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How the U.N. Joined America’s War Against Syria

Posted on September 20, 2018 by Eric Zuesse. Eric Zuesse America has been at war to transfer control of Syria over to the Saud family, who own Saudi Arabia; and America has been trying to do this ever since the first of the CIA’s coups against Syria failed in 1949. But only during the U.S. Presidency of Barack Obama… »»»


Trump Lied About His Intentions Toward Russia

Posted on August 20, 2018 by Eric Zuesse. Washington’s Blog Eric Zuesse, originally published by The Saker On August 20th, Gallup headlined “More in U.S. Favor Diplomacy Over Sanctions for Russia” and reported that, “Americans believe it is more important to try to continue efforts to improve relations between the countries (58%), rather than taking strong diplomatic and economic steps against… »»»


Against David Irving’s View of Hitler

Posted on June 15, 2018 by Eric Zuesse. Eric Zuesse, as posted originally at The Unz Review In response to Ron Unz’s “The Remarkable Historiography of David Irving”, this note will pick up on and elucidate the reader-comment to that from James N. Kennett, which stated: “It seemed to me that the problem with his work was not the possible… »»»


Did Hillary Clinton Violate Any of These Six Criminal Statutes? The U.S. Government still refuses to present any of these 6 criminal cases, against her, to a grand jury.

By Eric Zuesse Global Research, June 15, 2018 On 14 June 2018, the Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Justice ruled that the FBI was correct to have recommended that the U.S. Department of Justice not prosecute, nor even investigate and place before a grand jury for consideration, a charge that Hillary Clinton had violated, even just a… »»»


Stephen Cohen’s Misrepresentations About the 2014 Coup in Ukraine

Posted on May 22, 2018 by Eric Zuesse. Eric Zuesse The restoration of the Cold War now, between Russia and the United States, is based on frauds by the United States, as will be documented here; and one of the biggest responsibilities that historians have, is to state this publicly — to acknowledge it publicly and clearly —… »»»


Israel’s Legislature Votes War Against Syria

By Eric Zuesse Global Research, May 01, 2018 The key decision now will be made by Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. On May 1st, Al Masdar News headlined “Netanyahu is granted the ability to wage war without the Knesset”, and reported that Israel’s Knesset or legislature had voted late on Monday night April 30th, to hand entirely to… »»»

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