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The Cancer Causing Bioweapon and Plot to Kill JFK — Judyth Vary Baker

Judyth Vary Baker was Lee Harvey Oswald’s girlfriend from april 1963 until his death.

Judyth Vary Baker (née Judyth Anne Vary) is an American artist, writer and poet. Born May 15, 1943, in South Bend, Indiana, she is best known in documentaries, on the Internet, and in books and articles for coming forward with the assertion that she was a close associate of Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin in the murder of President John F. Kennedy, which she claims was a CIA/Mafia conspiracy with Lee Harvey Oswald being a designated scapegoat.

She first decided to tell her story some 38 years after the JFK assassination, claiming she had kept silent out of fear for retaliation from the conspirators, who she says threathened to kill her if she talked. She interpreted the list of witnesses, who died mysteriously over the years, as a tacit justification for her fears. However, after seeing the movie JFK of Oliver Stone, who claimed silent witnesses were cowardeous, Judyth says she mustered the courage to come forward.

In 1963, Judyth was invited to New Orleans by famous surgeon Dr. Alton Ochnser to serve her country by taking part in another special cancer research project. Judyth soon learned that this was a top secret project to develop a bioweapon in order to terminate the Cuban leader Fidel Castro with a cancer-causing virus. Young and impressionable, Judyth saw Fidel Castro as a cruel communist dictator, a threat to national security and the American way of life. Under direction of Alton Ochsner, well connected and funded by right wing politicians and Texan oil barons, the project was led by Dr. Mary Sherman. Also involved were Lee Harvey Oswald, David Ferrie, Clay Shaw and Guy Banister. Oswald took Judyth under his wings and introduced her to these people. Judyth and Lee grew a liking to each other which developed into a love affair, although both were married.

After the JFK assassination Mary Sherman was murdered, on the day the Warren Commision started its hearings in New Orleans. Guy Banister died too in 1964, reportedly from a heart attack. However, witnesses claim that his office was taped off by the police as “a crime scene”. His extensive files were confiscated by the FBI. David Ferrie died from what officially was ruled a suicide, which version is challenged by many researchers believing it was homicide, just before he was to testify in the trial of Jim Garrison, wherein he charged Clay Shaw and Ferrie as participants in the alleged conspiracy to kill JFK. With Ferrie dead, Clay Shaw was eventually acquitted for lack of evidence. These events are described in Edward’s Haslam’s recent book “Mary’s monkey”, wherein he makes a case for the thesis that – as a accidental result of these experiments – the polio vaccin of the early sixties was contaminated with a cancer causing monkey virus, better known as SV-40. Hence, he argues this was one of the decisive reasons to keep the bioweapon project secret and hidden from the public, as well as Lee Harvey Oswald’s involvement, which contradicts the Warren Commission’s conclusion that he was a deranged communist nut without any connections. Haslam takes the reader on a quest to find an explanation for the alarming growth rate of soft tissue cancers in America. “Mary’s Monkey” is becoming an underground bestseller with a top 100 position on
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