Fort Hood was a false flag by CIA/Mossad, Hasan is the patsy.

November 13th, 2009 by Mouser

Fort Hood was a false flag by CIA/Mossad, Hasan is the patsy.


There were two stories running in parallel on the day of the shooting. The true story leaking out over the internet via e-mail, telephones, twitter, and the ‘official story’ being planted in sequence at ABC, NBC, CBS and AP.

That’s why there was a mixture of: information, honest misinformation and planted disinformation. 24 hours later everything had been boiled down to the ‘official story’ where a single crazed Muslim gunman killed 13 and wounds 31.

The plants and spins give this away to be at full-out false flag. This is evidenced by the ‘bogus suicide grenade-bomb article’ being written and planted WEEKS BEFORE the 5 November 2009 and then ‘found’ four hours after the shooting and RELEASED to AP (when the FBI believed Hasan was already dead). The spun rambo female police gun-fire take down. The spun terrorist Imam ‘electronic’ connection to Yemeni. The spun Al-Qaida connection. The spun 9/11 terrorist connection.

Please, do not believe any of those lies.

Hasan was laying on the transit hall floor with four bullets in him when the real gunmen (government agents – likely CIA/Mossad based on prior 9/11 experience) made their escape and shot several SWAT and civil police before being apprehended and then released.

The real shooters were dressed in army fatigues, they pumped Hasan with 4 bullets and believed him to be totally dead. One of real gunmen may have been shot and killed during their escape. The real gunmen who escaped were apprehended and then released back into the hands of the CIA.

What do you think Hasan (if he isn’t suicided instead) will say – that he is a member of Al-Qaida and that he did it because he hates America’s freedoms?

This was a false flag by CIA/Mossad just like 9/11 to garner further support for the exploitative and genocidal wars in middle eastern Muslim countries AND to prepare the public for the unprovoked coming invaison of MUSLIM Iran by US and Israel to force Iran to accept a Rothschildean controlled central bank – as was done a few years ago to Iraq.

In summary, Hasan did not fire a single shot, he did not even hold a gun on Thursday 5 November 2009 in Fort Hood.


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