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An Act of State

Kevin Gosztola: The Trial of the NATO3

Independent journalist Kevin Gosztola who posts to Firedog Lake,, speaks about the trial of the NATO 3 which he has covered from its beginning last week. The three defendants, Brent Betterly, Jared Chase and Brian Jacob Church, have been charged under the State of Illinois obtuse and vague anti-terrorist law. Kevin talks about the vagueness of the prosecutors case and the use of terrorism accusations to bias the jury on little more than some drunken statements and undercover agent induced behavior.

The three were arrested during the protests organized by CANG8 and Occupy Chicago ahead of the NATO summit in Chicago in 2012.

The much sensationalized arrests shifted the public dialogue from the crimes of NATO and what might better be done with its wasteful budget, to the ever useful ‘threat of terrorism’ that authorities trot out as cover for their own International and U.S. Constitution Crimes and Human Rights abuses; more or less the same crimes for which people were protesting the presence of NATO it self; an organization which might best be understood as the street crew for the principal gangster on the planet; an observation of Dr. Martin Luther King as well.

Having looked at what the Chicago Police Department had done in making the sensationalized arrests, the Federal Government declined to get involved.

For trial updates:
Credits: World Can’t Wait- Chicago
Neighbors for Peace
8th Day Center for Justice
Producer: WZRD Chicago

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