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Minority Report Law? Cheney’s 1% Preemptive Doctrine of Prosecution and the Case of Ziyad Yaghi _ on Satyagraha 9/11

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Minority Report Law? Cheney’s 1% Preemptive Doctrine of Prosecution and the Case of Ziyad Yaghi

Can we have a free nation without due process of law? Can we have a free nation without the core basis of our due process system of innocent until proven guilty? Clearly the answer is a resounding no.

Do we have such a system of Constitutional due process in place today? No, we do not. Why? Because of the so called Patriot Act and what is known as the Cheney doctrine of 1%.

This is why Gitmo prisoners, who’ve been absolutely cleared of any and all wrong doing, can still be held on the “preemptive” suspicion that they “might” do something…based on the fact that since they were tortured, they might want to retaliate.

What this means is that we now hold innocent people as prisoners because of what we can fantasize in our own minds about what they may be capable of or what they may do.

Is this America? No, it is something else. Something dark, something foreboding and something which all good people should oppose.

Freedom is risky. Freedom is not about safety, freedom is about liberty, its about respecting the liberty of each individual so much so that the greater value in due process of law is that of presumed innocence…no extrapolations, no presumptions, no preemption. In other words, in a free society it is impossible to imprison people because they are suspected of maybe one day being capable of perhaps doing something nefarious…this would be anethema to a free and open society.

But….this very thing is happening in America today…I’m speaking of here, right here in the states, in places like North Carolina and Florida, where people who are guilty of no clear crime, and who’ve had no genuine hard evidence against them connected to them, are being convicted for crimes, not that they have commited…but that they might commit.

Take the case of Ziyad Yahgi, a Muslim American who at age 19 posted some images of himself at a paintball summer camp. He is outfitted in military attire, as many American youths at a paintball camp might be. In one picture he is pointing one finger upward and this apparently or allegedly represents one with Allah or unity with Allah.

He also makes a comment in a stream to his fellow Muslims which to me sounds like a kid trying to sound tough. It could be threatening, it could also be inter-cultural slang….it could be quite innocent, just tough talk.

I wouldn’t want him locked up for 32 years because of it, but that’s what happened. Ziyad Yaghi went to Jordan to get married, which has been confirmed. He met a man who in fact did have nefarious activities going on, who was a terrorist and for whom hard evidence could be connected. Ziyad knew him for less than 24 hours and claimed not to know any of these things about him…as did everyone connected to the case including the man…everyone said Ziyad was innocent and knew nothing.

As a matter of fact it appears nothing has been connected to Ziyad other than inuendo and speculation. No hard evidence that I and a number of human rights activists can see. It appears Yaghi is guilty of no more than some facebook tough talk and meeting someone nefarious.

Yet he is serving 31 years in solitary confinement in a Florida prison. based on Cheney’s doctrine of 1% preemptive prosecution…Americans can be prosecuted if there is even a 1% chance that they might do something.

This is not America and the question before each of us is do we want to restore our liberties aand if so how?

Everyone who reads out this case and others can write to their congressman and say NO! No more Cheney doctrine, no more Patriot Act, NO! We want our Constitution and our Bill of Rights RESTORED…but here’s the catch, if it is restored for one group it must be restored for ALL groups, ALL Americans, and must be valued for ALL peoples, around the world, because freedom is the price we pay for freedom.

Our guest on this edition of Satyagraha 9/11 Radio is Ziyad Yaghi’s mother, Laila Yaghi. She’ll be joined by human rights activist Mel Underbakke to talk about the case.

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Free Ziyad Yaghi Blog

Free Ziyad Yaghi

Article by Siraj Davis

Salem News

Government prosectutors can ‘translate” anything one says as “code”

Cheney 1% doctrine for prosecution

Cheney doctrine

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