, 2009 recombinomics.com It has now been more than a week since samples from Ukraine were sent to the WHO regional lab, Mill Hill in London.  Although comments have been made that at least 15 samples were H1N1 confirmed, and the sequences showed no large changes or resistance to oseltamivir, there have… »»»


Airplanes sprayed mysterious substance over Ukraine days before pneumonic plague outbreak

Friday, November 6, 2009 fto.co.za Kiev, Ukraine – Authorities in the town of Kiev, Ukraine denied any spraying of “aerosolized medication” by aircraft over the city. This after it was reported that light aircrafts were seen flying over the forest market area that sprayed a aerosol substance to fight h1n1 or swine flu. 5 Sources… »»»


Ukraine – update on swine flu from RSOE

Friday, November 6, 2009 fto.co.za Seven flu deaths have been reported in the Ternopol region, the only Ukrainian area having a flu epidemic, head of the regional health department Bogdan Onyskiv told a Tuesday press conference. Doctors explained the deaths of young and physically fit persons with flu complications. The flu epidemic in western Ukraine… »»»


Emergency Ministry of Ukraine says there are no grounds for state of emergency

Friday, November 6, 2009 fto.co.za The Emergency Ministry of Ukraine says there is no grounds for state of emergency and that the media might have “overhyped’ the situation. He also says that “The situation at present is under control and predictable, and there is no need to announce a state of emergency,” He also mentioned… »»»


Ukraine declares martial law following pneumonic plague outbreak

Friday, November 6, 2009 fto.co.za The Ukranian President Victor Yushchenko declared martial law yesterday and announced the National Security and Defense Council will become the supreme ruling authority following the rise of a new pneumonic plague outbreak. Anyone that fails to comply with the NSDC will result in application to the law enforcement authorities, the… »»»


Has a biological weapon been used on the Ukrainian People?

davidrothscum.blogspot.com October 31, 2009 Has Baxter International released a biological weapon? Evidence appears to suggest that Baxter International is responsible for a new deadly outbreak of viral pneumonia in Ukraine. In February of 2009 Bloomberg reported that Baxter “accidentally” send vaccine material containing both live Avian bird flu and seasonal influenza to multiple laboratories worldwide…. »»»


Obama Administration Launches Deceptive Swine Flu Propaganda Blitz

by Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null October 29, 2009 globalresearch.ca To Counter Growing Criticism from Scientific and Medical Community President Obama and his top health officials are engaging in a major public relations effort to divert attention away from whether its swine flu vaccine is effective and safe – to whether there is enough… »»»


Nurses got sick from the “swine flu” vaccine in Sweden • UPDATE – 1 suspected death

21 October 2009 theflucase.com Johan Niklasson Yesterday 30 people had been reporting to the authorities in Sweden that they experienced such severe side effects that they felt the need to contact a hospital. Today the number is 140. The swedish newspaper Expressen is the only one in Sweden reporting on these cases and as usual… »»»


Swine Flu, Mystery Virus Or Pure Hype: What Is Going On In Ukraine?

Swine Flu, Mystery Virus Or Pure Hype: What Is Going On In Ukraine? 021109flu2

Steve Watson Infowars.net Monday, Nov 2, 2009 prisonplanet.com Is politics behind the scaremongering or is something more sinister taking place? Anyone closely following the news on swine flu will have noticed that there are conflicting stories of an advanced pandemic outbreak in Ukraine. While the mainstream media is reporting that it is a surge in… »»»



Part l Flu Vaccine Cover Up – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Part 2 Flu Vaccine Cover Up – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The shocking story of the Flu Vaccine Cover Up! Source: www.youtube.com Article/Video’s submitted by Teri Perticone… »»»


Panic in Ukraine, Authorities deny aircraft are spraying aerosols over cities, Martial Law expected

October 31, 2009 by Infowars Ireland info-wars.org No Lies News Editor question: What can you spray from the air that can counter swine-flu? We know of nothing and request our readers to submit information if they have it. However if this report is true, it is possible to spray a biological weapon from the air… »»»


Read the Official Swine Flu Emergency, Detention, Isolation & Quarantine ORDERS

Original Source is Here… »»»


Ron Paul Questions Why Obama Daughters Haven’t Taken Swine Flu Vaccine

Ron Paul Questions Why Obama Daughters Havent Taken Swine Flu Vaccine 271009top

prisonplanet.com Paul Joseph Watson October 27, 2009 Despite declaring national emergency in response to H1N1 outbreak, President refuses to allow his own children to be inoculated with controversial shot Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com Tuesday, October 27, 2009 Congressman Ron Paul has questioned why, despite his efforts to encourage the general public to get vaccinated… »»»


President Obama declares national emergency over swine flu pandemic; but why?

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor (NaturalNews) According to the CDC, swine flu infections have already peaked, and the pandemic is on its way out. Peak infection time was the middle of October, where one in five U.S. children experienced the flu, says the CDC. Out of nearly 14,000 suspected flu cases tested… »»»


America in the midst of two major ‘national emergencies’

Patrik Jonsson 10-24-2009 features.csmonitor.com Terror threat plus H1N1 flu emergency could test Constitutional protections. Just over a month after extending the 9/11 national emergency for another year, President Obama announced another federal emergency on Saturday over the worsening H1N1, or swine flu situation. The President’s proclamation — “The 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic in the United… »»»


Obama’s H1N1 Emergency Declaration: Is Martial Law Unfolding?

Kurt Nimmo Saturday, October 24, 2009 prisonplanet.com Obama has declared a 2009 H1N1 swine flu a national emergency [2]. It is not clear if this declaration falls under the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601–1651). The act is not mentioned in media reports. The National Emergencies Act was passed in 1976. It has been extended… »»»


State ends flu shot mandate

10-23-2009 RICK KARLIN AND SCOTT WALDMAN timesunion.com ALBANY — Citing a shortage of the vaccine, the state Department of Health has ended a mandate that most of the state’s health care workers be inoculated against the flu. Gov. David Paterson attributed Thursday’s decision to limited supplies of the H1N1 vaccinations, a number of doses far… »»»



February 06, 2009 youtube.com WEWONTBACKDOWN Back in 1983 the shot schedule was 10 shots and autism was 1 in 10,000. Now today, we give 36 shots and autism is 1/150. WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!… »»»


Vaccine May Be More Dangerous Than Swine Flu

socioecohistory.wordpress.com 10-17-2009 What the good doctor say is true. Don’t be taken for a ride. So what if you catch this mild 3-4 days flu. It is even weaker than seasonal flu. We need to counter all the MSM propaganda BS that we should look to vaccines to save us! Dr Blaylock writes : An outbreak of… »»»


The elite has its own vaccine! unlike the sheeple !!!

German Chancellor, Ministers Get Special Vaccine Without Soft Kill Ingredients Kurt Nimmo Infowars October 17, 2009 Spiegel Online is reporting that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and government ministers will receive a special, additive-free H1N1 vaccine. “The Vakzin [vaccine] does not contain disputed additives — contrary to the vaccine for the remainder of the population,” reports… »»»


Urgent lawsuit filed against FDA to halt swine flu vaccines; claims FDA violated federal law

by Mike Adams naturalnews.com 10-9-2009 (NaturalNews) Health freedom attorney Jim Turner is filing a lawsuit in Washington D.C. mid-day Friday in an urgent effort to halt the distribution of the swine flu vaccine in America. On behalf of plaintiffs Dr. Gary Null and other licensed health care workers of New York State, the lawsuit charges… »»»


Canada: Study prompts provinces to rethink flu plan– Report suggests people who get vaccinated are more likely to catch H1N1

by Patrick White globalresearch.ca 10-7-2009 A “perplexing” Canadian study linking H1N1 to seasonal flu shots is throwing national influenza plans into disarray and testing public faith in the government agencies responsible for protecting the nation’s health. Distributed for peer review last week, the study confounded infectious-disease experts in suggesting that people vaccinated against seasonal flu… »»»


Dr. Horowitz & Dr. Blaylock: Swine flu scam unveiled

NascarL4806 youtube.com 9-7-2009 Why Won’t Healthcare Workers Take the Swine Flu Vaccine? Monday, September 21st, 2009 According to a study released August 26, 2009 by the British Medical Journal, more than half of Hong Kong ’s healthcare workers surveyed said they would refuse the H1N1 shot, which is not yet available, because they are afraid of… »»»


Project Camelot interviews Swine Flu Whistleblower Jane Burgermeister

Project Camelot interviews Jane Burgermeister jagbodhi youtube.com 9-10-2009 David and Goliath might be an appropriate title for this video. Because Jane Bürgermeister, as a committed Christian, possesses an almost unreasonable amount of courage in her single-handed stand – against what many perceive as being a giant that few people are equipped to fight. Jane is… »»»


Are you aware that the H1N1 virus is IN THE REGULAR FLU SHOT THIS YEAR?? It also contains thimerosal, a mercury derivative linked to autism!!

DOSAGE FORMS AND STRENGTHS FLUVIRIN®, a sterile suspension for intramuscular injection, is supplied in two presentations: • Prefilled syringe, 0.5-mL. Thimerosal, a mercury derivative used during manufacture, is removed by subsequent purification steps to a trace amount (? 1 mcg mercury per 0.5-mL dose). (3, 11) • Multidose vial, 5-mL. Contains thimerosal, a mercury derivative… »»»


Checkpoints: Get your shot or get on the detention bus!

California Swine Flu Checkpoint Identified? 280909top2

youtube.com 91177info 9-11-2009 California Swine Flu Checkpoint Identified? Man claims armed military personnel at roadblock forced people to enter mobile trailers Paul Joseph Watson Prison Planet.com Monday, September 28, 2009 The testimony of a woman who claimed she was part of a military drill in California centered around setting up roadblocks to check if people… »»»


Mecca pilgrims must have Swine Flu Vaccine

9-15-2009 news.bbc.co.uk British Muslims will need a seasonal flu vaccination before travelling to Saudi Arabia for this year’s Hajj pilgrimage, because of swine flu fears. The Saudi government says all pilgrims need a certificate of vaccination before they can apply for a visa. The World Health Organisation and the Saudis also say that those in… »»»


Martial Law Alert Over Swine Flu

September 07, 2009 Steve Lendman sjlendman.blogspot.com Martial Law Alert Over Swine Flu – by Stephen Lendman Fact check: – no Swine Flu threat exists; – reported H1N1 infections and deaths are uncorroborated; – WHO predicting a global pandemic affecting “as many as two billion people….over the next two years” is falsified hype unless a diabolical… »»»


Part 4: Warning in the eye of the H1N1 false flag storm

August 14, 2009 Deborah Dupre’ examiner.com Controlling the masses Part 4 of 4-part series report: The global economic crisis H1N1, experimental vaccination, martial law and eugenics story Part 1:  Introduction Part 2: H1N1 swine flu and the experimental vaccine Part 3: H1N1 vaccine for profit and the U.S. martial law factor Part 4: Warning in… »»»


Puyallup man paralyzed after routine vaccination

Jul 29, 2009 Bryan Johnson komonews.com PUYALLUP, Wash. — A nationwide swine flu shot effort might come up short with only 140 million doses ready by October. The feds say health workers and pregnant women will be top the vaccination list, but one local couple has a warning. Jerry Emmons got a tetanus and a… »»»


Swine Flu Commercial



Informed Citizen News 6 28 09

billyhizzle July 01, 2009 youtube.com ICN Informed Citizen News broadcast Sunday June 28th, 2009. The news you should have heard this week, but didn’t. This week’s stories… Story #1 – Baxter charged for releasing live avian bird flu by Vienna State Prosecutors Office http://birdflu666.wordpress.com/2009/… http://www.naturalnews.com/026503_pan… Story #2 – Sotomeyor Resigns from Belizian Club http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090620/a… Story… »»»


60 Minutes, Swine Flu Vaccine Warning, 1979

billyhizzle July 29, 2009 youtube.com 60 MINUTES, Sunday Nov 4, 1979 Mike Wallace talks to President Ford, Judy Roberts (injured by the 1976 swine flu vaccine, paralyzed similar to Gardasil injury) Dr. David Sencer and others about the Swine Flu vaccine of 1976. Note the admitted lack of safety and informed consent to the public,… »»»


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