Mt. Shasta Mystery

Mt Shasta Spirit – By By Andrew Tomas – Oct 3, 2014

Photo: Mt. Shasta, California

[from Australian Flying Saucer Review. 1962]

When California was still Spanish early in the last century, a Russian trapper from Alaska came down from a snow-capped mountain in Northern California. The mountain was thickly covered with bush and trees. When he was asked, where he’d come from, he replied in Russian: “Chaa-tcha” which means “a thicket”. The name stuck to the mountain though it was changed to – Shasta or Mount Shasta.

This 14,000-feet hi peak has a secret, and I will tell you about it. Fred­rick Oliver living in the vicinity of Mount Shasta wrote a book “A Dweller on Two Planets” late in the 19th century. It was published in 1884.* In the book he tells of long tunnels which lead to vast underground halls inside Mount Shasta. He walls are polished by master-craftsmen. The floors are carpeted with fleecy fabric of mineral origin. Ornaments of gold, silver, bronze and precious stones em­bellish the subterranean shelter. There are divans placed along walls, upholstered with the same material as the carpet. Secret doors hide the entrances to the undergound quarters. These stone doors are opened by anti- gravity devices. The cave colony is briliantly illuminated by an unknown power.

Oliver says, the dwellers of this secret abode are Atlanteans – descendents of the survivors of the lost continent of Atlantis. According to him, they possess air and space ships. By means of cigar-shaped ships commucation is maintained with Venus. The crafts fly on magnetic force. In their experiments these people can produce red, orange, yellow and green fireballs.

This book, published 80 years ago, talks about aviation, astronautics and quan­tum theory. This in itself is remarkable, but when we come to the description and method of propulsion of space ships, the ufologist becomes keenly interested.

“Atlantis found it possible to adjust weight (positiveness) to lack of weight (negativeness) so evenly that no ‘tug of war’ was manifest. This achievement meant much. It meant aerial navigation without wings or unwieldly gas-reservoirs, through taking advantage of repulsion by levitation opposed in over-matching strength to the attraction of gravitation. That vibration of the One Substance governed and composed all realms, was a discovery which solved the problems of the conveyance of images of light, pictures of forms, as well as of sound and heat…”

Is this tale about a strange colony of Mount Shasta only fiction? There are significant facts which may shatter this opinion.

After the Gold Rush days in California. in the middle of the 19th century, pros­pectors reported mysterious flashes over Mount Shasta and its slopes, long before electrification. These had often taken place in clear weather. Early this century there had been incidents when cars developed ignition trouble in the area of Mount Shasta. This is most interesting as in UFO research there are many reports of automobiles stalled by the radiation field of an approachi flying saucer.

Is there a connection cetween the forces used by the Mt. Shasta colonists and the pilots of saucers?

It should also not be overlooked that Mount Rainier in the Rockles is a sister mountain of Mount Shasta. It is here that Kenneth Arnold sighted his flying saucers in 1947.

Back in 1931, a forest fire swept over Mount Shasta. But then a mystery fog appeared which stop­ped the fire from advancing. The demarcation line of the fire damage can still be seen. It goes in a per­fect curve around the central zone
Then sensational developments took place a few months later. A full report appeared in the Los An­geles Times on May 22, 1932
A Mr.Edward Lanser was passing the foot of Mount Shasta in the train. Suddenly he saw the whole south­ern side of the mountain ablaze with a strange light of extraordinary brilliance. Later, Lanser determined to investigate the origin of this unusual light. He went through small towns in the area of Shasta and began asking questions. Lenser relates that officials and ranchers spoke freely of a secret community living in or on Mount Shasta, and attested to the weird rituals performed at sunset, midnight snd sunrise which account for the flashes.

Here are the actusl words of Lenser:

“…also they freely ridiculed my avowed trek into the sacred precincts assuring me that an entrance was as difficult and forbidden as an entrance into Tibet…”

At first the dwellers of Mount Shasta were taken for Indians. But they were white and wore robes simi­lar to those worn by the Ancient Greeks or Buddhist monks. They had a band across their foreheads covering a bulge which was supposed to be “the third eye”. Science fiction? Perhaps, but listen to the testimony of a scientist. Professor E.L. Larkin of Mt. Lowe Observatory in California was testing his powerful teles­cope. All of a sudden, he spotted on the slopes of Mt. Shasta, using his exact words – “a marvellous work of carved marble, and onyx rivalling in architectural splendour the magnificence of the temples of Yucatan.”

Prof. Larkin after learning about the Mt. Shasta colony made the following state­ment: “… their display of light far excels our modern electrical achievements, and I am, for one, consumed with curiosity to know how these people can produce such amazing light effects…”

The people of Shasta have been seen on numerous occassions but only for brief glimpses. They possess the uncanny power of blending themselves into their surroundings and vanishing from sight.

California’s old timers say these strange people have visited towns in the Mt. Shasta area and even made purchases of sulphur, salt and lard. These purchases were always paid for with gold nuggets – far exceeding the value of the goods bought.

During World War I they made generous gifts to the American Red Cross. The civic records of old San Francisco reveal that a deputation from the community headed by a white-robed patriarch with an escort of younger men, made an official visit to that city to bring greetings and assurance of goodwill.

In the late twenties golfers in Northern California watched a silver, wingless air ship going noiselessly over the mountain tops. It was unlike any plane or diri­gible of the times.

In October, 1956, a resident of Shasta – David Williamson observed 14 lights over Mt. Shasta making unusual sky maneouvers. Then one descended from the sky right on top of Mt. Shasta. A new arrival from space or was someone taken to another planet from this secret colony?


*NOTE (by John B. Hare © 2002) : A Dweller on Two Planets is one of the most important texts of the 19th Century Atlantis canon. The book was ‘channeled’ by Frederick S. Oliver. Oliver was born in Washington D.C. in 1866 and came to Yreka, California, with his parents when he was two years old. Yreka is just north of Mount Shasta, a huge dormant volcanic peak in Northern California.

Oliver started to write this book at the age of eighteen, in 1883-4, while surveying the boundaries of his family’s mining claim. He found himself writing uncontrollably in his notebook. He ran home in terror, where he sat down and let his hand write. These automatic writing spells continued for several years; he would write a few pages at a time. He completed writing this book in 1886, and died at the age of 33 in 1899.

A Dweller on Two Planets was finally published in 1905, by his mother Mary Elizabeth Manley-Oliver. There are two editions which are substantially the same, except for a different set of typographical errors and hyphens although curiously the page numbering in both is identical. The first edition, published in 1905, was reprinted in 1974 by Rudolf Steiner Books; the second, published in 1920 by the Poseid Publishing Company, Los Angeles, CA, was reprinted in 1964 by Health Research.

A Dweller on Two Planets would be a tour de force for a teenager from rural California in the post-Gold Rush period. Although as a literary work it is weak in many ways, the details of the narrative reveal a well-read and highly intelligent, if inexperienced, author. The plot and pacing is irregular; the characterizations are poorly conceived, and there are far too many melodramatic turns and plot elements left dangling. However, since this is a novel of ideas, these shortcoming should not detract from the enjoyment of the book.

The real brilliance of this book is as a work of speculative fiction, particularly in the depiction of the high technology of Atlantis, and the afterlife. The book goes into great detail about antigravity, mass transit, the employment of ‘dark-side’ energy (which today would be called ‘zero point energy’), and devices such as voice-operated typewriters. The cigar-shaped, highly maneuverable Atlantean flying machines, or vailx, have an eerie resemblance to 20th Century UFO reports. The personalized heavens, almost like virtual realities, are unforgettable and very compelling.

This book is openly acknowledged as source material for many new age belief systems, including the once-popular “I AM” movement (whose founder, Guy Ballard, plagiarized extensively from this book), the Lemurian Fellowship, and Elizabeth Claire Prophet. According to Shirley MacLaine, A Dweller on Two Planets jumped out of a bookshelf into her hands in a New Age bookstore in Hong Kong (and obviously had an big influence on her subsequently). This book is the source of the idea that there is a hidden sanctuary of ascended Lemurian masters under Mount Shasta. This book was also probably the first to propose the concept of of ‘America as the modern Atlantis’, which was later adopted by writers such as Manly P. Hall.

Mount Shasta Herald
Lights on Mt. Shasta
By William Bridge Cooke
June 27, 1940

During the past winter I spent considerable time in the reading rooms of the Public Library of Cincinnati. When it was learned that I lived on Mount Shasta during part of the year I was asked by attendants if I knew anything about the Lemurians. Naturally I was surprised to learn that people in this section of the country were interested in these phenomena.

Upon looking further into the matter I found that the Public Library had a rather complete file of AMORC Rosicrucian, and other Rosicrucian literature, as well as at least four volumes of the Saint Germain series issued by the Ballardites. Incidentally a rather large “I AM Sanctuary” is maintained in Cincinnati. To get into it one must have read and passed an examination on the first three Ballard books. Thus these volumes of which the library has several copies each, are in constant demand.

The AMORC book in which I was most interested is one by Cerve entitled “Lemuria”. This was published in about 1932. Cerve, whose style sounds suspiciously like that of Spencer Lewis, dreamed up a fantastic tale of the origin and fall of the lost continent of Lemuria, or Mu, part of which is based on fact, and apparently part of which is based on secret documents.

In a final chapter of the book the author deals with recent facts and myths which tend to show to him, at least, the presence of Lemurians, or the Great White Brotherhood, vulgarly known as “White Indians”, in California, a remnant of Mu.

One of these stories demands our attention. Cerve reports that a Dr. Edgar Lucin Larkin of the Mt. Lowe Observatory saw a strange phenomenon with his telescope. He was searching for an object on the earth, the distance from which was known, by which to calibrate his instrument. In looking through the telescope, supposedly placed parallel to the earth’s surface, he finally brought Mount Shasta into range. Around the foothills of the mountain and at about 30 miles from the mountain Dr. Larkin reported seeing a shining metal object, which, on focussing, turned out to be a massive oriental temple. At a later date, in order to check these observations, Dr. Larkin saw a number of shining white marble temples in Greek style. At night he could see lights in the vicinity.
I have not quoted the story but have only taken parts of it – enough of it so that my readers my know the source of the tale, repeated by Brisbane several years ago, concerning the seeing of a light “somewhere, sometime and by someone” on the mountain proof of the local existence of these “Masters”.

For those of my readers who are interested, I shall now try to debunk this story. Mt. Lowe, back of Los Angeles, is approximately 800 miles, as the crow flies, south of Mount Shasta. The earth’s surface curves as one would expect if one recognized the earth as a nearly spherical object. The latest list of observatories and astronomers in the world does not mention the existence of a Mt. Lowe Observatory, or of a Dr. Edgar Lucin Larkin, and it does mention some very inconspicuous persons and institutions. Mount Shasta is 14,161 feet above sea level at the summit. Mt. Lowe is about one mile, not more than 5500 feet, above sea level.

During the last 10 years, in an issue of the Mazama, journal of the Mazamas of Portland, Oregon, there was published an article in which it was demonstrated mathematically that a person standing on top Mt. Hood, 11,250 feet, could not see the top of Mount Shasta, 400 miles south and 14,161 feet above the sea. Thus I knew some mathematical formula existed by which this story could be disproved.

I corresponded with Dr. Hans Lewy, Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of California, who climbed Mt. Shasta last summer; and I consulted a book on surveying and a newspaper article. The results are as follows:

Dr. Lewy found, by good geometrical procedure, that one could see 125 miles approximately from the summit of Mount Shasta to the horizon. From the summit of a mountain a mile high one could see the horizon at a distance of 89 miles away. Thus Mt. Lowe would have to be 214 miles from Mt. Shasta in order for a person standing on the summit of either to see even the top of the other and Mt. Lowe is 800 miles away.

In the book on Geodesy, or surveying, a correction table was found for the earth’s curvature and refraction. Together with formulas of geometrical nature it was discovered that a person would be able to see the horizon 156 miles. from the summit of Mount Shasta. And that in order to see Mount Shasta from Mount Lowe, even the highest tip on a clear day, one would have to build a town on Mount Lowe which would reach more than 40 miles into the air. This sounds too fantastic to believe until one draws a scale map and sees how much curvature there is in 800 miles of earth’s surface.

In commenting on a new popular priced aeroplane recently put on sale, a formula was published in the Cincinnati Enquirer for March 24, 1940 which gives a method of finding out how far away the horizon is from different altitudes. In this formula one takes the square root of the altitude in feet and multiply by 1.44 miles. Using this system it will be discovered that the horizon is about 179 miles from the summit of Mount Shasta.

It is obvious that the facts of clear weather, atmosphere, and intervening mountain ranges play a large part in determining how much of these miles a person can actually see, as anyone who has tried to see the ocean on a clear day from the Summit well knows.

Using the last set of figures, the farthest Mt. Lowe could be, in a straight line, from Mt. Shasta would be 240 miles in order that the summit of one could be seen from the summit of the other. Nothing has yet been said about the foothills, which would be covered up by intervening hills from the observer’s view even should the earth be proved flat. However, we leave to the judgment of the reader conclusions as to the validity of this story which sounds to us more like an opium dream.

Descendants of Lemuria
A Description of an Ancient Cult in California
By Selvius

Published in The Mystic Triangle, 1925Nestled at the foot of a partially extinct volcano, protected from the hot sun of mid-day and the chilling breezes of the Pacific by the towering mountain there exists the strangest mystical village in the Western Hemisphere, without equal, perhaps, in the whole world.The last descendants of the ancient Lemurians, the first inhabitants of this earth, find seclusion protection and peace, in this unique village of their own creation.

It seems hardly possible that there could be in America, and in California, a place, a village, a community of homes and industries, so secluded, so guarded and so difficult to locate, that in a hundred or more years only four for five strangers have passed within the sacred confines of the Armaiti, or invisible protective boundary of the village.

For fifty years or more the natives of Northern California, and tourists, explorers and government officials have contributed facts, and some fancies, to the accumulating mass of evidence proving the existence of the “mystic village” a name used by common agreement and supplying the most astounding facts ever attributed to human beings.

Tradition and the romantic tales of romantic California alone, will not account for the stories told by persons who witness strange sights in the vicinity of Mt. Shasta. Looking at the reports from an investigator’s point of view, the accumulating evidence is convincing. It proved to be so to the present writer, and had it not been so, the facts revealed here for the first time might have remained concealed for many more years.

When business men, tourists, state officials and “hikers”; alike, wander into such nearby towns as Weed and ask questions about the strange sights they have seen near Shasta at sunset, midnight or sunrise, and when passengers on the Shasta Limited, en route to Portland and Seattle, will hurry out of their berths in the fall and winter months to ask the porters and Pullman Conductors to explain the weird sights witnessed at sunrise as the train passes Shasta, we may believe that there is something there worthy of investigation, especially when these inquirers have never heard the local stories and are passing through the territory for the first time. At least, I felt that way, and so have hundreds of serious-minded persons.

An interesting fact of the investigation is, that the closer one gets to the vicinity of Mt. Shasta, the less one will learn about the facts. Not that the persons living in the many thriving villages near Shasta know nothing, but they have a fear, based upon reasonable grounds, of revealing too much or admitting that they have ever tried to penetrate the sacred precincts. Yet, I dare say there is hardly one able-bodied man, or woman, within one hundred miles of Shasta who has not secretly and quietly delved into various methods of approach,–oftimes too successfully!

Even no less a careful investigator and scientist than Prof. Edgar Lucin Larkin, for many years director of Mt. Lowe Observatory, said in newspaper and magazine articles that he had seen, on many occasions, the great temple of this mystic village, while gazing through a long-distance telescope. He finally learned enough facts to warrant his announcement that it was the last vestige of the works of the Lemurians.

Has no one ever seen any of the inhabitants? Indeed, yes, and in some instances, under notable circumstances. At one time a very old and exceedingly venerable delegate from the community made an official journey, by foot, to the city of San Francisco. His visit was heralded by many strange methods and he was met by a Committee at the Ferry Building and ushered up Market Street to the Mayor’s office where the Key to the City was given to him in typical San Francisco style, much to the embarrassment of the simple soul who came to bring greetings on the anniversary of the establishment of their community in California. Never has San Francisco seen such a being of nobility, humility and majestic bearing in one expression.

Various members of the community, garbed, as was their official representative, in pure white, gray-haired, barefoot and very tall, have been seen on the highways and in the streets of the villages near Shasta.

Occasionally, they have purchased goods of an unusual kind in the stores, always offering in payment a bag of gold nuggets of far greater value than the articles purchased. They have no need of money and manufactures; they produce and grow within their own village all that the four or five hundred men, women and children require.

Mt. Shasta is one of the most picturesque mountains in the West. Like the sacred volcano in Japan, which it resembles to a remarkable degree, it rises high above the plains surrounding it, and its white-capped peak can be seen for hundreds of miles. At the foot of this mountain, covered with snow most of the year, are green and flower-dotted fields and farm lands basking in the golden sun of the Pacific. There are sufficient stretches of wooded land at various parts of the base of the mountain to hide small valleys or glens; and in one of these lies the strange village and its strange in habitants,–far from the beaten paths of sand or gravel, and further still from the state highways.

At midnight, throughout the whole year, a ceremony is performed in this village, called the “ceremony of adoration to Guatama”. This latter word is their name for America; and the real purpose of the ceremony is to celebrate the arrival on this continent of their forebears when the continent of Lemuria disappeared beneath the quiet waters of the Pacific. At such ceremonies wonderful lights are used to such an extent that the whole southern side of Mt. Shasta is illuminated and made visible at great distances. These same lights are used at sunrise, daily and are often seen by passengers on the Shasta Limited which passes Shasta at about sunrise in certain seasons.

The Lemurians are claimed to be the first inhabitants of the earth. Most of what has been written or told of the Lemurians is from tradition and not so dependable as the little knowledge we have of the inhabitants of the continent of Atlantis, which ages ago disappeared beneath the waters of the Atlantic.
The Oriental Literature Syndicate of San Francisco, publishers of the new and intensely interesting book of the secret doctrines of the Sacred College of Thibet, will publish soon a book containing many of the teachings and some of the rituals and practises of the Lemurians as used by their descendants today in this village at Shasta.

When the continent of Lemuria disappeared, it brought to an end a highly developed civilization that is hard for us to comprehend from our present point of view, for our civilization if used as a standard, would make the Lemurians seem primitive and little developed. On the other hand viewing our modern civilization from the Lemurians’ standard, and especially from the standard maintained by the descendants of the few who escaped from the sinking continent and landed on American shores, we are indeed little developed [in] natural powers and personal abilities, and far behind them in true scientific knowledge and achievement.

For instance, when the recent forest fires threatened so many parts of California and an uncontrollable one surrounded the village, they caused a wall of invisible protection to rise between them and the fires, and today one can see the very definite line where the fires ceased.

They point with humble pride to the fact that their central Temple, visible to those who succeed in penetrating the outer forests, and made of delicately carved marble and onyx has withstood all the temblors and earthquakes of California for ages, while modern building, expressing the height of our engineering skill, are damaged to some extent.

They have been seen, as stated, on some of the roads, in daylight, only to disappear completely in a few seconds. Their ability in utilizing the elements of the earth to grow the necessities has been demonstrated in many remarkable ways, and a number of farmers or ranch men testify to the benefits they have received by the miracles these strange people have worked on the soil.

They have made many and large secret donations of gold,–always in the large distinctive nuggets,–to various state or local funds in emergencies, and even to the Japanese earthquake victims.

Many testify to having seen the strange boat, or boats, which sail the Pacific Ocean, and then rise at its shore and sail through the air to drop again in the vicinity of Shasta. This same boat was seen several times by the officials employed by the cable station located near Vancouver, and the boat has been sighted as far north as the Aleutian Islands where the recent ’round-the-world flyers landed. It is generally believed that there is another Lemurian settlement in that locality which is regularly visited by this boat which has neither sails nor smoke-stacks.

Reports there are, that the fire or red light seen at the top of Mt. Shasta is not of a volcanic nature but due to a celebration at that dizzy height on occasions when the people descend to the deep inside caverns of the old volcano. In fact, there are reports from explorers that there are signs that entrance into the volcano is made often and by many persons.

This reminds us of the fact that there is a strange and mystic city in the country of Mexico which has its whole city inside an extinct volcano.

Much more could be said in very positive terms about the Lemurians in California, but these facts must be reserved for the book contemplated by the Oriental Literature Syndicate, whose agreement with the authorities responsible for the authentic matter the book will contain, makes it impossible to reveal them at this time.

Scientists have held for many years that California and its mountains contain evidences of a civilization older than any known in the world. The recent finds of monumental carvings and inscriptions buried in the soil of the Sierra Nevada mountains are further evidences of an ancient civilization of great culture.

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