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Tuesday, 08 December 2009

This year, the Nobel Prize Committee in Sweden awarded Peace Prize to Obama while his being in the White House less than ten days before the nomination deadline.

Ironically, the committee chose him among 205 candidates to win the prize- still less not for any concrete accomplishments but for his inspirational words. It is pity that he will now receive the prize after announcement of troops surge for Afghanistan.

This year, USA launched vast military operations in Helmand in South Afghanistan. Ten thousand American troops and almost the same number of British troops participated in the operations named Sword and Panther’s claws. They killed hundreds of innocent Afghans during the most trumpeted operations, the largest ever after the Vietnam war.

As for the Afghans, they did not expect Obama, a Nobel peace prize winner, to flare up the war in the country. Nor the Alfred Nobel would ever have agreed to give peace prize to a person who is fanning flames of war rather than spreading fraternity and peace. But despite his warmongering approach, Obama did not achieve his declared goal of wiping out the Mujahideen in Helmand or realizing the take, hold and build strategy. Contrarily, the American troops fatalities were the highest in June, July and August this year comparing to the same period last year– the months when the operations were in full swing in Helmand.

According to a recent report from Mujahideen in Helmand province and posted at this site, the enemy has only been able to keep the districts which were earlier in their hands in north Helmand. In the south, the writ of Mujahideen was restored in Khanshin, Marji and Garam Sir districts while the enemy could build only a single military base in a desert there—the only spectacular achievement of the operations. But they are not able to procure their logistics through lands routes. They have to provide logistics by air transportations. In Nad Ali, the invading troops were forced to evacuate the base, which they had formed at the start of the offensive. In Garam Sir, they are trying to beef up their former bases. No new base has been added there.

The British soldiers occupied some areas in Babaji, Pashak and the White Mosque but they were not able to retain them for a longer period in face of the constant attacks by the Mujahideen.

When their tanks and logistical vehicles come out of their military bases for patrol and logistical supplies, they become soft targets for Mujahideen. On the other hand, the roadside bombs take a high toll of the enemy, turning them into a graveyard for the invaders. Therefore, they use transportation planes for the supply of logistics instead of using the land routes. Thus they are almost besieged in their military garrisons.

According to a recent statistics, one gallon oil costs the invading troops $ 400 and annual expenditure of one soldier is almost one million US dollar. They have to pay $ 30 billion more per year for the troops surge recently annnounced by Obama .

But far from receiving a lesson from the failure of their military operations in June this year, the Americans launched another operation this week. It seems, the peace prize winner Obama is trying to implement the expansionist policy left to him as a legacy by W. Bush.

The aim of the Mujahideen is to have a free and independent country and Islamic government which represents the aspirations of the Afghan people. These are natural rights of people which has nothing to do with terrorism. But the so-called advocates of democracy and human rights are not ready to give these natural rights to the Afghans and to the Mujahideen. They are bent on maintaining their bases in Afghanistan like they have been maintaining them in Japan, South Korea , Germany etc. There are now hundreds of military bases in Afghanistan built under the notorious name of so-called war on terror . Every one knows that these bases are built in Afghanistan for the achievement of colonialist goals in the region.

Washington turns down the constructive proposal of the leadership of Mujahideen who say that the Mujahideen, as a part of their policy, will ensure that the next government of the Mujahiideen will not meddle in the internal affairs of other countries including the neighbours if the foreign troops pull out of Afghanistan. But still America and its Allies want to achieve their imperialistic goals under the pretext of fighting terrorism.

However, the word of terrorism is still not exactly defined. Who are the terrorists? Those who defend their country, faith, values and natural rights or those who throw deci-cutter bombs and fire Hellfire missile at wedding, funeral ceremonies and rallies.

Thousands of innocent Afghans have been killed in Nangarhar, Urozgan, Hirat, Fara , Kunduz and Paktya provinces as a result of American and NATO blind bombardment. Had they any role whatsoever in the 9/ 11 event? No. Of course, no.

The criminal aspect of this war is that, that the invading Americans have focussed on Pashtun areas and their conduct of the war seem more like a Pashtun cleansing campaign. Still more, the word terrorism has not been defined as yet.

Or the Mujahideen who want freedom of their country terrorists or those who raid people’s house in the stillness of the night and detain innocent people, put them behind the bars and deprive them of their rights to have access to advocates and legal advisers? There are thousands of innocent Afghan prisoners who have, for years , been suffering in jails run by the Americans without knowing their fate.

On the one hand, the White House National Security Advisor James Jones admits that majority of non-Afghan Mujahideen have departed Afghanistan but simultaneously, they send more troops to Afghanistan. Against whom these troops are being deployed? Are not they deployed against the Afghans who want freedom of their country and a government based on their aspirations and religious values? Is this terrorism or natural rights of the Afghans? There are hundreds of questions in this notorious so-call war on terrorism!

Those with free conscience living any where in the world should come forward and defend their shared values of humanity which are being violated by an imperialist power insatiably extending its tentacles over countries of the world particularly over Asia.



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